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No More Safety For Me

This is a discussion on No More Safety For Me within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I prefer the safeties where your thumb has a natural rest, and you thumb it down, like a 1911. (or the Sig 238). I don't ...

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Thread: No More Safety For Me

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    I prefer the safeties where your thumb has a natural rest, and you thumb it down, like a 1911. (or the Sig 238). I don't like the flat safeties where you have no protrusion or have to lift it up. With a S/A I'd leave the safety on.

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    I carried an older S&W 456 when I first started carrying. I finally started carrying safety off, decocked, in DA. Plus the 456 safety flips up to disengage. Try getting used to that! I could find no smooth way to draw and flip the safety up, so I carried it off.

    That said, practice, practice, practice, trigger finger discipline. Use the safety between your ears and keep the bugger hook off the bang switch until it's needed and you'll be fine.
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    wormtown is correct, the article quoted above was about the second generation PT145 which is a DAO pistol, the current generation is SA w/DA restrike ability.

    Having said that, it's SA pull is long and heavy and I wouldn't feel uncomfortable carrying it safety off in a holster that covers the trigger, but it would be better to keep practicing by swiping the safety off during the draw.
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    Anytime you use the safety part of the time but not all of the time you are setting yourself up for failure,how do you train your mind to remember when it's on or off,the thought process needed to think is my safety on or off will slow you down unneccessarily
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    I don't think that the safety on a 1911 slows the draw any. I click the safety off as I am bringing the gun up. The motion is just a natural part of the draw.

    Rather than leave it off I would go to another gun that I could be comfortable with using the designed safety.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
    Normally I would agree with you but we are talking about a SA weapon with almost half a inch of take up.
    Sounds like you've already made up your mind. Just a word of caution (and a repeat). Be very careful. If you want to carry a round in the pipe, the gun will be SA. Trigger travel is secondary to breaking pressure in my opinion. Once a round is in the chamber, since there is no de-cocker, the only way to go DA is a misfire or to remove the round from the chamber, the full mag from the gun and dry fire it and re-insert the mag. But then you are left with a 23 ounce hammer. It's probably quicker to sweep the safety off than to rack a round into the pipe.

    If it has a manual safety, I'd use it (and I do).

    Considering "practice makes perfect" I would (and do) practice drawing and sweeping the safety until it was a natural function of muscle memory. Considering my normal carry gun is a 1911, that's easy for me to say. But even though a safety is a mechanical device which will eventually fail, I'd carry the 145 with the safety on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thumper View Post
    I think when you start to rationalize your way around a safety device, it's time to get a new gun!

    hint- Revolver
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    Quote Originally Posted by WHEC724 View Post
    That's funny. I habitually thumb-sweep my Glocks too. They don't seem to mind...

    Even Glocks enjoy a like rubbing now and then.
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    I've seen two military folks on here discussing how they carry the M-9. I am assuming that your branch gives you the lea way of carrying with the safety on or off. I know in the USAF the M-9 is always carried with a round in the chamber and the safety off. Didnt know they would give you the option but is usually spelled out in operating procedures specific to your branch of service.

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    If you're not going to use the safety when carrying that's your choice. But leave it in that condition all the time, are you going to remember the safety is on if you need it when sitting on the dresser? Which ever you decide on make consistency part of the equation.
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    I do not like manual safeties.
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    Has anybody ever seen a post to where the safety being on stopped a ND or AD. I am being serious here. In my four years of reading about guns I never seen such a post. I am sure a safety somewhere stopped a AD or ND but I just never heard of it happening. Obviously all those that did have a AD or ND are wishing they had a safety or it was engaged. I carry a Glock mainly but I also carry other guns and on none of them do I use the safety. A 1911 or similar is the only gun I would use a safety on.

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    If my pistols with safeties are carried in a deep concealment mode, I'll use the safety. If carried on the hip or in the pocket the safety is off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thumper View Post
    I think when you start to rationalize your way around a safety device, it's time to get a new gun!
    exactly my thoughts...

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    if your gun is double action, then you dont need to use the safety. if you are carrying cocked then by all means keep that safety on.
    my best advice? practice! it does NOT take long at all to learn to flip the safety off as ur drawing the gun. takes ZERO extra time.
    im not sure exactly how the PT145 is set up, but with a 1911, if your thumb isnt on the safety when you draw it then you are holding it wrong!
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