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Armed while confronted by Girl Scouts.

This is a discussion on Armed while confronted by Girl Scouts. within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by BkCo1 You have to be exteremly careful with those Girl Scouts. They are armed with ninja cookies. Semper Fi cookies. My ...

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Thread: Armed while confronted by Girl Scouts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BkCo1 View Post
    You have to be exteremly careful with those Girl Scouts. They are armed with ninja cookies.
    Semper Fi cookies. My daughter just joined girl scouts and I'm the one that's been selling the dang cookies at work. Say, any of you guys want to but some cookies? I've got .380 shortbreads, 9mm thin mints, .40 caliber caramel delights, and .45ACP peanut butter patties. The stopping power of cholesterol projectiles is slow, but sure.

    75 more boxes and she gets a ninja cookie patch and a spider ring.
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    Those girl scouts can be dangerous. Did you see The Pacifier? :)

    Seriously there's a big thread right now where a guy opens the door to what he thinks is just his wife's cousin, but it turns out that there were 2 other thugs hidden in the bushes.

    I think with anyone unannounced, the safest way to proceed is to scan the entire front yard and make sure there's no one else waiting to invade. Also look for strange cars, especially if they're idling or double-parked.

    I don't think its rude to tell people at your door that you're busy or even just ignore them. Although there have been cases where ignoring them encourages burglars to sneak around the back, so be aware of that.

    This thread has me hungry for some cookies now...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cold Warrior View Post
    Later, a gun buddy and I agreed: Nine times out of ten, people will immediately open a door to strangers, without looking out or seeing them, despite any probable or potential danger ...
    Probably, with 9 of 10 homes the layout doesn't allow for a nice preview, ahead of opening the door. Most folks can only rely upon a peep hole, which is terrible at best.

    My preferred layout would be for an area of view off to the side, hidden from sight by the visitor, which could easily be seen without informing the visitor of my presence. It would take a different house, for that.

    Short of that, a simple video system could suffice.
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    Those girl scouts are sneaky,I was robbed over the phone,Yes I know I'm still traumatized by the incident I had no idea my granddaughter had been lured into their cult,The thin mints are like cookie "crack"
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    Quote Originally Posted by MoHawk View Post
    I pretty much do everything armed. My gun is on my hip while I am at the door, the computer, riding my bike, etc. And within arms reach while I'm in the shower
    Like you whenever I'm awake I'm armed. When I first wake up I have a gun within reach at all times. From the moment I'm dressed I always carry my gun on me. Whether it be around the apartment, online, etc. You never know when you may need it.

    Whenever I answer my door I have my gun & cell phone with me. At one point I had a neighbor that would knock on my door late night/early morning. I tried explaining to him the danger of answering a door during the evening. He eventually realized the danger of doing so after one of my neighbors opened his door only to have a gun shoved at his face. He was robbed at gunpoint and then knocked unconscious. Shortly after this robbery he freaked out a bit and moved out of the complex.

    Now my neighbor is a little more educated on the dangers of opening doors to strangers.
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    You can't be too careful.
    If approached by aggressive girl scouts you should immediately place your right hand on weapon's grip, crouch down behind whatever cover is available and in your strongest command voice warn them to not approach any further.
    This is a good situation where the use of non lethal force might be appropriate such as pepper spray or a baton.

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    I have a very dangerous situation at my house right now! My wife is a Girl Scout leader and we still have about 150 cases of cookies in my living room and I am on a diet

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    1. No soliciting sign
    2. Intercom
    3. Camera on the door.

    Removes most doubts. I'll buy the cookies on their cookie drives when they are at the grocery store.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BkCo1 View Post
    You have to be exteremly careful with those Girl Scouts. They are armed with ninja cookies.
    Semper Fi
    The mint cookies about killed me! Good thing the price is so high.
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    You must live in a good area. I didn't think Girl Scouts went door to door anymore.
    Beware their evil pyramid scheme..........................but get the thin mints.

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    I think you were right to look out first and go to the door armed. I always do the same.

    If I decide to open the door I have the gun concealed in its holster. If I have already taken off my holster for the night I put it in my waist band in the small of my back. That way the person at the door won't see it.

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    I've not yet encountered these "girl scouts" but I will keep my eyes open. After reading the post in this forum about the guy who was robbed by his cousin, I've rethought my door answering strategy.

    Just this morning, a knock at my door. I'm not expecting anyone, not expecting a UPS man until friday. The girl friend had allready left earlier in the morning. 1911 in hand, I check the peep hole. No one in sight. Suspicious of the situation, I returned to to continue reading about these "girl scouts" and their artery clogging, wallet pillaging ways. And then, the sound of a vehicle speeding off. I run to my front window, crack the blinds. A post office truck taking corners like he just got done filming on the set of tokyo drift in my parking lot. I go to the porch and what do I find? A package from MidwayUSA! The Wilson Combat mags and new 22lb spring are here! Midway got those to me in 2 days time! Outstanding suprise.
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    I answer to door armed as well. I live in an apartment so unexpected visitors are uncommon, at least at my door. I look through the peep hole as well. I am also on the second floor and can hear anyone coming up the stairs, even if they try to be quiet.

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    MMMMM I the cook monster....
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    I'm in the habit of looking out my side window to see who is standing at the front door. What I've found is that most people stand so close to the door that I can't see them from that angle. I think I should get a camera and a video monitor so that I can see who's standing outside.

    I'm still training my teenagers not to open the door just because the door bell rings. I have more work to do.

    A few weeks ago I had a girl scout come to my house. She was standing close to the door but I opened it anyway and ended up buying four boxes, including two boxes of Thin Mints. Dang those girl scouts!

    By the way, the "Girl Scouts" in the Pacifier were Fire Flies, but yeah, they were obviously patterned after the Girl Scouts. I imagine there was a trademark issue. It was great when the lead Fire Fly tied up the obnoxious "Boy Scout" (another trademark issue) and stuffed a cookie in his mouth.

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