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How dumb is this guy?

This is a discussion on How dumb is this guy? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; FWIW, the AR that the Washington DC "snipers" (not) used was stolen from a big gunshop and that shop didn't know it was missing until ...

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Thread: How dumb is this guy?

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    FWIW, the AR that the Washington DC "snipers" (not) used was stolen from a big gunshop and that shop didn't know it was missing until the investigation.

    At the shop where I work, trying to steal, or rob us would be a rather bad decision. In other area gunshops, people have asked for guns that they had ammo for, then quickly loaded the gun, fortunately both were suicide attempts, one successful. How would you know he didn't have a few rounds or a loded magazine for what he grabbed? We've had suicides on the range where I worked with range rentals and I worry about someone loading up on the range and coming out shooting.

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    Boys are we missing the obvious question? What gun shop leaves a revolver open to be stolen?

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    My shops have them all under glass and locked. They take out one at a time for customers to look at while they are at the counter talking to them. Seems like a prudent business practice to me for many reasons. They also all carry and a majority of the customers carry. The kid in the OP had 2 strikes against him....young and stupid. I'm not bashing youth, it's just that most lack the life experiences to have good judgement...throw stupid in the mix and it's a recipe for disaster.
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    I'd give him a "5"

    There's a book called The 176 Stupidest Things Ever Done (available at Amazon) with - yes - 176 accounts of really stupid things. The television series "1001 Ways to Die" highlights pretty stupid things as well. Strange as it may seem, many of those things are criminal in nature. (Try to control your shock.)

    This kid sadly isn't a serious example of stupid. He's just average stupid.

    Not compared to the guy who drank gasoline to get high, or the man who walked around a marked police car and into a gun store with five or six customers (including the cop) and a couple store people to produce a gun and announce a stick up.

    "Never underestimate the power of human stupidity."
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    wow what a moron

    none of the places around here that sell firearms (pawn shops or the sporting goods stores or the gun shops) have any handguns that are left out, the employees have to get them out of case

    I don't think academy or gander mtn gun counter workers are allowed to be armed, but I know all the pawn shops and gun stores here are packin
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    Yup, dumber than a bag of hammers I'd say.

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    the world isnt short of retards, thats for sure

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    Wow, that is pretty stupid.

    Thankfully there isn't an IQ test required to become a criminal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Superhouse 15 View Post
    I worry about someone loading up on the range and coming out shooting.
    I've never thought about that...good point

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    This kid sounds exactly like the old group I use to hang around. Now you can all see why I quit associating with them!
    "Please pray for our Troops overseas!"

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    i would have paid five dollars to watch this go down in person i think it would have been the funniest thing id seen all year
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