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My life changed on March 23rd, 1 year ago.

This is a discussion on My life changed on March 23rd, 1 year ago. within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Kudos to you and your wife for taking responsibility for your safety. If she is interested in passing out "Concealed Campus" information, I made an ...

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Thread: My life changed on March 23rd, 1 year ago.

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    Kudos to you and your wife for taking responsibility for your safety.

    If she is interested in passing out "Concealed Campus" information, I made an informative brochure for the state of Texas which I could provide to you. It contains a few facts about concealed carry as well as a Q&A section to disprove common anti sentiments. Its front page displays the week of the Empty Holster Protest (April 5-9) which many students will be participating in across the state (and nation, of course.)

    Let me know if you're interested and I can send you the PDF.

    Once again, glad to hear your wife turned her opinion on guns around - that's what happened to me too!

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    Great post. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to the day I can CC in Wisconsin and carry from the time I wake-up to the time I go to bed.

    As for now...when I leave the state for a vacation or something I can carry. I'll avoid vacations in any state I can't carry.
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    Great post, Horseman! It's been just over a year for me too, my first anniversary was the 17th of March. And yes I have changed, I'm comfortable in a way I had never been before. I feel a sense of peace, knowing I am better able to face whatever I encounter.
    Living in the Detroit area, one never knows what they could face in a given day and where, as the economy worsens and worsens. Watching the news can be a real eye opener, seeing the things that happen in a large metropolitan area, as more and more people are unemployed and some showing signs of desperation, drug use, and the list goes on. There truly is no "safe area" as crime rates continue to climb, even in the most upscale communities. Sadly there are those who still think it could never happen "in my neighborhood" and how shocked they are when it does. A few of my friends have mentioned getting a CPL and I have encouraged them, actually 6 will be taking their CPL classes this month. And if they tell 6 friends, who tell 6 more friends..., the area may become a safer place.
    Stay safe, my friend.
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    Excellent story. Thanks very much for sharing. Yes, carrying has changed my life for the better as well. I find that I'm less confrontational than I might have been in my youth, i guess I'm still young at 33. I drive more respectfully and am much more aware of my surroundings than I ever have been. I too hope to never have to reveal, let alone fire my weapon in self defense. But I know I'm prepared to defend my family if necessary. My wife too has come around, not that she was ever against carrying...just too lazy to make the effort to do it. She is now anxiously awaiting her permit which should be here next month.

    Stay safe and thanks again for the post.

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    Great post and I like the signature line.

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    Wonderful post Horseman. Thanks for sharing.

    You and your family are to be congratulated for your efforts to protect yourselves. I carry everywhere, even while sitting at home, because I'm committed to always being ready. And I think a lot of folks are realizing that carrying a hand gun is one more way of showing we are serious about our freedom as the liberal loonies try to turn America into France. God help us.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott Davies View Post
    Yeah--if our country has a total economic collapse--think about the global domino-effect as country after country goes into collapse......
    Scott, it is just not a domino effect that could come from our county's collapse, this is a global problem and many European countries are in worse shape than we are. We just have to hope that none of the major economies call their debts due.

    Horseman, GREAT post. I felt the same way my first year of carrying. Today, I am so comfortable that I had to do an about face at the hospital door. (Police were just inside the door )

    You, like many more, have chosen not to be a victim. You and your family will be the benefactors.

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    Great post, great perspective.

    I am another that took to firearms later in life....and the new awareness alone has immense value.
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    You've made a wise choice about your personal safety and that of your family, and clearly you've adapted well.

    Since you're in a rural setting, if you aren't real close to neighboring homes I hope one or more of your long guns is kept accessible in the house... and it would be great if it's a modern defensive gun like an AR or a police-style shotgun.

    I live in a Phoenix suburb 150+ miles from the border, but there is far too much border-related crime here to simply pass off as "noise." Stay safe, brother.
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    Outstanding post!!! Thanks for sharing. I also noticed a sharpening of my situational awareness, observational skills, and a transition of my nature to be more de-escalating. I also noticed a sharp decline in my social drinking and choosing to go to restaurants that do not serve alcohol...not really a conscious decision, just something I noticed over time.
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    Long guns are available

    Quote Originally Posted by gasmitty View Post

    Since you're in a rural setting, if you aren't real close to neighboring homes I hope one or more of your long guns is kept accessible in the house... and it would be great if it's a modern defensive gun like an AR or a police-style shotgun.
    I currently have two long guns. One is a Mossberg 20-gauge shotgun. I keep it loaded with buckshot -- no round in the chamber, but at least 4 cartridges loaded. My daughter (age 20) is extremely comfortable with this gun. Any time we leave for the weekend she keeps it by her bed or within reach. She also has a Tazer she keeps in her (gun) purse in the middle compartment.

    I also have a 30-06 (Browning, A-Bolt II model). I am the only one in the family who can really shoot it. It is my hunting gun. But I keep the magazine loaded with the maximum 4 bullets -- usually 180 grain. I can consistently hit within the 10 ring at over 100 yards.

    Our family (i.e., my wife's mom) has several other long guns. Including 1 sawed-off shotgun (Her dad was a Louisiana police officer .... wonder where she got that gun from? ), a couple more 12 gauges, a .222 rifle. And she has a pile of revolvers of varying calibers and her carry gun (Taurus Millennium Pro .32). Her ranch is 4 miles away. But if the fecal matter really hits the fan you can bet we will pool our resources.

    I am saving up for a .308 semi. The one I will probably get is an FNH with a 30 round capacity. It will be probably a year before I can afford it, unfortunately. But it is the next gun on my buy list. After that I will probably get some type of tactical 12 gauge shotgun (which I will mount a gun light on) and probably an AR-15 after that. Who knows what else I will be buying. A .50 rifle? Lever-action .44? Gen-4 Glock 22? All I can say is that like most of us on this forum, I will probably be buying new guns for the rest of my life.
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    Great post. I never took the time to look back and reflect on things that way. I have been carrying concealed for many years. I was lucky to have a dad and granddad who owned guns for self defense so I grew up thinking it was normal to take responsibility for protecting myself.

    My wife would never think of carrying, heck, I can't even get her to go to the range and shoot. But, I know she feels much safer knowing that I arm myself anytime I leave the house.
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    Excellant post!!!!

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