Carry With Safety On?

Carry With Safety On?

This is a discussion on Carry With Safety On? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I was just wondering how most people carry their ccw. Do you keep the saftey on and flick it off as you draw or have ...

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Thread: Carry With Safety On?

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    Carry With Safety On?

    I was just wondering how most people carry their ccw. Do you keep the saftey on and flick it off as you draw or have the gun in the holster with the saftey off. Personally I have trained myself to flick the saftey off on the draw..

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    Guns with safeties, the safety is on.

    I prefer to carry the guns that do not have safeties, but I have both.

    Some, like the PPK (I hear), must have the safety on to prevent drop-discharges.
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    My S&W .40c doesn't have a safety other than the trigger. My .45 is always carried cocked and locked.
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    Brought up on 1911s and as such, always use the safety.

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    I prefer to have no manual safety including grip and/or trigger safety.

    If you carry a gun with a manual safety, USE IT!!
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    My carry gun is equipped with a decocker, no safety, just draw and squeeze the trigger.
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    I keep mine cocked and locked. I like the SA pull better than the DA pull......
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    If it is designed with a safety and to have it on, yes. If it is designed to not have a manual safety, then no. I have both. I would always carry my Springfield loaded cocked and locked. My glocks and M&P don't have a manual safety.
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    Hey aglaser: Think you got all the right answers. My kel tec P3AT has a very long and hard trigger pull and no safety--can't really see a need for one. Firearm is in holster, trigger is covered, I'm aware of its design. No problem. I would think that unless the trigger is really very soft and not in a holster that covers the trigger, common sense says to use the safety. Ask Plaxico Burris how he performed his near manhoodectemy.

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    I don't have a safety on any of my carry guns but I am looking at getting a full sized M&P that will have a thumb safety and I will carry it with it on.
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    No safeties unless it is a SA, which I carry cocked and locked.
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    Safeties are for single action autoloaders. Were I to carry a double action autoloader with a safety, it'd be off.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jualdeaux View Post
    If it is designed with a safety and to have it on, yes.
    Best advice here....if it has it, use it.
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    Always carry a 1911 cocked and locked, love the SA trigger, but would carry any other gun the same way if available.

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    My two main guns are a little different from each other. The pocket gun has a safety and it's on. The reason is if I even sense increased danger, I put my hands in my pockets. I can look and move normally, but I've got the safety off and the handle in my hand. The gun can be drawn quickly if needed.

    My bigger gun is a 1911 style .45 with a decocker and a safety. I find that carrying it decocked and unlocked is very safe, yet allows a fast draw with the DA trigger on the first round. I practice that way and feel that it's a more secure first round than maybe missing or forgetting the safety on a quick draw.

    But that's just me.


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