How dumb is this guy?

How dumb is this guy?

This is a discussion on How dumb is this guy? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; So I was at the gunsmith the other day getting my Mossberg looked at. After a few minutes some kid walks in. The worker asks ...

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Thread: How dumb is this guy?

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    How dumb is this guy?

    So I was at the gunsmith the other day getting my Mossberg looked at. After a few minutes some kid walks in. The worker asks him how old he is and he said 18, but he didn't look a day over 16, and looks sketchy. Anyway while everyone was minding their business, one of the customers there grabs the kid and start yelling "he just stole a gun, he just stole a gun!!" So he grabs the kid and all of a sudden all the people that were in the back of the shop come out, guns-a-blazin. The owner of the shop had a shotgun right in his face. Turns out he reached over the counter when noone was looking and stole a revolver. One of the customers (who was kinda bigger) sat on him till the cops got there. I was just watching the whole thing, shaking my head.

    How dumb does someone have to be to try to rob a GUN store, knowing that everyone in that store has a gun?!
    What an idiot!

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    How stupid is it for some 16 y/o to want to be a gang banger? He is going to die or go to jail before he's 21, stealing a gun is just anecdotal evidence of that stupidity. Besides, the prosecutor will throw it out, not worth his time

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    Oh good grief!

    Gun stores are typically the safest place to be in town. Our local banks get held up several times a year. Gun stores - never! That would be a suicide mission.

    This reminds me of recently some gang-bangers that showed up window-shopping in one of my favorite gun stores. I quietly went on 'red alert' and positioned myself where there was a concrete wall to serve as a back-stop on the other side of them from me, and noticed that the other employees in the store were doing the same. Very quickly we had the equivalent of a firing squad casually milling about. Fortunately, the bangers left without incident.
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    Makes me wonder how many times a day they manage to get away with it. Even in my small town with a limited number of sketchy types, all the cabinets within reach of customers are locked.

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    Trying to apply rationality and logic to the actions of thugs and criminals is an effort in futlilty. They are stupid, that's why they are criminals. This one just happens to be extra foolish and considered only the intended ends, and not the incredible rediculousness of his actions.

    Bear in mind, there are some incredibly intelligent criminals also, although I'm not sure which are more dangerous; The calculating genious, or the reckless stupidity. We are all more likely to deal with the later.
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    Good lord...
    Don"t let stupid be your skill set....

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    I'm sensing a future Darwin Award winner, ladies and gents.
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    He nearly fixed stupid.

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    Have not heard of anyone trying that in a Gun Shop.....Last event that I knew of was a burglery at a local gun shop while the owner was upstairs.........Alarm went off, cops came and entered through the back.....BG exited out the front with the help of a blast of 12Ga. 00 Buck....owner told me the next day that the wad was sticking through the BG's bycep when he came down stairs to meet LEO and the BG was at the bottom of the front steps...............

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    I love my makes me feel kinda is not mine but that is where I always go when I need a gun or some accessories...
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    That happened last year at a gun show here in Wichita. Here is a link to a small article - not sure what happened to the main article in the Wichita Eagle, it doesn't seem to exist any more.The Outdoor Pressroom: Dumb criminal: Vendors collar thief at Kansas gun show
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    WOW ok idk who's dumber the guy trying to rob an undercover cop or this one

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    I was working in a shop where some one cut a guy's jeep (cloth top) open and stole his gun while in the parking lot. He got caught by the police later. As an aside, a guy bumped into me while I was working and I apologized as he did too. He then said how polite everyone is to each other in such a crowded store. I said yes we are but we are all probably armed to the teeth. We both chuckled.

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    They couldn't have blown his brains out, he doesn't have any to begin with.
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    Stupid is as stupid does.
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