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Poll Results

View Poll Results: A crazed gunman starts firing into a crowded restaurant. You...

  • Tweet Obama to show your support for his plan to repeal Second Amendment rights

    11 4.31%
  • Call ACORN and ask for a Community Organizer to negotiate with the gunman

    2 0.78%
  • Dial 911 and HOPE the cops get there before he kills you

    4 1.57%
  • Hope he's only got 10 round magazines so he'll have to reload before he kills you

    1 0.39%
  • HOPE his gun jams before he kills you

    0 0%
  • Hope there is a bitter clinger in the restaurant who will shoot him

    5 1.96%
  • Pull out your Glock (the ONLY real gun) and shoot the dirtbag

    78 30.59%
  • Pull out any other gun (not real guns, of course) and shoot the dirtbag

    154 60.39%