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Situation with Neighbors House

This is a discussion on Situation with Neighbors House within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; First off, when you saw the door open and the light on, you should have called the police and be a good witness. Stay in ...

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Thread: Situation with Neighbors House

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    First off, when you saw the door open and the light on, you should have called the police and be a good witness. Stay in your house. You endangered you and your son in multiple ways - from a potential attacker and from the police.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dukalmighty View Post
    You only did one thing wrong IMHO EVERYTHING

    You are not a police!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Balog View Post
    Also, you may be interested to know that cops are allowed to read the internet. Committing a crime (a felony, depending on your state) then bragging about it on the internet is about as intelligent as, oh I don't know, barging around other people's houses playing SWAT.
    As suggested numerous times, I would have called the cops and maybe waited a few doors down the street for them to show up. I would not have gone in to check on the house.

    Having said that, I'm not convinced that the OP broke the law. In my neighborhood, the home owners' association owns the streets. It's private property and we pay to maintain the roads. I have a concealed carry permit, but I could make a good argument that it's legal for me to carry in my neighbor even if I didn't have a permit. Secondly, unless the OP's neighbors have a problem with him brining a pistol into their empty, unsecured house, I don't think it's against the law for him to have the Glock tucked in his hoody while on their property. Just something to think about.

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    I think the point has been need for this
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    Sorry you had no "dog in this fight". You were not in fear of your life and had no business there. You should have called 911 and just been a reliable witness from your own house.

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    Pangloss: the OP specifically stated that what he was doing was illegal. Not to mention the trespassing angle...

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    Quote Originally Posted by EVO80 View Post
    Here are a few things I would have done differently. Just my opinion.

    First, I would have first called 911 and reported what I saw. I would have brought my cell phone - may have been on the phone while I approached the house with my wife although I wouldn't be talking to her but the phone would be in my hand of pocket so she could listen.

    I would not have brought my teenager along with me and put them in potentially harm’s way - if I brought anyone along I would have left them were they could see the house but far enough away to be safe. They could also speak to the police and tell them I was by the house should they show up when I was there.

    I would have never entered the house - the most I would have done was to walk the perimeter and check/note if all doors and windows were closed and walked back out to the street to wait for the police to arrive and watch to see if anyone exits the house.

    Clearing a house is not my job. I guess, in effect, I would have been a good witness.
    EVO80 nailed it spot on.

    And even though you don't seem to want to admit it, you did place your 19 year old son in a dangerous situation. So what if he waited outside. Was he out by the street or was he near the house? If he was near the house he was most likely concerned for you and was focusing on listening for you to either say or shout something to him. He may not have heard someone who had exited the house from another point and snuck up behind him.

    In my opinion, you should have observed and waited for the cops if you has any suspicion that something nefarious was going on. Good friends or not, it's not your house, so the police would be the folks better suited to clear the house.
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