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New Gun Owner- Need safety Advice

This is a discussion on New Gun Owner- Need safety Advice within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by BRTCP88 Actually you want to go to . (without the word holster) leads to some sort of punk band. Thanks ...

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Thread: New Gun Owner- Need safety Advice

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    Quote Originally Posted by BRTCP88 View Post
    Actually you want to go to (without the word holster) leads to some sort of punk band.
    Thanks for the correction. I removed the link.
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    I do not know Sigmas, but the lack of manual safeties does not necessarily imply that the gun it not safe for CCW. Actually, I do not buy DAO semi-autos with manual safeties and I always carry with one in the chamber. The best safety is to keep your finger out of the trigger. Just get a good holster and you won’t have to worry about not having manual safeties.
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    Quote Originally Posted by garberinc View Post
    Thanks again guys. Anyone have a good suggestion on a comfortable holster? Preferably right handed, inside waist

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    Here's one with my 1911 carry gun worn about 4:00 IWB, but they will make it to fit any gun you want. You can also get it with clips instead of snaps. --- Fighting for American's Gun Rights --- Fighting for Georgian's Gun Rights. --- Discussion of Georgia Gun Laws.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CPO 15 View Post
    I don't know the gun, but from the above posts it sounds like a Glock trigger mechanism. Just strongly consider a holster which covers the trigger itself and practice safe handling when re-holstering.
    The S&W Sigma is a near identical copy of a Glock. So much so that S&W was sued by Glock years ago. S&W made the trigger pull somewhere near 12lb and I guess changed something else about them to comply.

    They are decent guns. Probably one of the best buys for that price range. They have no bells and whistles. Just point and shoot as needed.

    The one thing I hated about them was the plastic sights. The front sight post tends to get loose if you toss it around too much. I think it can be replaced with steel sights which would be much better.

    By the way, you can send the pistol back to S&W free of charge and they will fix the trigger to make it around 6lb instead of the 12lb.
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    Hey Garberinc,
    Like you I am new to the handgun carrying thing and can relate to your question(s). What I have been doing is wearing the weapon around the house in an inexpensive holster and going to the range on the weekends. I have broken down the weapon a few times and am much more confident now then before. However for me, I do not want to ever get to the point that I am total relaxed but rather have just a keen awareness that I am carrying and the responsibilities that go along with carrying. I am into week 6 of waiting for my CLP so perhaps it may arrive in the next couple of weeks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by garberinc View Post
    Thanks for all the replies- and quick replies! I value each and every piece of advice thus far.
    I do like the idea of having a gun especially at home. We have had a rash of home invasions day and night in this area. (Rural- east of Toledo). The shotguns are available but locked in a safe that would be hard to get to especially at night. I have the hand gun in a safe under the bed. My fiance also feels a little safer now that she has this at her disposal since I do work a couple nights a week for one of my jobs.
    I think more and more people are buying/ carrying guns due to the state of the economy and our government.
    Thanks again folks!
    I have something you may want to consider.

    In my opinion the gun safe if for when you leave the house. I have a very heavy safe (1300 pounds) but it's there to keep the guns from getting stolen when I'm away. While I'm home the shotgun stays in a rack by my bed and I have pistols spread around the house during the day. At night two pistols move to the bedroom and the rest go in the safe. My thinking is that much as an unloaded gun is worthless so is one you can't get to when needed.

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