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Open carry for attention?

This is a discussion on Open carry for attention? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I live in Maine where we have two cities that are very anti and police chief have cause problems for permit holders in the past ...

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Thread: Open carry for attention?

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    I live in Maine where we have two cities that are very anti and police
    chief have cause problems for permit holders in the past despite being
    beat in court!Portland and Waterville are very anti gun cities in Maine.
    Try open carry in Waterville and you could be cited for brandishing.

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    just north of Houston, Tx.
    i live in Texas, Houston area gulf coast & have been here the
    majority of my life. Texas doesn't allow open carry. i wish a law
    could & would be passed allowing open carry as an "OPTION to
    CCW holders". please reread & note the word "OPTION".
    would i OC everyday?, of course not, but i do firmly believe that
    if i'm smart enough to take & pass a CCW course that i & others
    should be afforded this option.
    i wouldn't do it just to showoff or make folks think i'm some
    kinda gunslinger, but here in TX your piece has to be COMPLETELY
    COVERED for CCW. you would almost have to do a striptease
    if something happened inadvertently & you had to get your
    piece in action.
    i'm not a sheepeople & i also don't like playing the old whipped
    dog with his tail between his legs routine either.
    as for as the BG's go, if you encounter one, try & get out, but if
    you have to fight, give the BG the whipping his daddy should
    have given him!!
    my $.02 worth, think what you will.


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    Smack in the middle of wealthy on one side and dirt poor on the other

    perhaps I should add maine to my "commi"list

    Quote Originally Posted by Stetson
    I live in Maine where we have two cities that are very anti and police
    chief have cause problems for permit holders in the past despite being
    beat in court!Portland and Waterville are very anti gun cities in Maine.
    Try open carry in Waterville and you could be cited for brandishing.
    It seems I may be adding Maine to my personal No-travel to Commi-land list. Perhaps you folks would be served to start Carrying Concealed Webster for those instances?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stetson
    I live in Maine where we have two cities that are very anti and police chief have cause problems for permit holders in the past despite being beat in court! Portland and Waterville are very anti gun cities in Maine. Try open carry in Waterville and you could be cited for brandishing.
    That why, after someone gets acquitted or charges dismissed for trumped-up charges of brandishing or whatever, they need to turn around and bring a civil suit against the authorities in their official and personal capacities for punitive damages. The only thing that will get their attention is if they are hit in the wallet and if they know you won't back down.

    Requiring a license makes it illegal to do something that was lawful before the license was required.

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    Baton Rouge, La
    I never open carry. Even though it is legal here in Louisiana you still have to deal with police officials who have contempt for the law and rights of citizens to carry. Open carry in certain cities and you may be faced with jail time if the police officers bent on infringing on your rights don't shoot you first.
    I live just south of the Baton Rouge city limits not far from the city of Gonzales. I often shop in Gonzales and pass through there on the way to my worksite in the Greater New Orleans area.
    The Gonzales Police Chief, Bill Landry, has stated in no uncertain terms that he does not allow open carry in his city regardless of what the State of Federal laws say.
    This after the arrest of Mr Mark Edward Marchiafava who was openly carrying a handgun while shopping with family at the Tanger Factory Outlet mall in Gonzales.
    Mr Marchiafava was jailed, charged with Illegal Carrying of Weapons. Enroute to the Jail Mr Marchiafava tried to explain that he had not done anything wrong according to the law he was being charged with breaking. He was told by the police officer transporting him, Quote- "I don't care what the laws or the Supreme Court say. WE are NOT going to have people running around, wearing guns, with women and children everywhere." -Unquote
    District Attorney, Tony Falterman, obtained a copy of the arrest report and, after reading it, dismissed the charge. When asked by a reporter about the DAs action, Gonzales Police Chief Landry said, "We have a policy of arresting anyone carrying a gun without a permit. We don't care what Mr. Falterman says or does." The story can be read at- .
    Ok, anyone who Googles Mr Marchiafava may get the impression that he's a major s#*tstirrer, a super patriot who refuses to have a drivers license, won't give his thumb print to a bank to cash a check, and argues against paying taxes. How about trying to pay for an occupational license entirely in pennies? Not a way to make friends. He's easily found on several sites with stories such as this one about not having a drivers license- . Even better is his arrest by a Swat Team and commitment to a mental ward- .
    Whatever your feelings about Mr Marchiafava, the fact remains that the Police Chief of the city of Gonzales and his officers have absolutely no intention of following the laws of the State of Louisiana in regards to the legal open carry of firearms.
    Keeping this in mind it is wise to conceal carry at all times so as to not attract undue attention of the local gestapo.

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    It's true it seems - in some jurisdictions and regardless of the law - it can happen that a department ''decides'' that something will not wash.

    I guess ''discretion is better part of valor'' can often be the way to go - regardless of any other pro's and con's on open carry!

    I was in a major K-Mart today with my wife - we also were in Victoria's Secrets (hmmm - some nice gear there LOL!) - and finally a quick stop for a KFC before biking home.

    I have to say - I tried to imagine in all three locations - open carrying and not being hassled by someone. Guess I am just too aware of the sheep count these days! Concealed seemed so much altogether the ''quiet'' option.
    Chris - P95
    NRA Certified Instructor & NRA Life Member.

    "To own a gun and assume that you are armed
    is like owning a piano and assuming that you are a musician!." - a portal for 2A links, articles and some videos.

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    Red, haven't seen you around so let me say Welcome.

    I have read about Mr. Marchiafava on keep and bear arms. He does come off abit rough but I agreed with his position in relation to what happend to him concerning the firearm (non)violation.

    Didn't know that he was doing the other things mentioned. Not that I don't agree with his actions, he's got more huzba than I do on the matter(s), but you have to agree that he knew the consequences of his actions.

    I will admit that doing what he does will get him into trouble, whether it's lawful or not (on the LEO's, etc.. part) and it would be great if others would stand together and not fall alone but that is what will always happen. No matter how many Waco's, Ruby Ridges, or Mark Marchiafava's out there, the only thing that will be accomplished is the general public watching it on the news or reading about it in the papers and then hitting the boards/blogs in keyboard kommando styes with the beginning of each entry worded as, "If I were there then...... ".

    And, as we have noticed quite clearly, nothing will be done to change a thing. As the individual Waco's, Ruby Ridges, and Mark Marchiafava's happen, the People will sit back, allow it to happen, and then do as they have always done within the past couple of decades, nothing.

    And those involved in the "take downs" will continue to get promoted, get tax payer funded raises, and special "job well done" BBQ's on the taxpayers dime.

    Not trying to be a downer but I am a realist. As much as I would love to live in a world as visualized by our forefathers, I must leave that fantasy world each morning as I awake and look at the world as it truly is, drink my coffee, and head of to work so I can support said world with my hard earned money through the taking of taxes.

    They say that it's time to "lock and load" but in today's world that is nothing more than people sitting behind their monitors typing nothing more than mere words which will never manifest. We all know that we've lost any resembalance to what was created to what it is today.

    We can be grateful that we do have some outlet to show off our firearms, discuss the use of, and to have chats with people of like minds. Yet we all know deep down that nothing is going to be done by the People, that we are on borrowed time to maintain our hobby, and that when the time comes (not if) we will do the same as our Cousins over the pond and just give in and give them up.

    Sure, some shots will be fired, but in such a weak attempt that it will only be on a 30 sec. segment on the nightly news as they move on to the weather forecast and what major league sports team won whatever it is they play.

    The time of our forefathers has long passed and we are steam rolling into the "new age" where all will be punished, none will have a say, and the majority of the People will do as they are told.

    I would love to live in a fantasy world and do as I thought was right, but most can't, or won't, so therefore their only outlook on life is to "go with the flow" and do as they are told.


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    Florida Panhandle
    Open carry is not an option here in Florida, but when I lived in Georgia and went camping in the No. Ga mountains, I always carried open. It is allowed under those circumstances and I think it was a deterent against opportunistic attack in remote areas.
    I'm much happier with the concealed carry option that I use now. Why advertise in a populated area?

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    Mason, MI, USA
    Quote Originally Posted by rocky
    City laws and on motorized vehicles. I also consider the element of suprise and low profile to work in my favor by cc'ing.
    Don't mean to rock the boat, but Michigan's pre-emption law should stop most of the local ordinances against open carry.

    As far as IN a motor vehicle, that's what your CPL is for.

    If you're ON a motorized vehicle (motor cycle?) then you're weapon would not be concealed, therefore, I don't believe you'd need a CPL for packing openly on a motor cycle.

    HOWEVER, having said all of the above. I would not want to "test the waters" myself, unless I had deep pockets and a really good lawyer.

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