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Would you make this information public?

This is a discussion on Would you make this information public? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm on the opposite end of the spectrum here guys. While I don't actively disclose that I carry, Facebook has been a tool for me ...

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Thread: Would you make this information public?

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    I'm on the opposite end of the spectrum here guys. While I don't actively disclose that I carry, Facebook has been a tool for me in the past to work towards gun rights. I used to be the Oklahoma rep for Students for Concealed Carry on Campus and a lot of our organizing was done via Facebook, as well as event notifications.

    Because I was so active in the movement, a lot of people know I carry and if they don't know that they at least know I'm pro-gun.

    And as far as employers go, my company's owner has a license, as do one of the secretaries and my boss. Another guy would have his if he'd stop being lazy and turn in his paperwork.
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    Never been to Facebook, never intend to go there. People need to get real friends, not the facebook kind. How many Facebook friends aer going to be there when you need a helping hand?
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1959 View Post
    I don't even list my guns on forums like this.
    I am proud of the guns that I have, but I don't want them to be public information.
    Ditto! I am not that old, but I wont and dont use FB and other social netwroking sites.....just really dont see the purpose and although I am not a paranoid person at all, I know of no good reason to post my every move, whereabouts, inane interests etc.....I guess I am just more private than that.
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    I dont even use my real name here or on Facebook.

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    I use facebook for very close family and Marine buddies, that’s it. None of my info is on the site. The email that I put down is one that I don’t use. I hate cell phones, computers, the internet, and most TV. With that said in today’s day we can not function without most if not all of those things and it makes me sick.
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    No way

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