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Entire family shot and killed !

This is a discussion on Entire family shot and killed ! within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; It's definitely getting worse in my neighborhood. I've had my door tried more times then I can count over the last couple years, some were ...

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Thread: Entire family shot and killed !

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    It's definitely getting worse in my neighborhood. I've had my door tried more times then I can count over the last couple years, some were innocent mistakes, others weren't. A new neighbor tried our door by accident last week, turned out to be nothing but definitely reinforces the need to keep at least one loaded gun handy at all times. We've got one of those expanding bars spanning from the baseboards to under the doorknob now, put that in the morning after/of the attempted break-in last Summer (some slimeball with a crowbar). Be careful folks, it only takes once.

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    I was in Indy for a dentist appointment thursday. Guess I shouldn't be lax in my carry now. What really bothers me is they were said to be armed with assault rifles. So here we go again with another banning campaign.
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    Even though KS does not have CCW yet, I carry every day in my home. I am the only one home durring the day with my kids. I will do what is necessary to take care of my kids !!
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    I've got many friends in and around the Indy area that I worked with before retirement last December. In fact one womans husband is a detective on their department. It seems to be getting worse every day. Here in Milwaukee we had 28 shootings over the recent holiday weekend. One was only a half mile down the road from my home, in a park on the western shores of Lake Michigan. Two dead and another critical. The perp, still on the run, turned out to be an illegal alien from Mexico. As I type this I've got my .45 Detonics CombatMaster on my side. You just never know.
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    Hello All
    Just read a story this morning on this case. Seems the shooting only started when a GG arrived armed and the BG's started shooting everybody.
    I wonder what went wrong and what kind of a dirt bag can kill kids.
    I will pay my way and do the exacution for free if I could when they get these sob's convicted. I would be proud to be known as the one that cleaned up the world a little bit.
    God bless the victims.
    Philip L. McCleary
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    to do it. Policy manual says so.

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