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Carry With Safety On?

This is a discussion on Carry With Safety On? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Safety on only if it is single action such as a 1911. I carry the HK 45C decocked with the safety off. The 10+ pound ...

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Thread: Carry With Safety On?

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    Safety on only if it is single action such as a 1911. I carry the HK 45C decocked with the safety off. The 10+ pound DA first trigger pull is safety enough.

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    If mine had a manual safety I would use it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by archer51 View Post
    My carry gun is equipped with a decocker, no safety, just draw and squeeze the trigger.
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    It depends on the gun, If the first shot is SA then safety is on, if the first shot is DA safety is off.

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    The guns I have with safeties, I carry with them on.
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    Cool it seems I'm not the only one who agrees SA safety on, DA safety OFF.

    I have a Beretta PX4, and personally carry condition one, hammer down, safety OFF. Have been carrying DA guns this way for years, never had a problem.

    But the biggest safety is of course the one between your ears,

    "All the mechanical safeties in the world do not matter to a determined child or grown up idiot playing with a gun" <- From my M1 Garand owners manual.
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    I was always trained to holster my pistol chambered, and safety off. I carried my personal Beretta 96 chambered with safety off and decocked. The only way that gun will fire is if you pulled the trigger anyway.

    Now I carry a Sigma 9mm with out manual safety and chambered. I always hear how things you should remember fly out of your head under stress. So I stick to carrying pistols set up one way, and one way only to avoid confusion or doubt under stress. Just point and click if you know what I mean :)

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    I carry glocks and revolvers so the safety's are the triggers.When I do carry my springer which is rare due to weight I do use the safety as it's cocked and locked.
    When I carry safety is my highest priority!

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    I would not carry a DA pistol with safety on, only a SA pistol. I have a Beretta 84 I will probably carry when I move to a state where that is actually legal, and the safety will not be on; hammer will be lowered. Don't want to be worrying about any extra stuff if you have to use it...

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    guns with safetys are almost always SAO or at least DA/SA that you can carry SA 'cocked and locked'. In these cases, YES, of COURSE you should carry with the safety on!!!
    if for whatever reason you are carrying a gun with a safety that is a real DA gun, then i guess its up to you. I would.
    If you are carrying a 1911 or other gun with manual thumb safety, you have to practice drawing it, but it doesnt take long before flipping of the safety when you draw is 2nd nature. it doesnt slow you down one millisec i can tell you that, but you MUST practice.
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    Glock 27- safety is automatically on until my finger touches the face of the trigger.

    Beretta Tomcat- external safety engaged until drawn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by archer51 View Post
    My carry gun is equipped with a decocker, no safety, just draw and squeeze the trigger.
    yep, me too. The only time I have a safety on is if I pocket carry.
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    All my hand guns have safeties, Glock 21, Sig p239, S&W 40, Kel Tec p32, S&W 44mag, they all have my finger off the trigger in till I am ready to shoot. Like my grand pappy showed me when I was like 6 years old. Maybe you all have bad fingers, or have guns that spontaneously go off on their own, but mine don’t.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aglaser View Post
    I was just wondering how most people carry their ccw. Do you keep the saftey on and flick it off as you draw or have the gun in the holster with the saftey off. Personally I have trained myself to flick the saftey off on the draw..
    what safety??? no safeties to flick on/off my CCW's...
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    I carry one chambered with the hammer down…safety off. Don't trust myself to engage safety while under pressure. So I'll deal with the DA trigger pull…but really…ask yourself will you actually feel the difference between a SA or DA shot (trigger pull) when the SHTF?????

    My guess is…"NO YOU WON'T"

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