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Folks, it finally happened.....I pulled my gun this afternoon in self-defense!!!

This is a discussion on Folks, it finally happened.....I pulled my gun this afternoon in self-defense!!! within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Bruce: The next few nights you are likley to have disturbed sleep patterns and lots of dreams surrounding your experience. These dreams, etc, are NORMAL-and ...

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Thread: Folks, it finally happened.....I pulled my gun this afternoon in self-defense!!!

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    The next few nights you are likley to have disturbed sleep patterns and lots of dreams surrounding your experience. These dreams, etc, are NORMAL-and are your mind's and spirit's way of helping integrate this terrifying experience into your mind and heart and normalizing it. So, if these dreams are there-just roll with the punches and don't fight them...........
    Scott, US Army 1974-2004

    Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.
    - Ronald Reagan

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    Bruce -

    I was reading a previous thread you posted (question for thugs...), and I can't help but quote you here:

    "yeah, not much backbone when an apparent 'sheep' turns out to be a 'wolf'"

    How true that turned out to be. Glad to see that you were prepared, and came out with your life and possessions. Stay safe!

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    1) I think what Bruce yelled was exactly right. So what if the BG thinks he is scared. Scared people pull the trigger. I imagine the BGs sense when the hammer is about to fall. Whatever, they took off and that is all that counts. Excellent outcome.

    2) EAP is a good idea, but sometimes it can take too long to get in to see one.
    If you can't see EAP quickly try a doc or even a clergy person. Anyone you can just talk to; and of course a doc can give you something to help you stop ruminating (thinking about it over and over and over and over in your mind) so you can get on with other stuff.

    I don't want to sound like a pill pusher, but I think if it were me I'd go to a doc right away, and a counselor as soon as possible-- a doc might be able to help get you to a counselor quickly.

    3) I think you are doing great all things considered. You got some sleep. You are here talking and getting it off your chest (I'm sure helps), and you have the right attitude. FWIW you come across as a really solid together good man.

    Thumbs up and best wishes to you.

    Oh, when you do get in to talk to someone, make it clear right at the outset that you have already talked to the police, gotten a pat on the back for your action, that you did nothing illegal, and have nothing to hide or to feel ashamed of. Set the tone up front so that they understand why you are upset, that you were nearly killed and had to fight for your life. In fact, to break the ice, print out your posts here and ask them to read it before you talk. That will help avoid misunderstandings.

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    Wow, I can't believe that the thug was scared away by your measley 9mm. Didn't he understand the the penetration and expasion is sub-standard? Sorry, too soon?

    Seriously though, thanks so much for sharing. It was a story just like this that motivated my to 100% carry over a year ago. Another account proving that having a gun, ANY GUN, that you are proficient with can make all of the difference in the world.

    Will add your mental state to my prayer list.

    Experience: that most brutal of teachers. But you learn, my God do you learn. -C. S. Lewis

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    Congratulations Bruce - the life you saved today was your own! This will certainly be a life altering experience - thanks for reminding us trouble is everywhere and can come at any time and any place.
    I always aim for the right eye...and I never miss - Goldeneye

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    First glad that you are whole and well.
    Second THANK YOU for sharing with all of us! 3 days ago I was going to town and was at the end of the driveway when I realised I was not armed. I did not go back to the house I went about my business. I will NOT do that again thanks to you and your experience that you have shared. I have also decided that when I train with my carry gun I will start yelling as I draw and before I shoot, I can do this because I have my own range out in the country. You do not remember drawing, Good for you that means that you had practised enough that the response was automatic. That is why I want to start yelling as I draw so that I will do that part of the self defence action as automatic as possible. I agree that your being nauseated is a good thing, you understand the responsibility that comes with carrying a gun and are a good enough man to not want to use it. You did good all the way through and thanks for teaching us what you learned!

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    Wow, glad you are OK.

    Thanks for sharing your story. It's a great reminder to us all to always carry.
    God is love (1 John 4:8)

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    Glad you are ok and things went the way they did.

    You saved TWO lives, yours and his by not ending it right there. You did a great job and should be proud of how you responded.
    Carry-S&W 642
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    The Dalai Lama:"If someone has a gun and is trying to kill you, it would be reasonable to shoot back with your own gun."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soular View Post
    Wow, I can't believe that the thug was scared away by your measley 9mm. Didn't he understand the the penetration and expasion is sub-standard? Sorry, too soon?

    And havent I read a few threads on here where people say they arent clearing leather unless they are going to shoot?

    I believe Bruce would have, if necessary....but thankfully it wasnt.
    Fortune favors the bold.

    Freedom doesn't mean safe, it means free.

    The thing about "defense" is that it has practically nothing to do with guns. (As passed on by CCW9MM)

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    Thanks for sharing. Glad to hear that you successfully defended yourself with your firearm!

    I'm glad you're going to carry always instead of just sometimes. I think you just proved why that is a good thing to do. Nice choice in matching Glock 19s, BTW. You might also want to carry at least one extra magazine too.

    One question: you said you saw the big dot on your Glock. Were you talking about an XS Big Dot or the standard Glock sight?

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    I can't add a thing to all that's been said.
    Thanks for sharing ands glad your OK. Well Done Sir!!
    Wisdom of the Older Gunner:
    To carry a firearm and not have to use it is a blessing
    To not carry a firearm and need one is avoidable and sometimes fatal stupidity

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    Bruce, Glad you are OK!
    Always be alert and aware!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bruce21b View Post
    Hey all,

    first let me start out by saying that i have been on several of these gun forums for a long time, and whenever i see a post where someone says "i pulled my gun on somebody" i have to admit im a bit let me assure everyone im not an "attention-whore", or a "troll" or somebody looking to brag about something they did not do......and i want to get this typed out while it is still fresh in my memory

    its taken me several hours to settle down so i can type this but i wanted to share with you all because this is the ideal place....and hopefully calm my nerves a bit.....

    here is what happened:

    Saturdays are usually my "Range Day".....I go about twice a month, sometimes more.....I have two Glock 19' is my carry piece....and the other one is my so called "safe queen".......when i go to the range i usually do not wear my carry piece, just put it in my range bag and go.....leaving the safe-queen at home.....

    well, today, for some reason, i decided to wear the safe queen CCW and throw my other glock in the bag and shoot it.....

    fast done at the range and headed back home......

    we have had a lot of snow here and my truck is filthy with road-salt so i decided to find a car wash on my way home.......there is a small strip shop before you get into town and at the end of it there is a self-service car wash........

    i pull into the car wash area and no one else is there, i pull into the bay and as soon as i get out of my truck this older model Dodge Ram pulls into the bay behind me......he does not pull in like he is waiting on the car wash but at a 90 degree angle to where i am.......I got back from getting change at the change machine and the truck is still sitting there......I notice this is kind of odd, this truck is sitting there and the the other four wash-bays are empty......the truck has tinted windows and i cannot see the driver.......

    so i continue and spend about five minutes washing my is very cool out and my hands are about frozen and cant wait to get back in my truck to thaw my hands out with the heater......

    i am on the passenger side of my truck putting the scrub-brush back in its little slot and i see the driver door of the Dodge open up.....out hops this guy......a very large man wearing an army jacket, black pants and boots......the first thing i notice is both his hands are in his pockets......a quick glance behind him and notice two more people in the truck.......

    he walks towards me after he gets out and says "Hey there guy, i was wondering if you could help me out?".........I am definitely in code orange right now........i say "with what???"......he glances over to his truck and says "Im needing to change the tire out on my truck and want to know if you have a jack i can use"..........i am still at the passenger side of my truck and say "No i do not....sorry i cant help"....

    he then says "I think you are lying to me, i hate when people lie to me...and i think you're gonna give me what i want"........code RED right heart starts beating out of my chest.....

    I come around the front of my truck making my way to the drivers side and he is a step away from the bay and a hand comes out of his pocket.....he has something in his hand, it looks like a set of keys.....i start backing away towasrs the front of the bay.......behind him the other two guys in the truck hop out behind him.......i then hear a click......he has a knife........

    i don't even remember pulling my gun out.......the next thing i notice is the big white dot on the front of the Glock.......and the crazy thing is i thought "where did my gun come from"...........I am screaming "Get the F away from me with that knife or i will kill you".....

    I don't even remember what he siad, i remember seeing his back to me and the big white dot of my gun on hands, were frozen and could hardly move them......

    the three, i remember piling into the truck and taking heart is beating so hard i can feel it in my throat......i make into my truck, i don't know what just happened.......I open up my door and throw-up.........this guy was about to kill me.......

    I am so sick and nervous right hands were shaking in the truck so bad i could not even dial my phone......

    something told me to carry today, i think God told me to.......

    like i said, im not looking for attention or sisiter and nephews are over here with me trying to calm me down, and typing thes out of what happened to me today is something i needed to do.........
    You immediately called 911 right? First to report is the last to get charged.
    One more step and it's on!

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    Bruce, you've done well. Thank you for sharing, and giving us all something to learn from. God bless you, Sir.

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    Dont worry 'bout pukin, I wouldve puked and likely much more had I been in your shoes. Good to see you came out on top.

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