P220R SAO Carry - New permit holder

P220R SAO Carry - New permit holder

This is a discussion on P220R SAO Carry - New permit holder within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hiya folks. (I apologize for the length) I'll cut right to the chase. I absolutely love this firearm(P220R SAO Carry). I just recently got my ...

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Thread: P220R SAO Carry - New permit holder

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    P220R SAO Carry - New permit holder

    Hiya folks. (I apologize for the length)

    I'll cut right to the chase. I absolutely love this firearm(P220R SAO Carry). I just recently got my CWP and want something I can carry now, and everyday...preferably while at work too. I don't have the money on hand to buy a suitable holster. OWB is not an option at work, but could be workable elsewhere.

    The sticker price on it was $713, which is a bit lower than the MSRP...it was NIB. (I've put about 100 flawless rounds downrange..it's super accurate)

    Thinking about taking it up to a very good "pawn shop" with armorers on site (where I bought it to begin with, they love Sigs).

    I'd like to walk out with (preferably another .45) with cash to spare for a respectable holster. Failing that, I know they have some P238's in stock.

    I'm just kind of torn at the moment. I won't stick to Sig, brand doesn't matter. But what would you do given my situation?

    I'm looking into the G36, and other compact .45's. I really -really- want to keep the 220, but I want to be able to carry it ASAP (no reason other than anytime, anywhere).

    Being that I have my permit now, I want to be carrying. I'd love to keep the 220, and may end up doing just that. Just fishing for opinions here.

    Any help is much appreciated!

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    If you like the 220 I'd try and figure out a way to keep it.

    People carry 220s, 226s and 229s every day, not to mention 1911s, so it can be done!

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    I would advise against trading in a full-size service pistol for a tiny compact, i.e., going from a 220 to a 238, and from a proven round to the entry-level .380. Adding a new gun, certainly, but you say you don't have the funds.

    A lot of us (ahem) started out with what turned out to be awful holsters, but in many cases it was what we could afford until we had the funds for better. (And that's one reason we have "holster drawers"!) One example - I suggest you look at the DeSantis Insider - a whopping $26. It'll flatten the second you draw the gun, but it'll get you by while you save up for something like a Summer Special.
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    There is no way I would choose to carry a P238 over a P220. Not only are you talking about the difference between .45ACP and .380ACP at roughly the same capacity, but the difference between a proven combat pistol design and relatively new gun design still going through some teething issues. (It may look like a reincarnated Colt Mustang, but it is not entirely.)

    I carry a full size P220 in a Comp-Tac Minotaur MTAC under a tucked shirt, and have no problems with this rig. Do yourself a favor---find a way to make the P220 work for you before you think about this sort of trade. Worse comes to worst, you can sell a holster with the gun to a lucky new owner somewhere down the line.

    Now, the MTAC runs about $80, which is comparable to the affordable end of the custom leather range of holsters. If it takes you a little while to save up that $80, at least Comp-Tac's turnaround is pretty fast (generally less than a week).

    If you need a cheaper holster sooner, I would take a look at the Bare Asset and Mr. Softy holsters (same thing, different cant) from High Noon. They are stocking items that you can get right away for under thirty bucks.
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    Keep the Sig if you like it. If you get rid of it you'll always regret it. Besides a pawn shop won't give you anything near what it is worth.

    Look on line for holsters from makers like Galco, Don Hume and a host of others. While not custom rigs they are good utilitarian rigs that will see you through until you can find that "right" rig.
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    Thanks for the replies. I'll figure out a way to make the P220 work. Will have to shave here and there for the IWB holster, but I'll get it done. Just wanted to know if my head was in the right place. I do have a pair of khakis that it fits into the pocket though Really doesn't print that bad, but it's a smidge too heavy for that.

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    Some advice given here is that never trade a gun that works well.
    Knowing is half the battle.

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    I carry my full size P220R SAO from time to time. No way I'd part with it as it's the best 45acp I've ever owned. Came across a used UBG Canute IWB holster from a fellow member here for sale and it's wonderful. Half price of what a new one would cost. Stick around, and stick with your SIG.

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    Do not trade it...look at Ebay, and Gunbroker. Main Index - HolsterTrade.com... has some decent deals too. You can settle for a "value" holster then get a nice one when funds allow. Think Don Hume, or Galco on Ebay.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Teufle View Post
    I don't have the money on hand to buy a suitable holster. OWB is not an option at work, but could be workable elsewhere.
    What's the "suitable holster" issue?

    Fist make very good IWBs for under $100.

    Any sell-"this"-buy-"that" plus a holster for "that" will make a profit for the dealer (that's why they are in business). So, you'll end up with less.

    I have a #20 ADJUSTABLE IWB (FIST, INC.) which works quite well with my P220. They also have clip style IWBs for $50 (FIST, INC.)

    BTW -- I'm not just hyping FIST. There are other good holsters at reasonable prices available.

    IMHO -- is a gun works well for you, you'll regret going backward.
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    Why in the world would you want to sell the 220? With the right holster, it will conceal as well or better than many others. I wouldn't sell it. I'm not a big guy and i carry a full size 1911. Just something you need to get used to.

    You know, I've used all kinds of holsters. I swear by the Milt Sparks VersaMax II and similar like the Brommeland MaxCon V. I understand the money thing right now for many people too. So, I'd recommend some cheaper Don Hume holster to hold you over just so you can carry. Then, save a few bucks and get something really good.

    I can personally recommend the Crossbreed, Raven Concealment, Milt Sparks Versa Max II and the Del Fatti ISP-LP. LightningArms.com has some of these in stock for a small premium so you don't have to wait. What you'll notice about all of these is the loops are spread out far to each side of the holster, not over the gun itself. This balances it much better and holds it much tighter to the body. It's the best way to go, in my opinion, for inside or outside the waistband.

    Don't downgrade your gun because you haven't tried the right holster. I know how it goes. The width of the gun is one of the most important things. The longer you carry it in the right holster, the more a part of you it becomes. I'd be more than happy to carry that 220 for you if you don't want to!!

    Good luck buddy, you'll be glad you kept it.

    Obviously my shirt is tucked behind it for the photo... But you get the idea. This is my daily holster, but now with a Wilson in place of the Brown..

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    DON'T sell the Sig. You've got one of the best pistols that money can buy. You're already ahead of the game; it's in your possession.
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    Don Hume Clip-On Inside The Waistband Holster (H715M-WC) $27.00

    I make my own holsters but I couldn't make one for this price so,. I purchase one each for my Colt Commander, my G23 and my Kahr MK9. It been over a year and no problems with them yet

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    I carry mine IWB in a TT Gunleather holster.

    ALWAYS carry! - NEVER tell!

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    try uncle mikes i picked up an IWB holster for 15 bucks and its really not a bad one. comfortable and easy draw. folds flat as soon as weapon is drawn. just a suggestion
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