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Gun Retention Lanyard

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Thread: Gun Retention Lanyard

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    Gun Retention Lanyard

    Here in Israel, the vast majority of security guards carry handguns and they use a gun retention lanyard (somewhat like this lanyard: TriTech Training/Mission First, Inc.).

    Most private citizens I've seen who are carrying (and almost all carry here is open-carry), do not use a lanyard. In fact, most carry their weapons in IWB holsters which do not look very secure.

    My question is whether the retention lanyard is a good idea and whether people use a lanyard or retention system of some sort.

    I can see why the retention system would be beneficial as far as keeping someone from grabbing your gun, but it seems that a retention holster would be much better for that purpose.

    Then there is the issue of dropping a gun during an encounter - in that case, a lanyard would allow you to quickly retrieve the weapon and also prevent it from going too far.

    Then suppose that someone does get hold of your weapon. Could the retention lanyard be used to retrieve the weapon from them and, if so, what technique would be used?

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    As a Military policeman for wjat seemed like a lifetime, I wore a lanyard when on LE patrol duty early in my career. What a pain in the butt they were, always hanging up on things. Retention holsters are like any thing else, they require training, training and more training. That's how they work, if you aren't trained in how to remove the weapon, your not going to get it out. I wear IWB holsters and don't have any problem retaining my gun, but that's me. Any thing to do with carrying a weapon of any type requires training, training, training. Train like you fight and fight like you train.

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    What are the gun carry laws in Israel?

    Have heard that the HI Power is in good favor with female Israelis.
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    I wear one while im fishing on my boat or out duck hunting on the water. It is mainly incase my gun gets dropped of the boat and i can get it back. I use a nylon coil type that is relatively snag free. The coil type are the only way to go imo.

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    I only use a lanyard when deployed...

    I might use one if I'm in the back woods...
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    I can see both advantages and disadvantages, and like everything else suppose it boils down to a mix of expectations for the situations you are likely to encounter and personal preference.

    I think a lanyard would make concealment more difficult. If too long it could be used to choke you out. If too short, you might not be able to extend your arm in any position other than hip-side retention.

    At least you won't leave your gun in the restroom.

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    Seems useless to me for self-defense wont keep someone from grabbing the gun and using it on you.

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    I would be concerned about it getting snagged all the time, specially when drawing the gun in a SD situation.
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    We were required to use them on deployment. Mine seemed to snag on everything in the aircraft. I used the Blackhawk! coil lanyard.

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    Would not seem useful to me in a civilian SD situation in up close encounters.OMO
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    I would rather have a retention holster than a lanyard. Just my .02. I don't see a lanyard being too helpful. Maybe for a boat.

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    The holsters i use would need me to be dropped upside down on my head to even think about dislodging the gun
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