Would you carry here....

Would you carry here....

This is a discussion on Would you carry here.... within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; In Michigan we cannot carry in churchs or places of worship. I am planning on going to a mens retreat at a christian camp. The ...

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Thread: Would you carry here....

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    Would you carry here....

    In Michigan we cannot carry in churchs or places of worship.

    I am planning on going to a mens retreat at a christian camp. The camp says it is "a non-profit Christian camp and retreat ministry with locations in Michigan and Indiana."

    The camp offers skeet shooting as an activity so I figure it's pro-gun.

    So the question is, is it legal to carry there?

    I sent an email to the camp a month ago, but have not heard back from them.

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    Depends how much you trust in God.
    I think spiritual growth takes equal amount of faith, doubt, and effort.

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    My first thought would be it's OK, but don't quote me there.
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    Its not a church or a place of worship, its a camp...Im going to say that you would be ok.
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    If they hold religious discussions, meetings, etc. in this "camp," than a DA can certainly call it a "place of worship." Nothing says a place of worship must have walls, pews, and a bell tower. I.E. outdoor services.
    My view: Without a concurrence e-mail from the staff (in your pocket), I wouldn't chance it.
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    I think it would be a good choice to just ask who ever is in charge of the place you are going. If they say no, that is the way it is. Something to the line of " Sir or Mam, I have a conceiled carry permit and take my firearm with me everywhere I go; Would it be OK to bring it with me?"

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    As has been said; it depends on how MI views the term "Place of Worship". That is such a vage term anywhere could e classed as such!!

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    It's legal to carry in a church here, unless it's posted. So, for us.... we'ld just have to see if it were posted ....

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    go to the attorney general website to confirm. in kansas, any place that is used for a religious function, whether rented or contracted or whatever, a concealed handgun is verboten, regardless of what the property owner sez.

    here in kansas, my pastor, the board of deacons & and everyone else has no problem with CC, but the law is the law: if you're busted, you're busted, regardless of what the property owner says.

    skeet shooting is one thing, a concealed handgun is something you could go to jail for.

    just carry your shotgun everywhere & you'll probably be legal & more likely to hit your target anyway.

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    Here's your options as I see it.

    Get permission, bring gun, remain safe. (Sometimes it takes an actual phone call instead of merely an email. Make some effort.)

    Leave gun at home.

    Don't go.
    Semper Fi

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    I would try to get a written note from the head / leader before I go .. I just got the OK from my pastor to carry in our church .. that makes 7 of us in the congregation that do .. I am not a suit type of guy ,but I am now ,just makes it it a lot easier to conceal , wife likes it better too ....... so there is always a plus to everything I guess....
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    What about OC, since they have a range on the property?

    "Wherever two or more are gathered, I am there also."

    You know, if the DA was seriously anti-firearm or anti-CC, there could be some real problems up there. Glad I live in a 'civilized' state!
    What the **** - How did I end up on this soapbox again?!?!?

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    Find the legal definition of "places of worship." The key here is not what any of us consider this to be, but what the law says. A "place of worship" is generally defined in law as a structure dedicated for that purpose and not just "any space" that happens to be occupied during a service (YMMV). The Christian camp probably has a building they use as a chapel, and this might meet the legal qualifications. But anywhere on the property? I sincerely doubt it.

    Again, it's the legal definition according to the jurisdiction where the property is located; not the hypothetical definition according to us internet philosophers and theologians.
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    Here is another twist and something to consider. In some states it's unlawful to carry a firearm in a national park. Is your christian retreat located in a national park???

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    Quote Originally Posted by TedBeau View Post
    In Michigan we cannot carry in churchs or places of worship.
    Glad I live where I do because during hunting season, I worship in the "open air cathedral".

    As jumpwing said, check your state's definition of places of worship.

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