Haiti and Defensive Carry

Haiti and Defensive Carry

This is a discussion on Haiti and Defensive Carry within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Right now, law and order is basically non-existent as the police and army have not been able to organize. Large areas are lawless; in Port-Au-Prince, ...

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Thread: Haiti and Defensive Carry

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    Haiti and Defensive Carry

    Right now, law and order is basically non-existent as the police and army have not been able to organize. Large areas are lawless; in Port-Au-Prince, armed gangs with machetes are looting and fighting each other.

    Most of the natural disasters are localized in nature, and there are functioning areas of government that have to come in and reestablish order.

    But, what happens when a whole region is thrown into chaos? I'm thinking of SHTF scenarios like EMP and a New Madrid-style earthquake with widespread devastation.

    The only way I see to survive through this is by having the means to defend yourself and working with your neighbors. But, can you do this? In your neighborhood, do you know people well enough to organize a community watch? Do you have communication equipment like portable radios, extra batteries? And do you have enough firearms and ammunition to train and supply those among your group who don't?

    What do you think is most overlooked when it comes to a situation like this where law and order may be weeks or months away?
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    I have to say if you come to my neighborhood looking for trouble you would be met with a mini militia. We are a tight knit group when it comes to things like that. I honestly believe firearms are of no shortage but I don't know about training. There is a lot of ex military/ hunters in my nh. I think the major issue is that when shtf people won't listen to non-authority. I feel that people are too headstrong and don't like to take orders. I am now thinking about creating a little hotline or something for the nh for kind of a nh watch deal. We always help each other out when the snows come. So I imagine if it was a zombie attack end of the world situation we would do the same.

    Good question posed.
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    Been there got a bunch of t shirts. Anyone that plans on taking care of their family beyond a few days should not have a problem. Most recently for me was Katrina. Took 46 days to get electrical power. Had phone service in a mere 18 months. If you have fuel for the generater, water and food life goes on. the show stopper is that most folks don't know that a small genset will burn 10 gallons of fuel per day. During a time of emergency you might not be able to get fuel. If you you can, be prepared to spend $40.00 per day to have power. After the power has been out for extended periods the stores cannot sell meats until coolers have been inspected. I have two generators, deep freezers, I can my own vegtables, have a 12 acear lake full of fish, a water well, hundreds of pounds of ammo, reload and have components and still consider myself border line for being prepared. You can't have two much knowledge about storing fuel. You can't have too much fuel.
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    If the situation is bad enough (as it the NH is being over run and it is not safe even in our own house) my father has always said we would grab the guns and what ever else we can load up and drive up north to our property in the woods... Which you COULDN'T find if i gave you a map, compass, and phone call so to speak. We could hunt, fish and grow anything we needed. And if the BG's did come a knocking we have Home forest advantage aka trails that we know about... It would be like Vietnam only in the GG favor this time.. (<not meant to offend any Vets. because I respect your service) God Bless America and lets hope nothing that bad could ever happen.
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    PA ZRT, for the win.

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    You should read "Lights out" by HalfFast. It is a long (600 pages) read but entertaining and informational. It really makes you think.

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    Wonder what gun laws thee are there. On the news last night I saw one guy - no uniform - with a long arm.
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    Haiti has a long and rich (he said satirically) history of authoritative and downright despotic governments. I'll bet the only people with guns are those who could bribe officials for permits or criminals. (Much like New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles.)

    Which is part of the reason places like Haiti get creamed in natural disasters while the U. S. seems to get off lightly. We have the same natural disasters - note Steve W's comments - but our society, including the government(s) have a greater concern for regular citizens than places like Haiti. We are better prepared for that reason and our buildings and infrastructure are better built and maintained. The simple truth is, we've a better place to live. Because of not only who we are, but from what we came.

    Here endeth the lesson.
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    It is a terrifying situation down there and it is unfolding in quasi real time over the news. Welcome to the 21st century. Scary.

    This is a situation of their own doing. Any half intelligent person or .gov official knows that Hati has strong hurricanes and earthquakes. They built those structures that collapsed. They have little to no basic infrastructure. They have been dependent on aid for decades.

    I am sorry to the people who must suffer and for the great loss of life. I know that cycles of poverty, corruption, and education are hard to escape.

    I view this disaster as a long time coming. Decades of bad gov't, dependence on aid, and poor building standards were waiting to implode. Katrina was the same. Building a city below sea level, next to the sea means that flooding is expected in the long run.

    San Fransisco and Chicago both burned around the turn of the century. Out of this were born fire codes and disciplined construction that has prevented similar disasters. Let's hope Hati can stand up to the challenge.

    For a resource in total civilization collapse and preparing for it, read through:

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    Quote Originally Posted by nutz4utwo View Post
    San Fransisco and Chicago both burned around the turn of the century. Out of this were born fire codes and disciplined construction that has prevented similar disasters. Let's hope Hati can stand up to the challenge.
    Same thing in Seattle, it was originally built on mud flats that would flood with every tide change. Then it burnt down, and they rebuilt with the first floor becoming the basements after the city filled in the roads to a higher level, and they made sure there was adequate water pressure in the hydrants.

    One of my roommates from college and his wife were in Haiti when it hit, and I think are still there helping out. They are safe, but man, I can't wait for him to come home and share his incredible stories.

    They were down there to help the people, and now they are there to help them in their time of greatest need. I just hope they have enough of their own supplies to stay safe and healthy. We are continuing to pray for them.
    Walk softly ...

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    Haitians comming here illegally

    I have a feeling that a lot of illegal Haitians will be headed our way and this is not a good thing. With our job situation this could lead to an increase in the crime rate and money from our tax payers & the government to support them. If I'm wrong please say so. It's happened before but we were in better economic shape to handle it.

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    Hey Y'all: Very difficult to answer JohnK87. They have had a show on, I believe, the Discovery Channel or the Military Channel that had a real time look at a family trying to cope iwth a major pandemic and complete breakdown of civil society. Very disturbing. I've got my firearms, I've got my neighbors and I consider myself smart and innovative. The closest we come here in Charleston SC are hurricanes--I was not here in 89 when Hugo hit with a Cat 5 but even in a hurricane you still have the options of relocating elsewhere--with a complete breakdown of a large area or society, who knows? Probably stay near my daughter and son-in-law--he's local National Guard and that sounds as safe as I can be.

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    I have heard numerous newscasters say something like "they are waiting for help". That is what is different, most normal folks look to help them selves not wait for help from someone else. I guess if that is the way you have lived for years and years you know nothing else.

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    might get at least one diesel car so you can use biofuel made from used cooking oil if you have the equipment
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    Lawlessness can occur overnight.
    Katrina, Argentina, Haiti...coming soon to a 'hood' near you?

    Our sub has few entry points, lots of cops, and neighbors I trust.
    We'll be OK...

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