I am not a CCW virgin anymore (TX); EDC

I am not a CCW virgin anymore (TX); EDC

This is a discussion on I am not a CCW virgin anymore (TX); EDC within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Good morning everyone, As I have been doing a lot of lurking and trolling (not in a creepy way though ). After taking my CHL ...

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Thread: I am not a CCW virgin anymore (TX); EDC

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    I am not a CCW virgin anymore (TX); EDC

    Good morning everyone,

    As I have been doing a lot of lurking and trolling (not in a creepy way though ).

    After taking my CHL course, I eagerly awaiting and checked the mail everyday and my license finally came in yesterday afternoon. Strangley enough, I told myself I will go to the mall when I get it so I could "dress for the gun"; I hate the mall and always will hate it.

    But nonetheless, I needed clothes so I went. I use a Comp-Tac Infidel kydex holster and a Glock G26 (9mm w/ Federal Hydrashocks); right side. One of the things I was most concerned of was being made or even the clip sticking out (since I did the +2 on one clip). My paranoia made sure I kept pulling my shirt down or being shifty. Eventually, I told myself to stop picking at it (the gun, not myself ).

    So once I made myself stop worrying over nothing, all was good. I noticed my SA was higher than normal - even though I have been practicing since the CCW course. Towards the end of my trip to the mall, it felt rather comfortable actually.

    I personally never understood how some people on the forums said: "it's so comfortable, you even forget it's on", but now I do. When I got home, I completely forgot about it until I was ready for the shower as I was undressing. It's not that I forgot I was armed, I just didn't think about disarming myself at home.

    -EDC: Infidel Comp-Tac IWB, G26 9mm w/ Hydrashocks, SOG Flash II (left side) -- cell phone, wallet, keys.
    - As I was shopping, I noticed plaid/line shirts hide prints very well.

    I wish I had more to add, but I don't.
    If anyone has any tips/advice for the future, it would be great!

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    Congrats on the license! Yeah it just takes time to get it through your head that pretty much nobody pays attention to you enough to notice even a rather sizable bulge. Not that you should get sloppy, but no need to freak out either.
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    Congratulation and as paaiyan says, most people have almost ZERO situational awareness and are too busy with their lives to notice a bulge in your shirt. On/Off duty police officers, and those of us that carry do however. So I would recommend that you try not to get complacent in your clothes choices if you desire to go un-noticed.

    Even if you are "made", just keep in mind that it is your constitutional right and that you are complying with the laws of your state - so no worries!

    Be polite, stay vigilant and welcome to EDC.
    EDC - S&W M&P .45

    "The beauty of the second amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take." Thomas Jefferson


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    While the infidel is a nice holster it is also a thick holster. Depending how you dress will decide if you print. So people will tell you that the average person will never notice but believe me some will notice. You need to train yourself for that event if it ever happens.

    Never ever let anybody touch your gun unless they are LEO. Some of these security guards are pretty gung ho when it comes to their jobs.

    Getting back to the holster. I like most out here have a drawer full of holsters. I can tell you with confidence that the C-tac is a lot thinner and more comfortable then the infidel.

    Then I bought my first custom leather holster from TT gun leather and never looked back. For IWB leather is the only way to go IMO.

    Everybody has different tastes and will have to find yours. I know that a lot of people say crossbreed is a nice holster. I owned one one and while the quality was good, it was not for me but again that was just me. Body type plays a big role.

    As far as the +2 on your MAGAZINE <------- :) well that is up to you. personally I would not carry +2 on a G26. I like the smaller grips, they conceal much better. If I wanted the extra rounds I would carry a G19 which I do carry along with a couple other guns.

    Good luck in your adventure to find the perfect holster and don't forget to get a good belt to.

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    My CHL instructors went on and on about printing to the point I was concerned that some little ole lady will call the police and my CHL would go buh bye.

    My girlfriend is a lawyer and she sees nothing in TX law that would allow your CHL to be revoked from excessive printing. One of her good friends is a former prosecutor in Ft Bend County and she tells me she cant count on zero fingers the number of times someone was in her court for printing. Lastly, every Houston PD Officer I have spoken to said they would take no action against someone who is pointed out as possibly printing.

    It is something to be aware of but not something you need to stress over.

    If someone has a story that says otherwise, I'd love to hear more about it.

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    Be sure to go to J. C. Penneys Extra Tall shop for longer shirts at decent prices.

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