Georgia - Using 1st offense as "get out free card"

Georgia - Using 1st offense as "get out free card"

This is a discussion on Georgia - Using 1st offense as "get out free card" within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Being that many of the Georgia gun laws set the offense at a misdemeanor when you have your Georgia Firearms License, such as carrying at ...

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Thread: Georgia - Using 1st offense as "get out free card"

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    Georgia - Using 1st offense as "get out free card"

    Being that many of the Georgia gun laws set the offense at a misdemeanor when you have your Georgia Firearms License, such as carrying at a public gathering, I know several people that simply carry just about everywhere. They commonly state the "better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6" and constantly say, "Hey, its only a misdemeanor"

    Has anyone here actually been convicted of or plead guilty to such a misdemeanor and if so, what were the consequences. I personally don't plan on doing so as I try and follow the law as much as I can but also, because I have terrible luck. I know I will probably find myself somewhere unknowingly in violation, and I will be the person busted.
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    I've never been arrested......not even a traffic ticket. I don't know anyone who has been arrested for such a charge either. I watch our laws pretty close and make every effort to remain well within those laws. I also won't 'hang-out' with idiots who would (knowingly) violate any gun laws based on it being a misdemeanor or otherwise. That's probley not a good attitude to be around.

    This is just my thinking and I have no other knowledge of your friends or your general situation/enviorment. Also my area is a little more 'gun-friendly' than some other areas of our Peach State.

    I'm not even sure of where to start looking-up any case studies on such a topic...good question though.

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    The nice thing about Missouri is it states right in the the statute, carrying in a posted business "shall not be a criminal offense."

    Now because a store owner or restaurant owner or whoever has the right to refuse service to anyone, if you are noticed with a gun, basically they can ask you to leave.

    Now I don't know anyone who would refuse to leave when asked to do so, but I suppose there may be some idiot who would try and cause a scene. For those, if the police are called you can be fined $100 for first occurrence and basically it's for refusing to leave (trespassing). Then, if you have more occurrences within six months, the fine goes up and you can at that point have your ccw suspended. If a third occurrence happens within six months, a larger fine and your ccw will be suspended for the duration of that license period. But at No Time are you charged with a crime.
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    You should post this over at Firearm Discussion • Index page and see what kind of response you get there...many gun carrying legal advisories there that will give you some sound advice...many gun carrying regular joes there too that will give you sound advice.
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    yes i know people who do this near where my grandmother lives they carry anywhere but courthouses and schools....and where they live the police wouldnt bother them either and most dont have GFL's.....
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