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Just how RELIABLE is your carry gun?

This is a discussion on Just how RELIABLE is your carry gun? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Perfectly reliable. 2500+ rounds and never a failure of any kind....

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Thread: Just how RELIABLE is your carry gun?

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    Perfectly reliable. 2500+ rounds and never a failure of any kind.
    - Tom
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    My current carry gun is 100% reliable after 400 rounds, M&P40c. I used to carry at SIg229 .40 that I've put 3500 handload rounds through. It has jammed about 4 times due to the round getting hung up on the feed ramp. I attribute these to not properly crimping some, and a couple of failures due to mag problems.
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    I now carry either a G27 or a G23.... Neither one has EVER had a failure to fire.

    Prior to the Glocks I carried either a Ruger P90 or a P85MII. The P90 never had a failure to fire. The P85 failed to fire a few times when using military surplus 9mm ammo. When using "fresh, new" ammo it never failed to fire.

    All four are remarkable pistols....

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    When I was LEO many moons ago I had my service revolver, (told you it was many moons ago) a S&W 686 revolver that the cylinder bound up at the range. S&W was aware of the problem then and promptly fixed it. Thank goodness I had a Colt Combat Commander .45 as BUG in a shoulder holster under my uniform coat. This all happened during the wintertime back then. As my pal Ram Rod says, "In Glock we trust."
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    the only gun that i have that jammed is my .22lr , my Taurus jammed once in 2 years that was about it.
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    Been lucky so far no problems, had a couple small issues during break in, but nothing since.

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    no problems out of my pt1911

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    My G19 locked up on me last week at the range. I had done a detail strip and .25 trigger job. At about 60 rds it locked up SOLID!!!! Tap, rack, no. Rack, tap, tap, rack, rack, rap, tack, slide would not budge. I hit the slide release and it released. Put a couple rounds through it and it locked up again.

    The range RSO is a Glock armorer so he was all over it. the spring for the slide release was out of place and had bent. Replaced slide release. 100 rds and counting with no issues. Basically, it looked like I had gotten the spring beside a part that it should have been under. So no, I'm not worried. I'm confident it was an error in rebuilding it on my part.

    My keltec P3at is a sketchy little beast. I did several F&B's on it. I had to replace the mag catch and then replace a mag that would no longer catch to load. I have had no real problems in the last couple months with it. I keep it because I can throw it in my pocket, and I would loose too much money trying to sell it. That said, I rarely carry it.
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    Nothing is truly dependable forever, you're right. There are always instances of failure out of the box; failure somewhere down the line. There are always instances of no failures over the entire lifetime of the firearm. You never know.

    The only gun that broke on me is a KelTec P3AT .380ACP, in which a little plastic piece came loose, internally. It jammed up on me. I retired to a table, field stripped the gun, and noticed a little, unspecified piece of plastic that dropped onto the table.

    A pistol of mine once had a screw come loose on a part, during firing at the range. Technically, it was only related to the gun's magazine, and yet that loose part fouled the action movement and caused failure to fire, failure to cycle. A simple loose screw due to lack of LocTite, and the gun was rendered utterly unreliable.

    In 17yrs of pistol shooting, those are the only two I can recall failing outright.

    I tend to think more highly of those guns that are made from forged metal.; those where the manufacturer has run metallurgy tests on the material before releasing it for sale; machine and hand inspection to a fare-thee-well, before releasing it for sale; and test function on the range. Very, very few makers do this. From what I've heard, none do this on their production pieces, generally.

    So, we're relegated to relying upon long-term reputation, gauging the viability of anecdotal evidence and rumor, relying on what our research tells us. And, we rely upon our own diligence and prep, when evaluating a potential purchase and preparing a firearm for use.

    Invariably, though, the best-performing pistols I have ever used were ones that had attentions by a gunsmith. Action job smoothing, for reliability. Trigger job, for smoothing, reliability and known trigger pull weight. Replacement of springs to be of the highest quality, highest function, for reliability. Tuning of the magazines and the entire feeding, cycling, ejection process under the gunsmith's watchful eye. The pistols I've had with such attentions always worked better. The most recent pistol was a CZ P-01 9mm semi-auto. Very smooth, consistent, reliable. About the only other thing I can think of that pistol might have benefited from is a throating of the chamber to allow for a bit better accommodation of less-than-perfect rounds. Though, that has its disadvantage as well.

    Data Point:

    Ammo selection comes into play, as well. As my range session today shows, failure to manually check each and every round can result in one or more cartridges getting through to foul the gun. In my perfectly-running HK P2000SK, one 9mm case had some sticky crud on the outside that fouled the chamber throat upon entry, such that it failed to completely go into battery. No other cartridges in the batch had the problem. I don't know what it was, but that one case had an issue.

    The gun was perfectly prepared. I had field stripped it, cleaned every crevice, double-checked the barrel and all areas involved in lock-up, slide, extraction. I oiled all friction surfaces and ensured not too much was used. I racked the slide and dry-fired several times, to ensure clean operation. A quick strip/reassy showed the right amount of oil was in the right places. But, the ammo wasn't checked.

    Had I instead been preparing for a critical competition or job, I would have been better served by advance prep of those cartridges, by measuring and evaluating each and every one for potential flaws. Likely, then, this difference could have been found and eliminated prior to needing that cartridge. Had this been a street situation, that gun was temporarily out of commission and could have gotten me killed. Bad juju.

    This ammo was dug up from the bottom of the range bag. It didn't come straight from various closed boxes of ammo. And it wasn't a range session designed to use the carry ammo. Instead, this session was focusing on using the worst and dirtiest possible ammo I could find, varying each magazine with mixed loads of all sorts ... FMJ from multiple mfrs, reloads I had done myself, store-bought reloads where I knew the mfr, JHP from several mfrs, Pow'RBall, all mixed up in the magazines. The gun had no problems with anything, except that one case.

    Lesson: If it's critical, then check the ammo as well.
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    Baby Eagle .40. 8k rounds +/- total of various factory, factory reloads, and my own home cooking. The only problem I have had is of my own doing (poorly seated primers on my first batch of reloads). Otherwise I pull the trigger, it goes bang.

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    How reliable are my carry guns? Very reliable so far or they wouldn't be my carry guns.

    If any of them ever develop any "issues" that can not be related to ammo, or magazines, or cleanliness of the gun, then it will no longer be a carry gun. But if you don't spend time at the range with your gun/guns then you don't know if there are issues. We can only be a sure of our guns as we were the last time we left the range with them.
    Just remember that shot placement is much more important with what you carry than how big a bang you get with each trigger pull.
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    All my experience with semi-autos and people who shoot them is that jamming is almost always due to limp-wristing or cheap ammo.
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    I have never had an issue with my Sigs or H&Ks with the exception of 2 handloads that were poofer rounds. My fault, never a mechanical problem.

    The only mechanical problem was with a S&W99. The trigger failed twice. Probably one of the best ergos around but . . . I heard the Walthers were better but not interested in finding out.
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    1. 1 1911 (in combat) parts broke. But the pistol was WWII issue and very tired!

    2. 2 Model 80 Colts (Gold Cup and an Officers Model), parts broke. I wasn't very happy with Model 80 line quality.

    3. 1 Bersa Thunder, spring kept slipping out of place.

    I carry either a Glock 23 or a S&W centennial (both SS and Airweight, depending on season) and I am not about to say that they are breakproof, but not in my experience yet. I have trained myself to work on both (I was an armorer in the USMC) and they receive close inspection and function checks at least quarterly and are fired bi-weekly. Since I know each weapon intimately I trust either of the three for carry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Will B. Droopy View Post

    And my 1972 Colt Python actually jammed on me during a competition () -- I pulled the trigger in DA and the cylinder bound up solid. (I'm now looking into this problem myself, since Colt does not have a lifetime guarantee, as does S&W. PS: The gun magically unfroze ten minutes later, but will it happen again...???? ()).

    All good stuff on reliability guys.

    And I have heard so much bad stuff about KelTec's little plastic guns that even though the price is right, I would be far too worried about KelTec's reliability in both the jamming and quality departments to ever actually carry one (neat looking, light in weight, and low cost, but if it can't do the job...).

    And ccw9mm comments on ammo are quite cogent, since many people do not bother to check each and every new round that they load into their CCW arms. That can be a BIG mistake. (I had read that WWII armorers would check every round before loading up the USAF fighters and bombers, since it takes just one bad cartridge to ruin the pilot or gunner's entire day).

    In looking into my own issue with my Colt Python locking up solid during a competition, I think it may have been my fault: Since Pythons are made like a fine Swiss watch, with ultra tight tolerances, it looks like there may have been some unburned powder residue between the cylinder crane and the frame, and combined with me not closing the cylinder "hard enough" after a speed reload, this may have caused the malfunction. (Since so far, after cleaning, the pistol works great).


    My model Python shown below (but since this particular forum apparently only allows me to post ONE 20K picture (which I had already done), I can't upload a pic of my own actual Python -- and believe me, I've tried !):

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