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Women's choice of concealed gun

This is a discussion on Women's choice of concealed gun within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Thank you friesepferd for your answer. Love when these questions come along as if there is an answer to the question. Regardless of whether you ...

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Thread: Women's choice of concealed gun

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    Thank you friesepferd for your answer. Love when these questions come along as if there is an answer to the question. Regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, the answer is you purchase what is best for you based on due diligence and trying your darndest to at least "handle" as many different mfgrs and models as you can. I'm sure there are women out there who can shoot the lights out with a 1911 and I am sure there are men out there who cannot.

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    My wife has picked the Ruger LCR as her carry gun... she likes the revolver much better than the semi-autos that I own. And after having shot it today myself, I think she chose very well. :)
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    While browsing and walking and talking around inside guns stores and gun shows, I always like to pause with other people to listen and look and learn when others are talking about and showing and demonstrating guns to customers and others. At Bill Goodman's Gun and Knife Show, at Hara Arena near Dayton, Ohio, I was pleased to see that a gun guy told a woman and a wife, with her husband, that she should not buy this particular semi-automatic pistol, because she could not quickly rack back the slide after trying several times. Do you have the time or the mind to rack back a slide? In her case, a revolver was better. Later, she and her husband could try other guns for defense and for fun, getting better with practice maybe. It is good when people give up a sale, rather than sell a good gun that might fail.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kelcarry View Post
    Thank you friesepferd for your answer. Love when these questions come along as if there is an answer to the question. Regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, the answer is you purchase what is best for you based on due diligence and trying your darndest to at least "handle" as many different mfgrs and models as you can. I'm sure there are women out there who can shoot the lights out with a 1911 and I am sure there are men out there who cannot.
    Obviously you didn't read the first post.

    At no point in this post have I asked for advice on picking a gun. As a matter of fact I have already made my choice and have moved on to looking for holsters for it.

    It's a freaking curiosity question about folks subjective preferences! I tell you, I've never seen people on a message board be this uptight about a "for fun" type of question! Relax and have fun with it or don't respond at all!!! Geez

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    My wife has several to choose from...
    S&W 637
    KelTec P-3AT
    KelTec .32

    She usually grabs the .32 because it fits neatly into a very thin leather waistpack she 'sometimes' wears.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pinklady View Post
    I am trying to decide on a gun to carry. I would love to hear from some women out there who carry. What type of gun you carry, what have you found to be the best way to carry concealed. What type of holster you use. I am new to this so anything you want to share I would really appreciate it. I have never carried before, and have recently started getting interested in doing so.
    It depends. Are you going to train/practice regularly at the range on stuff including failure drills(using snap caps where a round does not go off and you instantly know what to do to fix this) if so id suggest something like a M&P Compact or a Taurus 709 slim or how about a nice Kahr 9mm. I would really try out a Glock B4 I bought it because of their big fat grips compared to other guns...they are great guns but not great grips if you have medium to smallish hands

    If your not going to train a lot and just shoot every now and then and just know the basics get a Revolver..IMO best one out there right now is the Ruger LCR its by FAR got the best out of the box trigger on the market in a Revolver at this time.

    My wife...I wont let her use any of my semi autos(used to be a Glock 23 now is a Ruger SR9c) because one time when the Glock jammed(she probably limp wristed it) she had absolutely no idea what to do to clear it and just stood there looking at me...could you imagine the possible result of something like that in a emergency situation...so she gets the Taurus CH85 Revolver instead :).

    IMO its not whats nicer or even what looks prettier or what feels best..its what you know how to USE the best and can get to go bang 100% of the time even if it has a problem...with a semi auto there are a bunch of stuff you may need to do or problems it could be...with a revolver if it does not go bang for some reason you just simply pull the trigger again to move to the next round.

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    The wife's weapon of choice for carry, Taurus 650 SS and LadyFist holster. For the house also a Glock 19.

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    Quote Originally Posted by usmcj View Post
    Remember the trade-offs....
    longer barrel = more weight
    longer barrel = better sight radius
    longer barrel = harder to conceal
    longer barrel = less perceived recoil

    Shorter barrels get the above points reversed, and result in more perceived recoil.
    Usually, it's the grip size that is harder to conceal than the barrel length.
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    I'm gonna jump on the "my wife" band wagon. She has not carried for a long while because she only like the g19 and could not conceal it very well. I brought home a g17 gen 4 and she really likes it. The other day we were out looking at revolvers and small autos. She liked the SW442 (i think) it was an airweight 38. She has issues finding a holster because of her shape. This has helped me out too. Thanks lol.
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    "Cornered Cat site is a wealth of information for any woman looking to get into guns." I could not agree more.

    I carry a F.E.G. 9X18 Makarov in an OWB or SmartCarry. I also carry an XDM 40cal. in a SmartCarry or CrossBreed Supertuck....I prefer semi-auto over revolvers (jmo). I am currently looking at a Kahr 9mm.
    Everyone is different....try all kinds of guns before you decide. Take in to account your lifestyle, dress, activities and concealability. Have fun looking and good luck.
    Take care,
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    My advice...go light and thin (single stack) if you are going to carry on-body. And spend the $ to buy a very reliable gun.
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    I know this thread has a bit of age on it, but I'm a woman who carries a P229 .40 cal Sig and I love it.

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    My wife opted for the S&W 442 J-frame. She is pretty good with the revolver and the 100% reliability came first. The laser grip turned out to be an excellent tool for her.

    She loves her G26 but has issues with a short trigger finger. Today she is going to buy a Ruger LCP.

    We're all individuals and should take the time to fit the right gun to our hand and other individual issues.

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    My wife carries a S&W 638 with a trigger worked by Teddy Jacobson which brings the double action down to 8 lbs. in a Coronado Leather purse. It fits her averaged sized hand well and inside 21' she keeps all rounds center mass. I want her to carry my Glock 19 as she shoots that extremly well but she likes her Smith and feels comfortable with it.
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    I am using my husband's sign in to reply,

    I have been carrying daily since 1985, my carry guns have changed over time, along with the way that I have carried.

    My current every day carry gun is a Glock 26 in a FIST ultra-thin kydex inside the waistband holster. I carry a spare mag in a Comp-Tac kydex mag carrier.

    Sometimes when I'm at home in my sweats/shorts I'll carry the 26 in a Galco fanny pack. If I'm dressing up, skirt and un-tucked blouse or sweater, I'll use a belly band.

    I have carried S&W 2" & 3" j frames, Colt Ofc's models, Sig 228, Sig P230, Kahr P9, and HK P7M8 to name a few. The most important thing is mindset; you have to want to carry a gun, then buy the best holster, mag, and belt system for you (lots of good ones these days) and finally adjust your clothing to your carry needs.

    When I shop for clothes, it is always with concealed carry in mind. I don't know the number of times that family or friends have bought me some item of clothing that I have had to return because it would not work for concealed carry.

    Good luck on your choice.
    Tomorrow's battle is won during today's practice.

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