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Do you Carry an extra mag? and where?

This is a discussion on Do you Carry an extra mag? and where? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Always carry a reload - for a couple reasons. 1) If I am carrying an auto loader and it fails to fire, one of my ...

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Thread: Do you Carry an extra mag? and where?

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    Always carry a reload - for a couple reasons.
    1) If I am carrying an auto loader and it fails to fire, one of my three standard drills (depending on reason for failure) involve stripping out a magazine, and it is faster to strip and drop the mag, and reload with a fresh mag than to try and retain that mag that I stripped.

    2) If my auto loader fails to fire there is a good chance that it is the magazine - even if that magazine HAD been one of my reliable ones.

    3) I feel comfortable dealing with a threat with the 13+1 rounds in my smallest auto loader - but it is comforting to know that I have an extra 13 in case something REALLY bad does go down.

    4) for my revolvers - mine is a 5 shot .357 mag. I dont feel that 5 shots is enought to be sure to stop a single threat fast enough. I have seen a man shot 6 times in the torso with 7.62x54 NATO and sit on the side of the road for 4 hours holding his own IV bag while waiting for advanced medical care. I want to make sure I have enough to do the job.

    As for how? with my auto loaders its one spare mag in my rear weak side pocket (no problems with lint yet). And for my revolver, speed strip strong side in a leather case.

    hope that helps.
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    I have a few pairs of 5.11 Tactical Jeans and they have several hidden pockets on the inside of the pants.

    On the inside left side of the jeans there are 2 pockets to hide a magazine in each.

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    Yes, I carry a spare mag OWB, off-side hip.
    Quote Originally Posted by OldVet View Post
    ...I wonder who or what those who carry extra ammo think they're going to run up against.
    Followers stick. Springs fail. As reported in this forum, several years ago, baseplates can (improbably) work their way off, dumping the magazine contents on the ground. A certain amount of redundancy is insurance against the unexpected.
    ...Do you really feel like that many BGs are out to get you?
    Are you so insecure in your decision not to carry a spare that you need to ridicule those who do? For me, it has nothing to do with the paranoia you suggest, thanks. I carry a spare mag for the same reason I have a mirrored hard drive in my computer, for the same reason I have airbags as well as seat/shoulder belts, for the same reason I have spare batteries for my flashlights and radio, for the same reason I have multiple fire extinguishers in my home.
    ...I feel that if I need to reload, I'm already in way over my head.
    And this is a reason not to carry a spare mag, how? I've heard this argument offered a number of times, and I've never understood it.
    - Tom
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheOhioan View Post
    Can someone recommend a good mag pouch, I currently have a multitool pouch I can use well enough, but it is big and bulky and prints very strangely.
    Milt Sparks makes some good mag pouches that conceal well and are comfortable. I personally carry one from Brommeland Leather that conforms to my body, holds the mag canted slightly for faster draw, and conceals very well.
    - Tom
    You have the power to donate life.

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    Minneapolis, Mn
    I carry 10+1 in the pipe and one mag or Tactical reload.
    Better to have and not need then to need and not have!!!!
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    I always carry an extra mag or speed loader.
    If its a mag, its in my left front pocket or left back pocket.
    If its a speedloader, its in a holder on my right side, next to my holster.
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    yes. another 15 rounder in my weak side back or front pocket depending on the pants.

    But I think OldVet hit is right on!
    NRA Certified Rifle/Pistol Instructor

    Accuracy ALWAYS WINS! So carry what you can hit with.

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    Depending on were I'm going, I carry two extra mags at 2 o clock
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    Sometimes I carry an extra mag. Not too often though.
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    I dont carry an extra mag for my G26 or P3AT. Just don't. I could carry my M1A, and would likely be better armed, but just don't. Have to live with the weapons I carry.

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    I carry 2 extra mags with 10 rounds in both on my left hip @ 8 oclock. All togather I have 31 rounds of Federal Hydra-Shok® JHP 230 grain on me when ccing.
    I rather be safe then sorry.
    It's better to have it when you need it then need it and dont have it.

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    The Evergreen State.
    Weapon at 3 o'clock, a mag or two(single stack) in my left back pocket. My wallet rides in the front left.
    I work to buy guns. Not really, but sometimes it feels that way..

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    When I travel. Stashed in car. Different places in the house.

    Most of the time, no. I've always made a habit of carrying my wallet in my front pocket, so pocket space is limited.
    NRA Member

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    9:00, or in a pocket.

    I'd say I carry an extra magazine about 20% of the time. The criteria for it's presence is basically when I don't have a lot of information about the place, or I don't like it to begin with.
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    yep...spare mag at 9:00 in a mag-holder from RM Holsters
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    If you carry in Condition 3, you have two empty chambers. One in the weapon...the other between your ears.

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