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What IWB holster for G19 & PF9?

This is a discussion on What IWB holster for G19 & PF9? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; It depends on which maker you pick. I'm with the group recommending a VM-II , I own 2 with one more on the way. The ...

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Thread: What IWB holster for G19 & PF9?

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    It depends on which maker you pick.
    I'm with the group recommending a VM-II , I own 2 with one more on the way.
    The trick is getting your order in, in 2 days ..lol
    I bet I won't miss it next month.
    Go to Milt Sparks Holsters and read you won't regret it.
    Horsehide and shark

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    I carry in a $12 Uncle Mikes Nylon holster untill i can figure out which brand i want to spend $60-$100 on.
    Glock 19, Trijicon Night Sights, Hogue Slip on Grip & 124gr Gold-Dots
    With an Adam's Holster Texas IWB Holster (Cowhide w/ Ostrich Trim)

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    I like my VM2 it is very well made it is an awsome holster... I carry my Mtac because it is thinner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vinixd View Post
    WOW! I was reading a thread about ordering custom holsters and all the problems people have had waiting for their holsters for over one year even two years... They have paid for products but have recieved nothing then get a refund check or have to try to contact vendors and get no response etc etc etc... I do not have the patience for any of that! While I was thinking of ordering a nice holster now I am thinking forget the whole thing! Has things gotten any better in that arena? I am not going to give CC info or pay for any product until it is being sent to me after reading those crazy stories. WHat is up with all this stuff... can someone update me please? V
    Crossbreed Supertuck is a fantastic CC holster for G19 and I received mine within a week of placing my order.
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    I have two IWB holsters for my PF9, both custom made. One in rattlesnake skin by Black Hills Leather and one in shark skin by H.B.E. Leather Specialty Works. Both are just the best. You couldn't go wrong with either manufacturer.
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    I have one each for G27, G23 (same as G19) and 1911 in select grade. Very slim, stays open and best edge finish I have seen from anyone. Like my HBE next best.
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    Went with the Crossbreed SuperTuck

    Quote Originally Posted by ddonovan View Post
    Crossbreed supertuck. it disappears and feels great
    I went ahead and ordered the SuperTuck for my Glock 19 as well. I need to get something for my Sig P228 now. I was thinking of the RM Low Rider IWB. I wish Blade Tech made the Razor for the Sig. Any other suggestions?

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    I'm waiting on the SuperTuck for my P228. I ordered about a month ago, so I should be getting it soon. My G23 is usually worn with the Summer Comfort I bought for the P228 originally.
    Knowing is half the battle.

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    Another vote for Crossbreed SuperTuck. I carry my PF-9 in it year round with/without undershirt.
    I tried many holsters before and NONE since.
    If possible, see if someone in your area will let you try theirs before you decide.

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    I use Comp-Tac's C-TAC Holster. It is very secure and stable on my belt, keeps the gun in place till I need it and Allows me to tuck in my shirt if I want. I would recommend this one.

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    I carry a G-19 in Rocketman's LowRider, works w/ shorts and a loos t-shirt.
    Gonna order a ECP.

    Welcome to our online store

    $50, 1 wk for me. But I think his business has really picked up so ask for delivery time. Jeff & Mary are "straight-shooters" in all ways.


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    PF-9 Holster

    I have a Don Hume 715m, works great for CC
    Glock 32 & 27
    Kimber Ultra & Crimson
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    Kahr PM9
    Sig P238

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    Crossbreed Supertuck

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    I never could carry the pf9 in my pocket, IWB however worked great, it is so light and thin, I also used an ace case 2 different styles actually, one was the one for the gun make, it puts the gun stright up and down and the grip closer to the belt line, but I prefered the small ambi one for 32's & 380's, it fit the PF 9 great and held it at a little cant and a little higher, fit me more comfortably.

    got them at cheaperthandirt.com 10 bucks each...
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    I highly rcommend the n82tactical.com holsters. Very comfortable, fits close to body and relatively inexpensive. I carry Beretta PX4-.40

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