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"GOOD" one liners to respond with...

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Thread: "GOOD" one liners to respond with...

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    "Why do you think it makes me look fat?"

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    "Gun?! I've got a gun?! Where did that come from?!"

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    My sister fell into my trap not too long ago. It was something like "your not actually taking your gun to (insert location here) are you?" which I replied "I only carry it when I know I'm going to need it" falling right into my trap she responded "How could you possibly know when you are going to need it?" which I replied "EXACTLY" Imediately followed by "When seconds count the police are only minutes away"
    "How a politician stands on the Second Amendment tells you how he or she views you as an individual... as a trustworthy and productive citizen, or as part of an unruly crowd that needs to be lorded over, controlled, supervised, and taken care of." -Suzanna Gratia Hupp

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    I had this discussion the other week in my local "Stop & Rob".
    The Clerk asked "Are you carrying a gun? Why?"
    (He knows I'm a retired electrician.)
    I said, "Look at it this way. If a bad guy comes in here to kill you for the $30 in your register, you may wish someone like me was here to save your ass.

    And being the nice guy I am, I would probably do everything in my power to save you."

    Since then, when I walk in his store, he gives me a big friendly Hello.
    I think I became his security blanket!

    He must have made me a on a previous visit few days earlier and since it was just he and I in there that day, he thought he'd talk to me about it. The Local Sheriff is 45 minutes away on a normal day.

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    I prefer not to use the "its my right" or "because I can", and definately not one that promotes violence such as "I might have to shoot someone".... although there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.... its just not my personal style..... People are already stand-off-ish when they notice your weapon and have a preconceived notion in their head that crazys, criminals, and bad people carry guns.... there is no reason to indorse their thoughts.....

    If someone is asking me why I have a gun, why I need to carry a gun, its more than likely out of curiosity and/or ignorance fed by the news media and anti-gun propaganda..... So I prefer a subtle one line comment like I posted above along with some educational information to educate them.... I've converted 2 absolute anti-gun women into their CCW and carrying their weapon everyday, along with several other people that were riding the pro/anti gun fence....

    The more people that are educated and turned onto owning/carrying guns, the more people we will have on our side, and the better we will be at fighting the good fight against Gun Right Advisaries!
    "Tempus Fugit. Memento Mori.”

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    Quote Originally Posted by Backroad View Post
    Why do you have insurance...?

    Why do you keep fire extinquishers in the house...?

    Like Backroad - I ask if having a fire extinquisher in your home means your paranoid about fires or if your just trying to be prepaired and tell them the same applies to being armed.
    For God, Family and Country!

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    Here's my answer the next time I get asked: "To be responsible for myself".

    I like this response because it forces them to think about gun carriage in positive terms and it also makes you sound like a normal person. They're going to wonder "How is carrying a gun being responsible?", and now you have a good teaching moment to take it deeper.

    Did you know that the police have no legal obligation to protect you? When you depend on others for your survival, you end up like the people standing on their rooftops after hurricane Katrina, hoping to be rescued before the water engulfed them.

    That's how I would approach it. Hey, I live in Portland too, JKP. We should hang out sometime

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    I say:

    If you walked in on your son or daughter being sexually assaulted by a stranger and a gun appeared on the table next to you, would you use it? They'll answer yes.....you respond: I am simply prepared for any such or similar dangerous situation that will inevitably arise in all of our lifetimes. Same reason I am prepared by wearing a seat belt or owning a fire extinguisher.

    A little longer than most, but will likely give them more to think about than a smarty response.
    It is utterly illogical to believe that passing laws to reduce gun violence will be successful when those who are commiting the gun violence do not obey the law.

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    If a guy pulls a knife on us then I can stop him before he stops you.

    In case we get chased by a bear. I know you can run faster than me.

    Its a medical device. It saves my life when I get in trouble.

    Because a stick doesn't work very well.

    Same reason you do.

    If Death comes early to claim me I plan not to go.

    These are perilous times. I wanna get threw 'em with my hide intact.

    Don't worry about it. It'll only come out when it needs to.

    Because I love you and want a guarantee that I will see you tomorrow.

    Because <I>that</I> guy's a felon and he doesn't like me.

    Didn't you see that special report on TV by the Mountain Dew guy where a ferret killed a couple with a chainsaw?

    In case I see Obama Bin Laden.

    The zombies could come at any moment.

    I believe in the god of thunder and lead.

    If I told you then I'd have to kill you.

    Do you feel safer knowing if the SHTF I can keep you alive?

    Better to have and not need than to need and not have.

    Murphy's Law.

    I lost my phaser and this site-to-site transporter isn't working.

    It's easier than Kung Fu.

    Because there are things that go bump in the night. This way I can bump back.

    In case you decide to kill me.

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    my house
    i normally respond with i dont see any police around. do you??
    S&W M&P40/M&P9c OC rigs
    S&W 640-1 or Sig P238 as a CC rig
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sticks View Post
    In case I have to shoot someone.
    Haha; best one yet!!
    "All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent"
    -Thomas Jefferson-

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    IRL I've stated these three...

    * As to my wife - "Because if I don't who will? You?"

    [Immediately I then turned and walked away so as to imply end of transmission & conversation. It worked. She is anti-gun and anti-carry.]

    * As to my former bullseye training friend who is pro gun but not for carry - "Cops are never around when you want to see one but always they are around every corner when you don't."

    [At the time he was driving along a highway at speed so he got my point...Moments later he changed lanes and slowed down.]

    * As to my sisters husband, who I don't particularly care for, while in the car when I took him to the range to do an intro to handguns man date - "I carry tools because I love myself. I love my kids too, and they love me. And we love life. There are people out there who hate our love. It is my basic human right to defend myself and my kids love against hate."

    [Later on the ride back debriefing about what he'd learned I commented to him that I love my sister too and that I expect him to lover her as well...And that means he has to my view a job. I went on to say that if something happens to my sister I will come looking for him. Because I love my sister and that is something he needs to understand.
    A few miles down the road he looked me dead in the face and said to me with a straight face and tone; "[My sister] told me you were a serious cat coming up. I see that now". My brother in law stands 3" taller and probably has 30 lbs. on me. He grew up in the same zone running the same streets I did, old school.]

    - Janq
    "Killers who are not deterred by laws against murder are not going to be deterred by laws against guns. " - Robert A. Levy

    "A license to carry a concealed weapon does not make you a free-lance policeman." - Florida Div. of Licensing

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    For the same reasons I voluntary buckle my seat belt and purchase life insurance to care for my family. To prevent some low-life scum bag from inflicting injury or death on me or my loved ones.

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    There are bad guys out there:

    I intend to survive.

    I refuse to be a victim.

    Unarmed does not mean unharmed.

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    I have used this numerous times…

    "Because crime does not make appointments"

    …then I say "Crime doesn't tell you, I'm coming to see you Monday, July 9 @ 4pm"

    These responses pretty much shuts the conversation down!

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