Do you ever get over the Paranoia

Do you ever get over the Paranoia

This is a discussion on Do you ever get over the Paranoia within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I've been wearing consistently for about a month; but a cant seem to get over the feeling that everyone knows. I've tried different locations and ...

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Thread: Do you ever get over the Paranoia

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    Do you ever get over the Paranoia

    I've been wearing consistently for about a month; but a cant seem to get over the feeling that everyone knows. I've tried different locations and methods I feel like everyone can see. I go to the bathroom and take a look and cant tell that i'm carrying ( other than I know what to look for) .
    I keep tugging at my clothes, constantly checking and watching other peoples eyes to see if they notice.

    Am I the only person that feels this way; will it get easier, less paranoid?

    thanks for your help.
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    It'll get easier. The more you carry (correctly), the more you'll notice other peoples' lack of attention to all things period much less a firearm.
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    It will go away in time. Once you start carrying for a longer period of time, you'll realize that most people won't even notice a bulge here or there. They're too busy living their own lives... texting, talking on cell phones, etc.

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    Relax, you're not doing anything wrong. Do a check in front of a mirror and see that you're not printing. Then realize that people a far to consumed with themselves to even notice your weapon if it was exposed much less concealed. You'll get over it in time. By the way, all that tugging will draw attention to what your tugging at! You might just wanna stop that!!!
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    Most of us felt that way at first. It truly is amazing how little people take notice of. I don't OC often, but when I have, even thought only caught one glace/comment. People are oblivious.
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    Yes. It will pass. Do it right and give it time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sandbagger View Post
    I've been wearing consistently for about a month; but a cant seem to get over the feeling that everyone knows.
    Paranoia only refers to something that's isn't justifiable or supportable. So, in the sense that you fear everyone knows, it is a bit beyond normal worry. Not everyone does. Very few will ever, like as not.

    Reality is, on a given day of carrying, you probably pass a few that do notice. But, like us, they see little to be alarmed about, given the fact that it's legal, we're obviously simply going about our business.

    Of the many that would get bent over noticing, there are precious few who would ever notice.

    In the end, you're legal and it doesn't amount to a hill of beans. You'll get more comfortable with the non-issue over time, as folks have said.
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    Its funny, or odd, but I have never had the feeling that everyone knows. I go to appropriate lengths to make sure I'm concealed (we don't have a printing law) and that there is no intentional display, and that's that.

    I've carried at times and places when I didn't want my wife or son to know I was armed, e.g., at his wedding, and no one ever detected a thing. Hide it right once, check it once, and if you have done that right you can pretty much forget about it being detected.

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    It took me many months of constant carry to get over that, and when I change to a different gun/holster combo the paranoia comes right back for a while.

    But as others have said, most people don't even notice OC, much less CC: I had a none-to-bright LEO friend who would always open carry, in the small of his back, for all to see (and grab, if his luck ever ran out). Yet as obvious as his piece was, only in a large mall back east did ONE person ever eventually notice. That person then called mall security (not the cops), and they simply checked his ID and then apologized for all the bother.


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    Your "paranoia" will subside and most likely will be replaced by a higher awareness of your surroundings.
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    Yeah you get over it...

    The first month I think I stretched out out every shirt i own!

    It get's better for sure...

    I'm more concerned now how I exit a vehicle. Is the seatbelt going to hook and flip my carry piece out in the street! In and out of the car or from any seating to standing position requires a check or adjustment. OMO

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    I got over it in a few weeks so I would recommend you reevaluate the way you carry or your clothing

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    Quote Originally Posted by gasmitty View Post
    Your "paranoia" will subside and most likely will be replaced by a higher awareness of your surroundings.
    +1. It becomes as natural as carrying your wallet. Also, if you are cnstantly checking and re-adjusting, it will draw attention to what you are trying to conceal.

    Now that I carry, I look for signs of others carrying. The #1 giveaway is the check and adjust. Think of it in terms of the Ronco Rotissery: "Set it, and forget it." except, don't actually forget's a huge responsibility.
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    Interesting. I purse carry and never had any paranoia, or even self-consciousness. It must be different.

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    after a while you will notice the other people adjusting clothing and looking around to see if you are looking at them. That was you once......

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