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How do we know we won't freeze up?

This is a discussion on How do we know we won't freeze up? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Moga I have a question. Aside from the people that are committed to a life of pacifism, why would a person be ...

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Thread: How do we know we won't freeze up?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moga View Post
    I have a question. Aside from the people that are committed to a life of pacifism, why would a person be unable to respond to a threat to their lives? I believe it would be a more neural response than others, apparently. There's really nothing to think about.
    Their brain keeps them locked in Condition White.

    They never stop to think of various scenarios and what they would do.

    A good example is when I went on a cruise ship for the first time I carried a flashlight with me. My wife wasn't with it so to speak but I had seen enough ship disaster shows on Discovery (and all the rest of the other channels) to know that at night if something happens to the ship and the ship goes dark that flashlight would mean the difference between life and death. I knew where our lifeboat was. I knew were the life jackets were stored (besides the ones in our rooms)

    I planned for things.

    Most people just go through life in a blissful state and when the poop hits the fan they can not process it and that gets them killed.

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    Back when I was in the Army (and no, we didn't use muskets!), the mantra was, "train the way you'll fight". Keep training, train hard, and hopefully, doing the right thing in a crunch becomes second nature.

    But, of course, no one really knows beforehand how they will react when the proverbial fecal matter impacts the whirling wind-making device. Civil War vets called it ,"Seeing the elephant.". I just hope that, if and when the time comes, my will to survive is stronger than my fear.
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    THE woman question

    Quote Originally Posted by surefire7 View Post
    VERY interesting thread! I have talked with a lot of women friends(who don't shoot) and they often say they couldn't harm another human being even if they were threatened or being harmed. (I cannot understand that.) I really think they would change if their child was involved (mama bear syndrome). For me, a first step was hunting. Its a big step (esp. for women) to be able to take ANY life even though its for a good purpose. Defending your or a loved one's life...
    as others have said, I'd hate to be put in that situation but if it does occur, I feel ready to take action.
    Ask the lady if she loves HER mother. When she answers yes, ask her to imagine that someone is about to kill/rape her mother and the only way to stop the attack is to shoot the attacker, will you shoot or will you let him rape/murder your mother? IF they are also a Mom, ask them why they would ever let someone kill/rape thier child's mother? Women often place a higher value on relationships than self, they just need to understand that BG's don't care about them, thier mom or thier kids, women "get" that.
    I apologize to any women who may read this and say "Not me ******!", I wasn't talking about you if you already get it! The most terrifying place on earth is between a mamma bear and her cubs.

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    My wife had the same mindset (can't shoot another human) when we first got married and I bought my first pistol wanting to get CHL.
    I asked her what would you do if someone was trying to hurt/kill me or if you're with our child (in the future) would you let someone hurt/kill you with our baby

    fast forward 12 years, she has a Keltec, G26, Kabar TDI, flashlight, CHL....and 2 weeks ago got a Taser since she can't carry her pistol into the college where she teaches
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1911luver View Post
    Do you guys feel like people freeze at the worst moment due to lack of training,or poor mind set? As is in they don't practice enough with their side arm and they don't have the proper mind set going into it? So I guess I'm saying that given I've never been to a school like gunsite yet given what I've stated here am I prepared for a confrontation?
    Quick answer.... neither. What I've seen its either (1) they don't realize that what's going down and deny even to themselves what is really going down, or (2) just flat go into "flight" mode, or (3) realize they cannot pull the trigger on someone..... even in order to defend and protect themselves. They don't really ever think thru # 3.

    There is also the opposite. Those who have been adamant they could NEVER shoot someone, even to defend themselves. I can name people I know who have lived it ...... like in one sitatuion..... until there were 3 men standing there , 2 armed, to rape her....... and even they didn't think she would ever pull the trigger, until she did...... 3 dead rapists, ruled self-defense.

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    Great post.

    I did. I came out of it, but not with my gun in my hand. Will ya freeze? Probably the first time, yes. We train for the shot solving everything, and it doesn't.

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    I've been in a situation where someone broke into my apt. at 2:30 in the morning. At the time I had no question about arming myself and being prepared to kill if necessary. Luckily, the BG quickly decided it wasn't in his best interest to be in my home when I showed him business end of my .357. I just wish I had told him to freeze or get on the ground so the police could have gotten him, but I didn't say anything and he just ran.

    But...what I am afraid of is a confrontation in public where some big mean SOB gets angry and comes at me. Say its a parking garage or at the gas pump. Maybe he says he's armed but doesn't show a weapon. Maybe there's a knife on his hip but he's not touching it. By TN law, I have to take an ass beating as long as I'm not in fear of my life or serious bodily harm.

    An example was given in my HCP class that said a court determined that a broken nose is not serious bodily harm. Really? I have to go to jail for brandishing to prevent a beat down? I don't know if the handgun would come out or not. And I don't know if that qualifies as freezing up because I don't know if I'm more afraid of the law or the bad guy.

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    I know I will be ready if I happen to have my gun in my hand and the dogs bark to alert me to someone breaking in....other than that, I just hope my instincts steer me clear of most bad situations and that I am aware enough to be prepared and in "ready" mode....but boy, I always do wonder.....good post!
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    Quote Originally Posted by HK Dan View Post
    ill ya freeze? Probably the first time, yes. We train for the shot solving everything, and it doesn't.
    Those who dare train for shots to solve everything may well freeze, when situations blow in directions they're unprepared to handle because of it. Good point.

    Better to prepare for a variety of directions the attack can go, and look to handling any of those variations. It's difficult, and it involves multiple disciplines, but it's far more likely to be the case than a situation that allows for a lazy, targeted draw and fire, a situation in which no other skills or training is required. Highly unlikely.

    I'd like to think that the percentage of discussions, here, that involve the firearm is primarily due to the simple fact that this web site is, and not
    Your best weapon is your brain. Don't leave home without it.
    Thoughts: Justifiable self defense (A.O.J.).
    Explain: How does disarming victims reduce the number of victims?
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    How do we know we won't freeze up?
    Well, here I've been sort of watching this thread from the get-go. In and out when my time allows. I've deferred comment in the past as I knew it would be rather extensive as sometimes is usual for me for delving deeper into the root cause of such a query. Thing is.......the query doesn't involve a collective thought in this case. We all know that individually, we'll react differently to certain situations. Most of what we have in the way of experience, training, and mindset will dictate how we react in these situations. Personally, I draw a hard line when it comes to my enemy....I was trained by the USMC at taxpayer's expense. This is the point where I break off from the mainstream of society and the new civilian permit holder and the possibility of taking a life when necessary and how they think. Where I've been, and what I've done for means of my own personal survival in the past has no bearing on the advice I'm more than willing to give now. You either live through a confrontation with your life in the balance or you don't. Preparing yourself for the day action is required on your behalf to save your life begins now. Setting certain criteria for your reactions to actions taken against you in the future from those willing to take your life is in essence making your mind work against you. The mind is a can be your ally or your enemy. Make of it what you will.
    All in all, I know I'm pulling the plug on somebody intent on pulling the plug on me before they do. I'm all for dying by natural causes as compared to causes from others.
    How do we know we won't freeze up?
    "We don't" I do. And the rest is left up to everyone else. Don't make it a collective thing since we all won't be there for support when it comes time for you to make a move. Forget all of the trivial nonsense about what if and how, why, and where. Only you will know when it's time for you to do what you must. If you think for one instant that the possibility exists for you to "freeze up" at the moment of decision, then there's really no need for you to carry in the first place. Be ready, willing, and able. If not, then count yourself on the page of statistics and those who didn't know where they belonged. Forget about the trivial is good. Stay above ground as long as you can.

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