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Suits and ccw?

This is a discussion on Suits and ccw? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I would like to add to Bandolero's comment. It doesn't sound like this person is going to wear a suit or sport jacket that often. ...

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Thread: Suits and ccw?

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    I would like to add to Bandolero's comment. It doesn't sound like this person is going to wear a suit or sport jacket that often. For the people who will, I found that most dry cleaning establishment's will have the leather elbow patches. These patches work great on protecting the lining of jackets. As to what to wear or carry while wearing a jacket almost anything will work. Just try it on at home first. Just mo. thanks

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    I concur with MadMac's statement above. I would like to point out that a good belt with a suit is a must if carrying IWB/OWB. The cut and material of suit pants don't bear the weight of a sidearm like jeans do.

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    Glock 23 or S&W 640 in a a IWB holster when I wear a Blazer (don't wear suits anymore (Blazer and slacks) I carry a lightweight cotton sweater in the car for when I will take coat off (in somebody's house for instance). Otherwise I pocket carry (642) in summer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grant48 View Post
    I dont wear suits all that often, but I wear a khaki blazer with jeans alot. I usually carry in an OWB holster under the jacket.
    +1 . I wear a jacket and owb holster everyday at work. no problem. If you are going to take the jacket off then the supertuck is the way to go.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MadMac View Post
    A nice suit is probably the easiest ccw option ever.

    I know Easter was last week, but I felt it important to put MHO in the mix, because it and similar occasions will come around again.

    When I put my shoes and socks on to go out the door, I always have a CZ 75 P-01 with two extra mags (minimum). This goes for whatever I am wearing (suit, jeans, shorts, etc.) and whatever the weather is like.

    Before I retired, I wore suits all the time. I retired and gave them all away, save the one I have on hand for weddings, funerals and my own wake. Suits definitely are the best CCW clothing option ever.

    Now, however, when its cool outside or I just feel like putting on a casual blazer (such as going to Church on Sunday), it's like picking the shirt I will wear and how I feel.

    1. Fobus Paddle OWB at 3 - 5, 2 mags on the belt weakside
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    3. High Noon Shoulder Rig, 2 mags on the rig

    With the coat on, no one will ever notice you are carrying, unless you end up facing into a hurricane. However, I really only try to anticipate if I will have to take the coat off at some point, if I am going to be in a in a different state (Licensed to carry concealed in 34), then that may dictate my choice of holsters, if the particular state is not an "open carry" state.

    In that case my High Noon IWB at 3 - 4 is preferred (easier to keep concealed) by simply untucking the shirt I am wearing, when I remove the coat. (BTW: High Noon also make various excellent tuckable IWB holsters too...all life-time guaranteed.)

    In my home state of New Mexico (even though I choose to carry concealed almost all the time), I really don't fret any situation outside of going to church because NM is an "open carry" state. If I am wearing my shoulder rig and I need to take my jacket off in some "other-than-church" gathering and if some asshat gets freaked, they will just have to get over it.

    Now obviously, in church, I am discrete and never take my jacket off. I go to Sunday mass every week always with my sidearm and never has anyone known.

    Your own paranoia being new to carrying concealed will give you away long before the suit will.

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    I get my suit/dress pants a size larger to accommodate IWB carry.
    Before I became a LEO I carried my Glock 30 IWB 3:00 in a Predator SO-2, spare G21 mag in pocket or a single mag pouch on the belt.

    Now that I'm a LEO and work security at my church, I still carry the G30 IWB same place same holster. But now I carry a spare mag/cuff combo pouch 9:00, and another spare G21 mag in a single pouch at 11:00 (its a cell phone to those that don't know).
    I got some suits at Joseph Banks and they work with LEOs so they know about the cover requirements. They custom fit my jacket to drape over the extra waist items and also put in an extra liner around the pistol area that assists in reducing printing as well as wear/tear on the inside of the jacket. Works like a champ.
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    I guess I don't see where a suit is any worse for concealment than most other wear.
    I usually use a High Noon Split Decision, IWB tuckable. I can carry my snub nose 38 wearing a tucked dress shirt, without a jacket, no problem. I can also wear it under a normal fit tee or polo shirt, untucked without a problem. I am sure it would print less if I wore it under a suit jacket.

    For those that carry a semi-auto, and wear a cover shirt like a polo, I have to think the suit jacket would be every bit as good if not better than a polo shirt. If your wearing it untucked, I guess I would suggest wearing it more toward 5'oclock in case a breeze blows the jacket open.

    As someone else suggested, try the suit with gun/holster options, see what works for you. The cut of the suit, and your body style might vary enough that what works for someone else will not work for you anyways.

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    +1 to what SuperTac said above: Milt Sparks VM2 and a 1911. I use a Beltman 1 1/2" belt which looks dressy enough with the suit and is more than adequate for the weight. I just came back from a week on the rode to review a bank's assets with a team of people and had no problem at all. The only thing I did differently than everyone else was to keep my jacket on in the conference room while they removed theirs when it got a little warm. If I were going to carry with a suit long-term, I'd have a tailor add stronger belt loops, and perhaps position them better while he's at it. However, for the short term, not a problem, for me at least.

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