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Thread: Glocks

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    which is the best glock to buy in 45 cal for cc need a little help.

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    G30 also

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    G36, says the dissenting opinion. It's slimmer, and so are the magazines. The trade off is less rounds: the G36 gives you 6+1 as opposed to the G30's 10+1.

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    I'd go with the 36 too.
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    I vote the 36 as well.

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    Got a 30SF in an IWB as I sit here with a laptop...well on my lap.
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    Either 30SF or 36. Whichever fits your hand better.
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    13,685's a long story, and I don't currently have a Glock in 45acp. Truth be known, I might go for the G36 which I've never had. Then again, I might go for the G39 in 45G.A.P. I've had the G21 and G30. Had them both for several years. Long before the slim frame versions ever came out or may have been thought of. I truly hated to part with my G30, but in the balance of things, neither of these two previous Glocks in 45acp truly made it into my being as my other Glocks have. (synergism between you and your chosen weapon must exist or you're lacking for the best means of self-survival). Things just weren't at their peak or what I expected of them. Things change over time for all things. I keep feeling this sense of urgency myself to try out another 45 Glock. At first (and maybe still), I was looking at the G36...held several...never shot one (yet). A slim, single stack, compact 45acp is not out of the question for me, and Glock is where I truly love to be. It's a personal always is. How it fits you, how you shoot with it, how it suits your every need. All in all, I figure I'll still try out the G36 someday, but the 45G.A.P. pistols seem to peak my interests more now for the simple facts of ergonomics, and what I'm accustomed to in the other calibers of Glocks that I have. Pretty much thinking if I can have a 45 in the same frame size, I'll go for it first. Logistics of the Glock 45G.A.P. pistols for the civilian? Well, that remains to be seen and documented. If more folks would buy the 45G.A.P. models, support may become more prevalent. I know I'm more interested every day on the 45G.A.P. models. Forget magazine capacity, recoil, or ballistics.......I'd like to be carrying the largest diameter bore with the same feel as the G19/23.
    You did say 45 cal in your query (not 45acp). You also realize I could go on with this until the next blue moon as well. My best to you in what you seek. Whatever it may be...Glock on!

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    I have the 30. Nice gun. When I was looking, I was originally shown the 36. But I complained that it had too few rounds available, and I was shown the 30, and I bought it. I much prefer having the extra rounds, and I have no trouble with pocket carry, I've done that with the 26 for several years. I still need to qualify with it so I can add it to my CCW permit.
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    Depends on if you want a Glock, baby Glock, super slim... find what fits you best and what your comfortable shooting with, then decide what carry rig fits your needs.

    Personally I like the G21, but like RamRod said.... Glock On!
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    G30 all the way for me. Perfect mix of Glockness, capacity, and concealability!

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    I have a glock 30... I wish I had a glock 36.. both are 45 cal but the 36 is thinner.

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    Kevin Jensen
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    The Glock-36 is what sold me on Glocks, now it's my EDC.
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