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Suits and ccw?

This is a discussion on Suits and ccw? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I carry often while wearing a suit. My choices, in order of preference are: 1) G27 in Smart Carry 2) G23 or Steyr M40A1 in ...

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Thread: Suits and ccw?

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    I carry often while wearing a suit.

    My choices, in order of preference are:

    1) G27 in Smart Carry
    2) G23 or Steyr M40A1 in SuperTuck
    3) G23 in Milt Sparks Executive Companion (not good for tucking, but good enough, especially if I keep my jacket on)
    4) Steyr M40A1 in SuperTuck
    5) G23 in Galco Miami Classic

    Factors that I consider when deciding between options 1 through 5:

    - Will my suit coat be on most of the time?
    - Will I be in my car most of the time?
    - Will I be standing/walking most of the time (I hate the gravitational tug on my pants).
    - Will I be going into places that require me to leave my sidearm in the car before entering? Will this happen frequently throughout the day?
    - Am I headed somewhere particularly risky where quick access may have a higher priority than ultra-concealment?
    - Am I likely to have physical contact with anyone (I know a lot of "huggers" )


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    Quote Originally Posted by Barbary View Post
    I apologize in advance if this topic has already been discussed. Easter is fast approaching again and I am going to wear a suit for the first time since I started to ccw. My questions are as follows: First, which will work better for my ccw choice: Sub-compact Glocks or snub nose revolvers? Secondly, which mode of carry will work best with suits(I usually just carry while jeans, a loose fitting shirt or sweater). Holster/suit suggestions are welcome.
    LOL! Your usual carry is what I do most of the time as well. I've worn suits before, and I must say I sort of like it in the cut style. A suit would mean a cover garment to me, and when in that position, I'll carry OWB. My best rig is the Mitch Rosen 'upper limit' straight drop for my G27. Would go excellently under a jacket from 3 o'clock to 5 easily strong side.....cross draw works as well from 9-10. The looser fitting slacks would almost dictate a SmartCarry rig if you figured on taking your jacket off at any time. I might recommend an IWB holster for this occasion, but most of the time, suits and ties ordeals end up being with light shirts in light colors. At least for me. If you never consider removing your suit coat or jacket, a shoulder holster rig is a real nice option as well.
    So...the sub-compact Glock, and what you've described for what you'll expect. I say SmartCarry. It will be the most modular for you under the circumstances you portray. Glock on! Leave the bulky revolver at home.

    Oh....and never apologize for anything in advance even if it's been covered in the past two years. Yes...Easter is coming next week. I'll have a couple of days off from work, and a Steel Challenge on Saturday with my wife at the club range. I look forward to it, and I'll be wearing OWB for everyone to see. Best of everything for your Easter weekend and your outing. I'm going jeans and t-shirt, taking some 750 rounds of ammo, and my wife to breakfast. We'll both be wearing our Glocks at the restaurant, but she wants to give my SIG P220SAO a try at the match. Ce'st la vie. We'll be thinking about you all the same.

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    With a coat on, the OWB on the strong side works well...maybe push it back to the 4:30 position.OMO
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    A nice suit is probably the easiest ccw option ever. You have a jacket, and if it fits you well, you'll have no need to strip it off when entering a building or meeting. Have you ever seen a James Bond film? Miami Vice? Know anybody from the FBI or a federal agent? A good suit is a breeze for concealed carriers.

    I read about guys having their mom make them some weird-looking, long vest, or wearing a photographer's vest, or even (God forbid) a belt pack for ccw.

    With a well-made suit, you can carry a full-size P226 with two mags in a shoulder rig. You can carry IWB or OWB. Even Smart Carry with pleated slacks.

    I love suits for concealed carry. Many men find suits "uncomfortable" because they don't wear them frequently, and may only have a couple suits they bought 40 pounds ago. A good, modern, tailored suit is a solid investment, and the lay-deez will thank you!

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    One thing to be aware of is that if you wear a pistol all day long with a suit jacket covering it, you may very well start seeing fraying on the suit jacket lining. That can lead to a hole. A hole can lead to a place for the butt of your weapon to try and slip into. Not where you want it if you need to draw.

    Also, if you ignore the hole, then it can start gnawing away at the jacket fabric itself.

    You may elect to preemptively put a lining type patch on the lining of the jacket so that it is what is being initially gnawed away at. You can change it out as necessary and preserve the life of the jacket.

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    I use the Galco Miami Classic II and carry a full size 1911 with it. Any of the above mentioned choices will work equally as well too.
    If you have the organ donor box marked "Yes" on your concealed carry permit, you may want to consider more training.

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    When I wore suits while carrying, I always used a small of the back holster.

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    I have conducted prayers in front of a large congregation wearing a suit and carrying a 1911 Commander and nobody ever knew the difference. A SmartCarry is the way to go when wearing a suit.
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    I usually carry something in my strong side jacket pocket that way during the draw my jacket stays out of the way once I fling it back. I usually carry a Government size 1911A1 in a Milt Sparks VM2 with a matching belt. Since some of my suits have narrower belt loops, I had Milt Sparks make a custom 1 inch wide belt with a rolled edge with plain stitching. This apparently was an unusual order for Milt Sparks to fill. I've found that plain black goes well with a suit.

    I concur with the earlier comment about pistol holster wear on a suit liner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MadMac View Post
    A nice suit is probably the easiest ccw option ever. ...SNIP... A good suit is a breeze for concealed carriers.

    I don't like wearing suits, but my job requires it on occasion. As such, I try to invest in nice suits. When I have to wear one, it makes carrying a full size pistol much easier. This past week I was in a suit for a couple of days and I wore a Sig P229; 2 spare magazines; and a pair of hancuffs (all in Milt Sparks leather gear). All were done without drastic change to the way the jacket hung. All that is required is a good dress gunbelt and a good leather.
    "Skin that smokewagon!".

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    Best deep conceal holster out there is Smart Carry.

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    I think I would just carry OWB if I had a suit on. The jacket should cover the gun just fine and it will be much more comfortable

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    My son wears a suit everyday and although he could wear his tuck-able IWB, he chooses to carry his small Ruger LCP in a pocket holster.
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    A lot of fine ideas from members -

    The Real question is what kind of holster can you get your hands on by the end of the week. I'm thinking your gonna have to use one you already have, unless you run out and get an (hate to say) Uncle Mikes or similar.

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    I had my suits tailored to be just a little loose around the hips, not much just a little. I carry a full size 1911 in a IWB forward cant over the kidney. Never have had a problem.
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