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Thread: Glocks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doctor View Post
    +1 Glock 36.

    Point tho, after you've emptied the 30 at a BG, you can always throw it at em.

    No...just slap in a G21mag and continue till the threat stops wiggling.

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    I have a 30. It works it's way into the off-duty carry rotation sometimes. The 27 gets that job most of the time because my duty weapon is a 23.

    I have pretty large hands, so the 30 actually fits my hand really well. I wish that my dept carried 21s on duty.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dukalmighty View Post
    You ever try running after you loaded your drawers
    yes....there was my 2nd food poisoning incident...but thats for another thread
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    I gotta go with the G36 here. Slimmer grip on a Glock is always a good thing.
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    I have a 36 I cc as one of several cc guns. I'm comfortable with 6 + 1, my other guns, save one, are revolvers so maybe that's why. But stats state on average few shots are fired in an encounter. For the Glock, the single stack of the 36 makes it quite easy to cc, it's a small gun and not heavy, not bad all in all for the power of the 45 to have in a crunch.

    I've also used the full size Gap 45, the largest. The medium and smallest are very popular with those who shoot them. I loved my GAP, light recoil, super-accurate, only reason I traded for the 36 was ammo costs, GAP is getting pricey. But if you reload, I'd really check out the medium and smaller GAPS. You too may also love them as many do once they shoot them. All GAPS are double-stack of course.

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    G36 ftw!

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    G39 is good i carries the G37.
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    For OWB carry, I like the G36. The G30SF is on my night stand.
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    +1 to the G36. I just carried the G36 I bought a few weeks back for the first time today in a High Noon Split Decision while I ran errands this morning with my four year old boy. It was an absolute dream to carry while wearing shorts and light button down to cover it.

    Also tried the G30sf but it didn't fit my hands nearly as well. Good luck in your search.

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    This is like asking which SI Swimsuit model is the best......

    I have both the 21sf and the 30. The 21sf is fitted with a light and stays on the nightstand. I use the G30 for concealed carry. Both shoot great, but if I had to get ONE, I would suggest the G30 as you carry it fairly easy.

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    I like the G36. It fits in my hand ALOT better than the G30. Besides, to sort of echo the general feeling in this thread, if you can't get the job done with 7 rounds of .45. you need help.

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    I,ve owned both the G36 and the G30 and I carried the G30 a lot longer because I liked it better
    Plus the double stack mag feeds better, I mean they both worked
    it just felt like the G30 put the bullets into the chamber easier to me.
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    I recommend finding a range that has Glock rentals available and shoot as many different models as they have. Also spend some time on youtube and check out the "hickok45" videos. Very informative and the shooting is fun to watch.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lands5 View Post
    if you can't get the job done with 7 rounds of .45. you need help.
    Just make sure you do it in the snow, uphill both ways...oh, and barefoot, right?

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    I purchased a G36 thinking that it might be a good BUG. But it has now become my primary. (For the record I installed XS sights and a mag extender for 7+1.)

    This weapon hides beautifully in a Don Hume IWB. The other night I went out wearing a t-shirt and there was absolutely no printing.

    Every time I pull the trigger it goes "bang." Haven't had a failure in over 500 rounds - wish I could say that about my Kimber 1911's.

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