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What's legal to do in this scenario?

This is a discussion on What's legal to do in this scenario? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Whether you Shoot or Don't Shoot in that given scenario is YOUR decision and the consequences either way is something you'll have to live with ...

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Thread: What's legal to do in this scenario?

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    Whether you Shoot or Don't Shoot in that given scenario is YOUR decision and the consequences either way is something you'll have to live with or die with, or have plenty of time to reflect upon in the penetentary.

    However, I think a lot of people seem to be misinterpreting the "21 Foot" Rule that Dennis Tueller developed.

    What I have taken away from the "21 Foot" Rule or whatever you want to call it (and I have participated in doing it and documented it so I can bring that out and use it on the witness stand) is this:

    When faced by a person with a knife or club, or bludgeon and they are within 21 feet of me, My Gun is Not going to remain in the Holster!

    That is all the 21 foot rule is pointing out. Dennis nor any other responsible trainer out there will never tell you that it is ok to automatically start blasting anytime someone with a knife is 21 feet away from you.

    A lot of people have already pointed out that your brain is your best weapon! That is correct! Use it! All deadly situations are fluid and constantly changing in dynamics from second to second. Only you who are present at the time can judge if you should shoot or not, however, you Will be judged by others after the fact.

    The 21 foot rule shows you how fast and average person with a deadly weapon can close that distance. That it is generally accepted it will be appropriate to draw your weapon and challenge the aggressor without fear of being accused of brandishing a deadly weapon.

    As soon as you draw your weapon, you should be prepared to fire, but at the same time, you should be evaluating and verbally challenging the aggressor and then shoot if you must... but if in those seconds that you have drawn your weapon and taken a proper stance, the dynamics have changed... you need to once again, evaluate the situation.

    The 21 Foot rule was realized after a review of large numbers of incidents in which officers were killed or wounded by knife and club wielding felons while the officers weapons remained in their holsters because they failed to realize the threat.

    21 feet is kind of a benchmark to say, "It's time to get your gun out" and be ready to fire!

    Just my humble opinion

    Stay Safe
    Semper Fi

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    avoid alley ways a short cut is only good if you don't get cut.

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    The laws have got to get better for the good guy.They are making it so hard to defend yourself, that you don,t want to go to jail because some BG is there to kill or harm you.Because of some of these laws, You may wait to long to save yourself, to keep from being wrong.I just don,t understand some of these laws.IMO 2 BGs at 21 feet telling you, you are going to die if you don,t give up the money-etc and have knifes or weapons that have started all this in the first place, should have no leagle rights at this point.They have stated they are going to kill you, and have the means to do it.IMO you should be protected by the law on the out come. You should at this point, draw your weapon and shoot to kill.If the other BG runs, let him go, if he comes at you, shoot to kill. You should not be punish by any law.We have a long way to go on the laws. I just hope, some of you are on my jury, or me on yours. It still feels like the BG has all the rights.Wake up america !! Do u have to die or go to jail because some nut you shot wanted to kill you.We are the good guys.IMO In the story of the 2 BGs that have me cornered with knifes, I guess I would shoot and hope the jury is not to dumb, to see what was going on.
    Never Bluff, Rid the world of the Bad Guys!

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    "When you do the bum takes out a knife and demands your wallet.
    You turn around to run away but realize his buddy is right behind you with another knife. So in front of you and behind you are one guy each with a knife"

    Like shovel said
    It's a Done Deal
    When outnumbered 2 to 1.
    Shoot twice!

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