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Thread: Glocks

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    Another vote for the 36!
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    I'm going to vote G30. It's comfortable, easy to conceal and you can use G21 mags.

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    the g36 1st and the g30 2nd. both are good guns and will do the job.
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    I have both the 30 and the 36. I carry the 36 more often do to the ease in concealability. the 36 is lighter and slimer. the only time I carry the 30 is when I feel the need to have higher capacity. I dont like to carry an extra clip, if you do than there would be little reason not to go with the 36.

    But welcome to the Glock family, we may be a little disfunctional but what family is not.

    we are currently on a drive to raise funds for Ramrod to buy a 45 cal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ram Rod View Post
    Long before the slim frame versions ever came out or may have been thought of.
    Just for correction, (not discredit) it's Short Frame....The frame is a hair shorter...and the trigger is about 3mm further back. That 3mm made a big difference when I went for the G30. The regular G30 I had issues working the gun mag realease and trigger finger position.

    I reccommend G30-G30SF OR the G36. Either are awesome CC peices.

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    Glock 30 SF gets my vote
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    I prefer the 30....thats why I got one rather than the 36, and here's why:
    use G21 13rnd mags
    has a light rail (just in case its needed such as tac light at night at the house)

    only use the stock mags (6 rounds, not counting grip extensions)
    no rail

    only my opinion...............
    to me, the overall width wasn't that big of a deal with concealing when it was all said and done

    what you need to decide on is the grip....grip a 30 and a 36 and see if you can grab the 30 appropriately, it is a bigger grip....but then there is the 30sf
    to me a 36 wasn't worth the money compared to the 30
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    I have a G30 and wouldn't object to a G36 for carrying.
    A little larger, heavier, but more rounds? Or a little smaller, lighter, but fewer rounds?
    Toss a coin; either one is a winner.
    Retired USAF E-8. Curmudgeon at large.
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    the best glock to buy in .45 is the one that is comfortable for you to handle and shoot...we cant make that choice for may be none of them if they arent a good fit for you...

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    I like what you said about the synergy between you and the gun. I feel it too. I have a Glock 26 as I have issues with concealability with larger guns. That being said, what I really feel connected to is a 1911 and if I felt the need for .45 cal. I would carry my Colt Double Eagle. There's something about the feel of a 1911. I can't really explain it, but it just feels right. My Glock actually shoots more comfortably, but then it's a 9mm. I've never fired a G30 or G36. Decisions, decisions!

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    I like full size guns. When I'm not carrying my Sig I carry my G21. It has made the trip to Robar for some work. It feels and shoots really well.
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    Has anyone said the G36 yet......

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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    The Glock-36 is what sold me on Glocks, now it's my EDC.
    If you can't get it done in 7 shots of .45 caliber...RUN!
    You ever try running after you loaded your drawers
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    +1 Glock 36.

    Nothing against a 30, but try letting one ride at 5 o'clock IWB all day and then cutting it in half and trying it again. That's why I like my 36. Just rides better. 7+1 with Pearce grip extensions is good enough IMHO.

    Point tho, after you've emptied the 30 at a BG, you can always throw it at em.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tommustangii View Post
    which is the best glock to buy in 45 cal for cc need a little help.
    Check out your nearest store and test each one out. Only you can make the decision, which is best for you.


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