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This is a discussion on Ruger LCR Kicks! within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Torri2cutie1 No I haven't. I am really new to all this gun stuff and really don't know what I should be trying ...

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Thread: Ruger LCR Kicks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Torri2cutie1 View Post
    No I haven't. I am really new to all this gun stuff and really don't know what I should be trying or asking for when I go to the range. I had an incident which made me decide that I need a gun to protect myself. I would like two guns, one to carry and one to keep in my home at all times. I am looking for suggestions and help if at all possible. I am trying to do research but found the best way to learn is to ask the people that use the guns and have the experience and can tell me what they think and know first hand. Thanks guys
    ************************************************** *Continue to do what you just did:shoot weapons you are interested in. All the reading and well-meaning advice from others does not substitute for actually shooting a particular gun. Having said that, look into some compact 9mm(think Glock or S&W M&P series)autos and maybe try a Ruger SP101 for an easier to handle snubnose revolver. GOOD LUCK, you'll find the right handgun sooner than you think!
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    My Ruger SP-101 gun hurt my hand when I shot those .357s, making me dread doing likewise with my Smith Model 60. I will stick to .38s, cheaper and more comfortable to shoot. Still, .357s can send them to Hell...if not to Paradise or Heaven. Oh, inside the home, you do not have to hide a big hand cannon, mine being an old black steel sloppy-side 1911 Colt .45. I carry a Ruger LCP and hide a Kel-Tec P-11 inside my ride.

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    Teaches a few basics on hold to grip and a stance to use.
    ARIZONA CCW PERMIT COURSE - Fundamentals of Pistol Marksmanship

    I recommend the Weaver stance or Modified Weaver Stance. Another thing about grip, squeeze down tight on that handle. That with the proper stance and grip (hands/fingers in the right place) goes a long way towards making the recoil/kick manageable. Learning to shoot proper first, will lead to better handling when you have to shoot out of position, off axis, one handed, etc. that might occur in a defensive situation.

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    Start with a .22 for accuracy and form, then move up. My personal fave is 9 mm. of whatever stripe; as stated, the LCR is NOT a range gun, but works fine as CC. Hang in, and practice. Once the guys see that you can shoot the lights out, their lousy attitudes will begin to change. You go, girl. And don't let them intimidate you.

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    I love my little LCR. It fits in my front pocket and doesn't drag down my pants. Right after I got it I fired 80 rounds of Winchester range ammo through it and my hand was sore for three days, but in a self-defense situation I doubt I'll have to fire more than three, so it's all good.

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    I didnt think it kicked any more than my other .38 special Snubby a Taurus CH85...actually if anything it may kick a bit less. That said I DONT think ANY snubbies are all that "pleasurable" to shoot especially with hotter SD rounds...not nearly as nice as a heavier revolver or semi auto..but id not say(in a .38 with regular "practice" rounds) that it kicked too much..But I normally dont run more than a box(50) through it at any one time.

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    As a new shooter the revolvers are much easier to operate and operate under stress. It is a point and shoot type of gun. No safeties (not that you need one, the safety is between your ears, and your trigger finger)... good luck don't let anyone talk you into a gun YOU DON'T want. YOU have to carry it not them.
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    Just wondering how many of you that say the LCR kicks hard and makes your hand sore have the Hogue grip? Having shot LCRs with the Hogue (mine) and the CT lasergrips, I can say the Hogue really tones it down.

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    Good luck with your quest on finding the "perfect" gun. If you're ever in orlando PM me I'll take you shooting and you can try the guns I have and I promise I won't laugh or make crude jokes like the other retards @ the range. People like that are the reason why people new to shooting are afraid to try and ask questions.

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    I am by no means an expert but I would sugest trying the Sig P238.
    Its the same size, fires the same caliber and has virtually no kick since its heavier although still very light.

    I can barely feel the recoil.

    My wife's best friend had the LCP and after being at the range with it twice she put it in the safe and that's where it has sat for 3 months now they she bought a Sig P238. My wife fired both and loved the sig too so she bought one.
    They both got the rainbow finish and love it.
    My wife's didn't fire well at first and I had to sand down a sharp edge on the barrels feed ramp (I think that's what it called) and it been flawless since then.

    The other gun the really liked is the sig P232 which is a bit larger.

    Oh and to get used to the kick of the LCR, fire a Keltec PF9 or a Walther PPS for 50 rounds. You will never again fear the kick of a .380

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    People use to like very much ”small and cute” handguns, but IMO they often do not thing about what they really imply. Although easy to carry, their recoil can be bad and they are not easy to master. I agree that they are intended as SD firearms and not as range ones, but I consider it is very important to be proficient with the firearm that you carry.
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    Like several of the others who have already replied, I would strongly recommend finding an NRA Certified Instructor and taking the NRA Basic Pistol Class (8 hours minimum), then progressing to the Personal Protection in the Home class. Those two classes together will give you a great foundation on which to build.

    If the folks at the gun shop are not treating you with respect, and are not being helpful, that's not the right gun shop for you.

    A good shop will have people working there who are interested in helping a new shooter, regardless of gender, age, size, race, etc.

    I'm sure there are folks on this and other similar forums who can steer you in the right direction for both a shop and a good instructor.

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    you know Torri, I know a couple instructors who say women end up being better shooters than men. In fact, they like teaching novice women how to shoot because they can be easily "molded" and not pick up any bad habits. According to both of them, some guys don't take instructions/advice well from another man (I guess it must be that macho mentality). Women however are very receptive, listens and follows instructions well.
    So, don't lose hope. After learning and practicing, go back to that place and show off your skills.:-)

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    In defense of the LCR, my wife has one and has shot 50 + rounds at a time without complaint. She also grew up shooting guns and works out regularly. She prefers a hammerless revolver for carry. The weight and trigger pull made her choose the LCR over a J frame. While snub nosed revolvers are not the most fun to shoot, they are great for carry especially for inexperienced shooters.

    Go shoot some J frames and maybe reconsider a hammerless revolver for carry.

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    On the snubnose .38 Special:

    It really makes a huge difference in recoil if you grip it firmly. I mean, squeeze it with all you've got. It helps control the gun's rise and tendency to jerk around in your hand (because of the small grip). Jelly Bryce, an old-time cop from about 50 years ago, said something to the effect of needing a granite grip to accurately shoot the snubnose revolvers.

    Ammo choice also makes a big difference. I shot some 158-gr. lead round nose Blazer aluminum-cased ammo back when I was desperate and it was all I could find. My .357 magnum kicked less than those rounds did.

    For practice in .38 Special, I recommend 130-gr. full metal jacket American Eagle or anyone's 148-gr. wadcutter loads. Pretty soft-shooting.

    You may also find yourself better served by a 9mm semiauto. Higher capacity and power, softer recoil, as long as you can cycle the slide and are willing to learn and practice a bit more.

    I commend you for putting up with the crap at the range. That kind of rudeness means you've been stuck with some pretty poor examples of shooters.

    Hmm... now that I think of it, I really wish they made a Ruger LCR in 9mm!
    Rowe/Higgins 2016!

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