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Welcome CheaperThanDirt as our newest supporting vendor

This is a discussion on Welcome CheaperThanDirt as our newest supporting vendor within the Cheaper Than Dirt forums, part of the Site Sponsors category; I am not to sure, I was just on there website and 69 dollars for 50 rounds of 9mm fmj seems a little high...

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Thread: Welcome CheaperThanDirt as our newest supporting vendor

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    Member Array michael57231's Avatar
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    Sep 2012
    South Dakota
    I am not to sure, I was just on there website and 69 dollars for 50 rounds of 9mm fmj seems a little high
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    Jul 2012
    $119.00 for 100 rds. of tula 9MM bass ammo ? are you kidding me ? you can keep it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by barstoolguru View Post
    Fortunate for me they are here in DFW area. me and my friend buy from then often, we have bought 6 different guns and who knows how many other items. If you have never seen their catalog it is fun to look threw. On a Saturday or Sunday their walk in store is mobbed and yes they take trade in on guns.
    I have been a big supporter for a very long time good to see them on board
    I used to get their paper catalogs regular. Nuttin' turns me on like Gun Porn!!
    Firing a suppressed is on my Bucket List.

    I'm just a spoke in the wheel but not a big deal.

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    Theres several vendors that have shown their true colors,I will never do business with these guys ever again along with a lot of other shooters
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    I'll never buy another thing from them again no matter the price, because of their actions after the CT. shooting. Too many other quality vendors to deal with.
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    Maybe ctd can step up to the plate and explain to us why they are gouging the heck out of their loyal customers. I can understand a modest price increase due to the shortage, but how can you guys justify $70+ for a 50 round box of 9mm range ammo?
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    I no longer buy anything from CTD. My LGS's sell cheaper than they do, plus I had a major hassle with their customer service on my last purchase.
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    I do appreciate them supporting the forum, I think this forum has a ton of value -- more so than CTD.

    I've ordered quite a bit of stuff from them over the years, but the December debacle and the pricing since then has left me more than skeptical to the point of no thanks. I don't apologize for reserving the right to speak with my feet, or in this case with the hands that chose the sites I buy from.

    Thank you for sponsoring our place to exercise our 1st Amendment rights.
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    I will never order from CTD.

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    Won't be getting my business. I think the reasons have been explained well by other posters
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    They have consistently overpriced items since December 2012. Midway, Brownell's and others have not. Even local gun stores have ammo and AR's a lot cheaper than they list on their website. They have tried to "Make up" for their sins by contributing to the NRA-ILA, but penance has yet to be sufficient and it is not helped by selling an AR this week for 2000 that my LGS had for 1100.
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    I think that CTD has got the message by now as to how some of their customers feel about the situation at hand.

    To prevent further digression, this one is closed.
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