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Has CC'ing made you a safer driver?

This is a discussion on Has CC'ing made you a safer driver? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I believe a Concealed Carry Permit really hasn't changed my driving habits, I have always been a safe and responsible driver. Carrying the hand gun ...

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Thread: Has CC'ing made you a safer driver?

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    I believe a Concealed Carry Permit really hasn't changed my driving habits, I have always been a safe and responsible driver. Carrying the hand gun concealed will not make me any safer than when I didn't carry.

    I still get a little miffed at the stupidity of those drivers who have no idea their driving habits are dangerous. I try to get over it quickly and move on, armed or not.

    Guns and permits won't make a driver any safer, knowing and obeying the driving laws and having the skills to opperate a motor vehicle will.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 45tek View Post
    I wouldnt say Im a safer driver, I kinda drive how I drive. Having said that, I do keep my composure when Im being screamed at, honked at or given the finger. I think as a CC'er avoiding a confrontation is top priority. Even when people do some idiotic stuff, they dont even get a stare down, like they did when I wasnt packin'.
    I think this fits me too. I tend to remember to try avoid any situations that might get out of hand. I have also noticed I do tend to eb more aware of my surroundings which is mostly from all the excellent post here at DC.

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    Not my driving.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WinningItAll View Post
    CC, and even the serious contemplation of CC, changes your life. I don't know very many people that would disagree with that.
    I'll grant that carrying a firearm can help focus one's thinking on ramifications, physical and legal.

    But there are many citizens for whom the responsibilities of being an upstanding person simply result in upstanding actions of all kinds. For such people, merely beginning one activity doesn't spawn a host of other activities or material changes in behavior.

    I'm not an aggressive, 'rager type. Never have been. I'll get there when I get there. To me, that's far more important than showing someone else up prior to getting there, or whatever else it is that 'ragers do.
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    I tend to be a less aggressive driver don't know about "better"

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    Has CC'ing made you a safer driver?

    Over all I would say yes.

    I would rather be a little more forgiving and easy going while driving and CC. It's my goal to avoid any hassles that might crop up during any kind of a traffic stop.

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    I pretty much drive the same way sorta. I usually go 5 or so miles faster than the posted limit. But I used to hate when bad drivers came to close or nearly ran me off the road. I am not going to lie it felt fantastic to give them the finger. Now, after having my CC license I just shake my head and whisper to myself to the lines of you assjack! Thats as far as it goes and I ususally will let it go at that point. Hard for me to do but I've gotten better at it.....in my head I hope for charma.

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    It really has. Obviously I do not want to get pulled over and deal with that while CC'ing, especially in must inform state. I also go out of my way to be courteous to other drivers. The last thing any of us needs to do is initiate a crazy road rage incident.
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    No, not really. I don't drive aggressively, I do get pissed off at other drivers, but I wouldn't start a confrontation over it.

    I also speed a bit here and there. All in all, that hasn't changed with the advent of CC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gddyup View Post
    After all.... Getting into a foolish argument or confrontation where at least I KNOW there's a gun in the fight is not someplace I plan to be if I can help it.
    Well said.
    You may now carry on with your absurd non-directional bantering.

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