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My LCP sights are hard to see.

This is a discussion on My LCP sights are hard to see. within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Ice Man. Don't know your age but at 52, reading glasses around my neck seem to improve the sights on all of my guns. Go ...

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Thread: My LCP sights are hard to see.

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    Ice Man. Don't know your age but at 52, reading glasses around my neck seem to improve the sights on all of my guns. Go figure. But I continually practice without them, at least in equal time to using them, since I figure I won't be given the grace to put the stupid things on my head in an extreme situation.

    I think I'll try the nail polish. And this won't be of use with your model but I recently looked at a S&W 60 with HiViz sights and wow.....I could leave the glasses at home. In my hesitation, I didn't buy it and I won't find another at that price.

    Good luck.
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    Hey Y'all: It is really good to see lot of replies mentioning point shooting. There is no doubt in my mind that using sights and even using a laser will use up that little fraction of a second that you do not have when you are up close and personal with someone who wants to do you harm--with both these methods you have to acquire the target and that takes time, albeit fractions of a second. Point shooting (and other forums are mentioned in above replies and there was a point shoot thread under tactics on this forum that is now closed) allows you instantaneous presentation and discharge and, with practice at those 3-7 yard distances, remarkable accuracy, at least for body mass. There is a reason that the LCP and my Kel Tec 3AT do not come with commendable sights--because that is not the purpose of the firearm and IMO lasers are in the same category (but if it makes you a better shot and gives you confidence--have at it). Take your LCP and fire off a bunch of rounds using point shooting (read some of the comments on the threatfocused forum for hints on proper technique--basically let your eyes and nose direct your arm, hand and firearm to your target--that is it in a nutshell). Try it out and let us know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ice Man View Post
    I would have used the word horrific, but I was trying to be

    $200 bucks is a bit steep for a laser for that gun, but I like the sight paint kit. Even if I dont usee the sights in the customary manner, it is nice to get a quick fix on the front sight.

    The gunshop that sold it to me said it was a point and shoot, and not to even worry about the sights.
    Basically your gun shop is correct. My wife and I both carry LCP's during summer months and they are point & shoot guns. And yes $200 is a lot to spend for optics on a pistol that is intended for a self-defense range of about 21 feet or less.

    To help make the existing sights more visible I bought a small bottle of white appliance touch-up paint at the local hardware store for $2. I used a toothpick to apply the paint to the sights. It worked for both our LCP's and after a year the bright white paint is still intact. YMMV

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    You can use acrylic like the ladies use for fake fingernails. It's much more durable than any paint. You can get it at beauty supply stores, or Brownells has an all inclusive kit. Color with the pigment of your choice.
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    I have also installed a shotgun bead on the Kel Tec pistols. It sticks up a little more, but you could use a plain bead, fiber optic, or even a night sight. Poor man's express sights.

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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    Step into the world of 'point shooting' Threat Focused Forums - Powered by vBulletin , and you won't need those sights...
    ditto that sentiment...

    this gun isnt meant to be taking down enemies at 30 yards...its a close quarters self defense tool used in a situation where lasers and sights are unnecessary....

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    The LCP is hard to see in general, not much more can be expected from the sights. As others have stated, the point-shoot technique is your best option. Not a weapon you're going to be shooting accurately at distance. I certainly wouldn't be dropping money for new sights or a laser on a gun at that price range.

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    A alternative to the fingernail polish is touch-up paint for cars. I used bright red on my LCP and it worked great

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueNinjaGo View Post
    I would practice point shooting. In the event you have to use it, you really won't have time to line up sights anyways.

    If they're close enough to warrant you using the LCP, chances are you can't miss.
    I have to agree with this. The LCP is one of my primary carry guns. Point shooting is good out to about 13-15 feet (for me) but given time to get things lined up, it works well at 20 feet. Past that I have no idea where the shot goes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ice Man View Post
    I have a Ruger LCP, a firearm that sacrafices certain things to aid in concealability. One of the things that were left behind to aid in quick pocket draws were the sights.

    Do you fine folks have any tricks to improve the sights on an LCP without making them snaggy? I was thinking of painting the front sight white, but what should I use for paint?
    100% NORMAL for this to be the fact on a small .380..almost ANY small .380. The review they did in American Rifleman on the various .380's if I remember right only 1 had semi decent sights(i think the Sig???) and the rest were pretty much useless. id paint the front sight white/that bright green/orange or something like that...ive seen/heard of guys using everything from nail polish to those paint pens you get at craft/art stores/to model paint and I think if you looked hard enough im sure some company even makes paint specifically for guns and doing this(though its probably no better than whats listed just making a buck off it saying its for guns lol).

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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    Step into the world of 'point shooting' Threat Focused Forums - Powered by vBulletin , and you won't need those sights...

    With some practice, it really becomes quite easy. For those that can remember back that far, it's like playing Duck Hunt on Nintendo. You would never really "sight" up that pistol, but just point and shoot. Or for the newer crowd, it's similar to the shooting games on a Wii.

    I've found inside 5 yards, I can draw run away and put all my shots in the head zone if I bring the pistol up. I can hit center mass without bring the pistol up above my hip. While my Kahr PM9 has sights, I've found them not necessary for close range shooting.

    My father-in-law has the LCP, and I got the chance to shoot it recently. I believe if you can point shoot one gun, you can point shoot almost any gun (realistically of course).
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    Quote Originally Posted by C Bennett View Post
    100% NORMAL for this to be the fact on a small .380..almost ANY small .380. The review they did in American Rifleman on the various .380's if I remember right only 1 had semi decent sights(i think the Sig???) and the rest were pretty much useless.
    - The Kahr P380 has really good sights for a .380. It's even easy to hit paper at 50' using the stock sights.

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    I put a little chalk on the front sight today just for giggles and grins to see what kind of a difference it made. I was unable to hit anything with it before, and I do pretty good with it now. Black on black is just too tough to see I guess. I was shooting one of those helium tanks (empty and vented) that you would fill party ballons with. I was hitting about 80% at 20 yds. 20 yds is well outside of the effective range of the weapon, so The white front sight did the trick.

    By the way, that little .380 left no bullets inside of the tank. They were all through and throughs or ripped a slice out of the side. That .380 round has more power than I thought it had. I was expecting dents and bullets inside....
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    I dabbed a little yellow paint onto my P3AT sights. Seemed to help some.

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    I've never shot a LCP, but I was hitting well with a friend's P3AT at 25 yards. I think they are better than the awkward sight alignment on a J frame.
    The preceding post may contain sarcasm; it's just better that way. However, it is still intended with construction and with the Love of my L-rd Y'shua.

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    I had my wife pick up some yellow and orange nail polish at the dollar store. Yellow worked best for me. I typically point shoot out to 20 feet.
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