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Just how RELIABLE is your carry gun?

This is a discussion on Just how RELIABLE is your carry gun? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have 2 revolvers and 2 semi's. All have been 100% so far, after hundreds of rounds through each. The EDC ammo thatI carry has ...

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Thread: Just how RELIABLE is your carry gun?

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    I have 2 revolvers and 2 semi's. All have been 100% so far, after hundreds of rounds through each.

    The EDC ammo thatI carry has been well tested through each handgun. I buy ammo and reload my own so there is always a bag of mixed rounds left over after a while. The left overs get mixed up and loaded at random into the handguns and so far no problems with any.

    The only problems I have ever had were with some reloaded wadcutters that I bought at a range and that was before I learned better. New ammo or my own reloads form then on.


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    None of my guns have ever let me down.

    I do the big preventative maintenance to my carry revolver every year. The CTC batteries will be replaced whether they need them or not. The springs are also inspected and the trigger pull tested (after worn on body and unloaded to eliminate temp variable). Any large deviation to a lighter pull will result in new springs (8 bucks). All parts are inspected for chipping, cracking or worn spots. The timing is checked and so is the cylinder lock up. The cylinder/forcing cone gap is also measured.

    Every few weeks or after a range trip I do the following...
    I use the same solvent, oils and grease for each lube point. Check the cylinder lock up and function. test for smooth trigger operation and snap some snap caps for function and wipe any excess lube away. Then the whole thing gets wiped down with a silicone cloth.

    Keep in mind this is a 340PD which isn't a gun I would typically put thousands of rounds through.
    There is something about firing 4,200 thirty millimeter rounds/min that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

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    The gun I carry

    Compared to some here, my 2 years of carrying a CW still ranks me as a noobe, but the gun I carry has proven itself 100% in over 1k rounds downrange. I trust it completely, but still go to the range to test it, and me, periodically, and will still disassemble, clean, oil, and put it back together; even if I haven't fired it.
    My car has proven 100% reliable in the years I have had it, but I still change the oil and check the tires (perhaps that's WHY it's been so reliable).
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    I've put several thousand rounds through my carry piece and I've never had a single failure of any type. It got pretty dirty one day and I noticed the recoil felt slow, but a good cleaning fixed that right up.
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    I sell or trade an unreliable carry gun the first time it fails. No exceptions.

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    I never had my BDM fail on me since I bought it new in 1996.

    I did have a couple of FTEs with my M&P 9 and 9c with the first 50 rounds or so. None since, with one exception. I was making up some test loads to see which was most accurate. The 5 rounds with 4.0 gr of powder didn't have enough power so they caused a fail to load. I don't consider that a gun failure.

    My P232 had several failures during the first 25 rounds. I only had one box so I didn't fire all of it. I haven't fired it since, due to the .380 ammo shortage, but will this summer.

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    My P12 has had nearly 10K through it since I got it from another member on this board. I replaced the barrel and mainspring a year or so ago, but no failures and I carry it every day and absolutely trust my life to it.
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    I bought a S&W 40VE just this past January, got to about the 300round count and started having massive FTE's. Couldn't even fire it once without an improper ejection.

    Sent it to S&W warranty center to be fixed, the day it came back I had a buyer lined up for it.....the jamming left such a bad taste in my mouth, in addition to reading post after post of consumer complaints on the gun I couldn't trust it anymore. I got 300 through my "new to me" S&W Chief special 40 and not a single hiccup. So far so good...it's got my trust...won't be 100% for me until I reach the 500-700rnd mark.

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    No, so far no gun I've owned has broken on me.

    The gun I've choosen to carry all the time has a long history of being reliable. Also the peice I EDC has proven to me through many rounds that it will work as it is expected to everytime I release it from it's holster.
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    I've broken my fair share over the years and I doubt I could remember every incident. Only one needed an extensive fix. S&W Mdl. 66 split the forcing cone after much magnum shooting. Usually it's a spring failure, broken safety, extractor, ect.
    There are a few brands that I've never had any problem with that wasn't ammo related and I feel most comfortable with those. I'm a big believer in shooting my carry guns as often as possible. The odds are that problems will arise at the range instead of when I need it most.
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    I had a brand-new FNP-9 jam and jam and jam, until it started loosening up. I had had it loaded and hanging in a holster from a bedroom closet door! So, the last range session was used to loosen it up and get it shooting right because it had been so nice and new and tight. Lesson: Your brand-new gun might not shoot because it might be too nice and tight; an advantage of that old sloppy-slide Colt .45 that can still cause bodily harm, even if it can't hit the broad side of a distant barn.

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    I've had no failures occur with a firearm that shouldn't be trained for anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Will B. Droopy View Post
    (I had read that WWII armorers would check every round before loading up the USAF fighters and bombers, since it takes just one bad cartridge to ruin the pilot or gunner's entire day).
    That would be the USAAF (US Army Air Force) not the USAF, which came into being in 1947. Prior to 1941, it was the USAAC (US Army Air Corp).
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    I have had my Sig 220 jam on a consistant basis due to picky ammo tastes, my beretta 92F jam due to ammo, Colt 10mm broke springs (3) my glocks 23 and 21SF have 1000 rds each through them both and are still working great and are my guns of choice!
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    My carry guns are either Glocks (19 and 26) or a LCP.

    I have had only one issue with my G19 years ago, with WinClean ammo - jammed into the feed ramp some times. Called Glock, and they sent me a new redesigned mag follower. Problem solved. Never another issue of any kind in thousands of rounds since.

    My wife's LCP had an issue with PowRBall ammo - there is a sharp corner under the feed ramp that would cut a "smiley" into the polymer nose of the bullet under recoil, jamming the gun. Ruger says that firing 200 FMJ will round off that sharp corner and fix the issue. Since I decided to switch to FMJ-FP in .380 as my carry ammo, it is a non-issue. Only other thing to note is that the frame pins can sometimes start to "walk" out of the frame if you shoot a lot - you can easily push them back in. No impact on function. Both our LCPs are otherwise 100% reliable.

    On the other hand, I've had three different Kahr polymer pistols in 9mm. Suffice to say, I no longer have them, and will never own another.

    To the OP - thanks for being honest about the issues you experinced with your revolvers. Too many folks think revolvers don't ever fail.
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