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This is a discussion on Repo Man Scenario within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by dldeuce Can't argue with that, but then again there's never going to be a lawyer around to help you decide for sure ...

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Thread: Repo Man Scenario

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    Quote Originally Posted by dldeuce View Post
    Can't argue with that, but then again there's never going to be a lawyer around to help you decide for sure whether you're good to draw the gun or fire it.
    This is not a complex issue, only being blind to the factors involved and how to process the information under stress makes it confusing.

    "Never a lawyer around when you need one..." is an exuse worthy of only the willfully ignorant.

    Training. Find some.

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    Average people don't generally own tasers. They are quite expensive (>$500). Stun guns are cheap so you may see some of those.

    Learning to use an appropriate amount of force, protecting yourself from civil litigation, and insuring yourself and the company are all important steps that you need to have in line before you step out the door.
    "a reminder that no law can replace personal responsibility" - Bill Clinton 2010.

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    Quote Originally Posted by USAFtrevor87 View Post
    So I will be moving to the Twin Cities, MN area this summer. I have my non-resident Utah CCL. Therefore I'm legal to carry in the state of MN.
    That probably works right up until you get a Minnesota driver's license with your new MN address on it. For the state in which you live, another state's permission granted to a non-resident may not carry much, if any, weight.

    I would make getting a MN carry permit a priority
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    If the vehicle owner comes out with non-lethal force (pepper spray/stun gun/taser) you don't want to draw a gun on them. Especially bad if they decide to use their taser. Ever tried hanging onto something while being shocked with a stun gun/taser? You CAN'T. If you were holding a gun, either they have the gun now (really bad) or if your finger was anywhere near the trigger you probably just cracked off some rounds due to the muscle contractions(also really bad).

    I'd do a lot of research on the MN laws about all this stuff. Make sure if a confrontation does happen that you're properly identifying yourself immediately. IF MN has a castle law and you didn't identify yourself and got shot/stabbed/etc...You don't really have any ground to stand on in court.

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    Maybe you should seek true legal advice. This is a forum made up of all types. We all must answer for our own actions.
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    I agree with those who say leave and return with law enforcement. If the debtor threatens to use any weapon, leave. No job is worth the problems that can arise. I would only pull a gun if I am in fear of my life, and that doesn't include a Taser.
    I'll take the jolt and then sue the guy.

    Oh, and nutz4utwo, you can get a Taser C2 for $299.
    "We are the people our parents warned us about!" J. Buffett

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    If contact with the debtor takes place and seems to be headed downhill, withdraw and return with law enforcement.

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    I was involved in Repo's in Mn for about 20 years. Our company always contacted the client prior to repo their home. (Manufactured Homes)
    If it looked like there would be a problem, we would call the local sheriff and request that they would have some one on site when we made the repo.
    In Mn I believe, you can not use force on protecting property. If there was a problem we also backed away and contacted the local sheriff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by USAFtrevor87 View Post
    So I will be moving to the Twin Cities, MN area this summer. I have my non-resident Utah CCL. Therefore I'm legal to carry in the state of MN. I just got a job Repossessing cars..
    If someone comes out of their house and is all PO'ed cause you're bout to take his car or whatever. So the guy is all ticked off; and he pulls out a taser gun. Then he points the taser gun at me; am I justified to draw and fire?
    I'm not a lawyer or LEO - But if you shoot someone
    when they have no gun or knife and you are on THEIR
    Turf - you WILL get arrested and charged with some
    kind of Felony.

    If the other guy or family can get a lawyer you WILL
    get SUED.

    If you plan on killing people who don't want their wheels
    taken you better make sure you get paid A LOT!!!

    -SIG , it's What's for Dinner-

    know your rights!

    "If I walk in the woods, I feel much more comfortable carrying a gun. What if you meet a bear in the woods that's going to attack you? You shoot it."
    {Bernhard Goetz}

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    I would say in NC youd be doing Prison time we have the castle doctrine but we arent allowed to defend out side our home for stolen property but last guy to be tried here in Johnston county killed some guy with his truck for stealing on his property and got off , but be careful in your profession a taser is the least of your worries you probably wont see the shot coming and laws in a few states that are more gun friendly they can defend outside the property ! and if your employer hasnt layed out the do and donts id look for another job!
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    BTW check out :: Online Community for Professional Recovery Companies

    I repo'd for 2 years.
    The main thing is when you are on someone's property at night trying to take their car. Make sure you have read their file and know the debtors name. As soon as anyone comes out or shows up call the debtor BY NAME and identify yourself and the finance company that has hired you/your company to get the collateral. Next tell them why you are there, and firmly and politely inform them that you will be taking their car with you. If the become irate or brandish any type of weapon.
    Again call them BY NAME and inform them that it is against the law to make terroristic threats. DO NOT make any moves that can be deemed as threatening. If they persist leave the area.
    The next morning follow them to work and steal their car while it's sitting at the gas pump and their inside buying coffee. (yes I did do that) Or if they happen to be a felon call 911 and let the cops arrest them then take their car. (did that too).
    But if someone knows that you know them by name they are not as likely to do you harm, because it will be too easy to track them down. If they keep on they are not right in the head and you should leave ASAP!

    Be safe.

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    I would say no to shoot, assuming you're confronted with a taser.

    If you do, the issue will be self defense. It'll go to the grand jury, which will indict you, because they're not going to decide the self defense issue on those facts.

    Then you either plea to a deal or go to trial.

    At trial, you're a repo guy, trying to take someone's car. While you may in fact be the second coming of the world's most likeable guy, the jury won't like you because you're the repo man, particularly in this economy.

    You have used deadly force against a taser, which police use all over the country precisely because it is NOT deadly force.

    I'd be afraid what the jury would come back with.

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    Someones been watching too much Opertion Repo.
    Proud houlder of a Texas Open Carry License.

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    Are you justified in shooting? Not likely.

    The repo man is a necessary job however unfortunate that is. To be honest if my job was to repossess property I wouldn't be risking my life. Police are paid for that sort of thing. I would not meet force with force on a repossession. It isn't worth my life to repossess some hoopty (look it up if you don't know what that is).

    In the scenario I don't care if the guy was threatening you with a frying pan. I would turn tail and run. Let the Police do their job and you can do yours.
    There is something about firing 4,200 thirty millimeter rounds/min that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

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    if you can get out of the way and leave, do so. A taser throw distance is what? 15-20'? If you are honestly in a situation where he can hit you from where he is and you are in fear for your life, well then I think its pretty clear, but I cant really see that situation happening. most likely you will not be right next to the guy, and hes just scared trynig to figure out whats going on.... and its a taser *shrug*. I would be careful, obviously let them know whats going on right away, etc.
    find out first :)
    Wo die Notwehr aufhört, fängt der Mord an
    (Murder begins where self-defense ends)
    Georg Büchner

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