I think I converted a non-believer

This is a discussion on I think I converted a non-believer within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; A gentleman has been coming to, the shop I work at, for about a year now. He knows I carry, so quite a few times ...

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Thread: I think I converted a non-believer

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    I think I converted a non-believer

    A gentleman has been coming to, the shop I work at, for about a year now. He knows I carry, so quite a few times I've been working on his car, the subject has turned to guns and gun laws. This gentleman works as a real estate agent, and I've told him, he should get his CCW, due to the fact, you don't always know, in that business who you'll run into. His reply has alway been, I don't see a need for one. Well I think his tune finally changed today. He told me the other day, he got a call, to show a house, he waited at the location for about 45 minutes, noone showed up, so he went home. To find his house had been broken into, numerous items stolen, house trashed etc......He said when he walked into the house, and saw the mess, the first thing that popped into his head, was, I wished I had a gun, do to the fact he didn't know if the intruders were still in the house. He called 911 and went outside to wait for the cavalry. He asked today more than he ever has about the CCW, what he needed to do where he needed to go I answered all his questions, he left the shop and said he'd think about it. Well about an hour before I left for home, he called the shop and said he appreciated the info, he had just gotten home, and signed up for the course and will be taking it in 3 weeks So sometimes it takes, a negative incident to happen to an individual, before, they see the light, but this all turned out for the best I believe. We may be welcoming a new respectful, law abiding CCW'er to our midst, soon

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    Excellent. Keep it up, and ask him to preach the "word" too! Real estate agents are really at risk - holding open houses while alone, meeting folks at empty houses for showings alone, not to mention the burglarly set up mentioned above. Many I know are now working as teams, which really reduces their incomes!
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    Pity in a sense anyone has to be ''shocked'' into making the decision to be armed.

    However - better late than never.
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    Glad ya converted him to bad his house had to be broken into

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    great job, thankfully he didn't have family members at the house for the scumbags to run into.
    I'm working on some friends of mine to get their CHL here too and I don't understand why they don't. They are all hunters, own numersous firearms. I'll just keep plugging away at 'em.
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    Quote Originally Posted by P95Carry
    Pity in a sense anyone has to be ''shocked'' into making the decision to be armed.

    However - better late than never.
    Amen Chris.
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    Good job. Sometimes it looks like several small conversations to us (the already initiated), but to them it's a long thinking process that slowly intesifies each time they talk about it. We just have to be sure to present a calm, positive image as you apparently did.
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    Any time someone can be converted it's a good thing. It just takes more to convert some people.

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    You know the old saying that a conservitave is just a liberal who has been mugged , some truth to it in many cases i suspect lol
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    +1 on what Chris said!

    Congrats on being able to provide good information to him, and congrats on converting him!

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