To those that use a Smart Carry

This is a discussion on To those that use a Smart Carry within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm sure this has been discussed already but I've yet to find a thread about it so I shall ask. Do you carry a round ...

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Thread: To those that use a Smart Carry

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    Question To those that use a Smart Carry

    I'm sure this has been discussed already but I've yet to find a thread about it so I shall ask.

    Do you carry a round in the chamber when wearing your Smart Carry? Yes, I wear mine over my genitals and I've never had a Glock accidentally discharge but I do a lot of driving and who knows what might happen if I get in a violent auto accident. So far I have been carrying a round in the chamber but I use my Smart Carry for deep concealment while on the job.

    Now I know anything can happen anytime and if my Glock was to discharge by accident the bullet most likely would not hit me but I'm pretty sure my genitals are going to be very sore if it did. I enjoy them but I also enjoy life a lot more. I know this is a something I need to figure out for myself but I wanted some input from others.

    I'm not ready to retire the use of my genitals though over an auto accident but I'm also not ready to retire my life because I had to take two extra seconds to chamber a round and possibly alert the threat that I have a firearm.

    When I'm wearing my Crossbreed IWB holster I don't think twice about having a round in the chamber.

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    Where you carry (holster, SmartCarry etc.) should make no difference as long as the trigger isn't exposed.
    I carry a Para P12 in a Pager Pal in condition 1. I don't think twice about it. I don't know if the proximity to the jewels makes you uncomfortable or the status of the pistol itself.
    Whatever makes you feel better. Just remember, a pistol without a round in the chamber is just a club until you can rack the slide..

    Just my 0.02.

    OH, welcome to DC.
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    Actually, I don't use my SmartCarry holster enough. Circumstances I guess, but I like it for those times....and yes..I carry a Glock (take your pick), and they are always carried with one in the chamber when in a holster. Only your finger on the trigger or trigger safety will allow the trigger to move rearward. Get your Glock inspected by a Glock certified armorer at regular intervals.

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    I carry a S&W 4516 with on in the chamber. I have to admit I do feel a little more secure knowing it has a thumb safety.

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    I only use my Smart Carry when going to school and places where deep concealment is the best option. I carry a Glock 19 in it with a round in the chamber. I wear it slightly to the left of my genitals so the grip of the gun is directly above them and not the muzzle and even if the muzzle was between my legs it would be pointing at the ground. I've been carrying this way for almost a month and nobody has questioned as to what is inside my pants.

    Smart Carry is by far the most comfortable and concealable IWB holster I have tried.
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    Thanks for the welcome. I've been lurking around for a few months and just received my permit to carry concealed on March 1st. I have carried a firearm before while working high risk security but when you are allowed the privilege to carry concealed it becomes a different world as I am learning.

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    Not really needed, but you can cut a piece of sheet plastic (like a gallon milk jug) and insert it into the Smartcarry gun pocket. This adds extra protection for the trigger.

    I have used a Smartcarry every day for two years with Glocks - 19 and 26. Always with a round chambered. No one ever noticed the gun.

    Lately I've started pocket carrying a LCP instead, but only because I put on a few pounds and the butt of the Glocks pushing into me when I sit started getting uncomfortable.
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    I use a smartcarry frequently with G26 or G19.
    I understand the concern.

    I have been thinking about trying to make a smartcarry type holster out of kydex for added security. I just prefer that "snick" of the trigger guard into a molded holster. I have used the Vanguard trigger guard from Raven Concealment, but I haven't really been comfortable with the draw.
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    Place any empty (unloaded) firearm in a SmartCarry while wearing it and try to pull the trigger... it's so hard to do it's darn near impossible. It can be done but you really have to work at it.
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    I use to have the same concerns when I first started wearing a Thunderwear holster. After getting use to this type of holster, all of my pistols are carried with one in the tube.

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    I cheat: I carry an XD.

    I also wear the SmartCarry low so no part of me will be below the gun barrel inside my pants.

    If I was carrying a Glock, I'd make dang sure to wear it low. I know, I'm paranoid... but that's what I'd do.

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    I carried my Springfield EMP in the smart carry for a short while. I always carried cocked and locked ready to got but I get up and down a lot from my desk and the manual safety kept getting bumped off. While the grip safety and the trigger still need to be pressed at the same time I just couldn't get past this gun in my crotch and the safety coming off. I carried that way for a short time until my TT Gunleather IWB holster arrived. I would carry my Sig 232 or Kahr PM9 without hesitation in the smart carry for real deep cover.

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    bein a 1911 mines cocked and locked, and i dont have those parts... but if i did, i would certainly still carry +1.
    smartcarry is indeed a good trigger protector. Like another said, try pulling the trigger (of an unloaded gun) from outside the smartcarry. I wouldnt worry about it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ram Rod View Post
    Only your finger on the trigger or trigger safety will allow the trigger to move rearward.
    With all due respect, I sure have a problem with that statement. I've read too many stories of clothing, or jacket ties or whatever catching in the trigger of a Glock being re-holstered and an AD resulting. I confess I don't have any specific references.

    The following post about an AD is not from an actual Smartcarry (and not a Glock either), but it sure gives one pause:

    AD from a smart carry type holster - THR

    I use a Smartcarry regularly and carry a P7 in it and take great comfort in the P7's squeeze-cocking safety system. I'm not comfortable with my LCP in the Smartcarry.

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    I wear a smartcarry almost everyday and carry either a snubnose .357 or a Taurus PT-111 in it both with a round under the hammer.

    I am not worried about it, As Thumper said it is really difficult to pull the trigger of a pistol in a smartcarry.

    Smartcarry clones are not made as thick as a smartcarry, so the same might not be true for them.
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