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Where do you stand on restaurant/bar carry?

This is a discussion on Where do you stand on restaurant/bar carry? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm certainly not judging anyone, but looks like a lot of people can not control themselves around alcohol. I go out and drop $60 -$75 ...

View Poll Results: Where do you stand on restaurant/bar carry?

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  • No carry at all

    6 1.52%
  • You can carry, just no drinking.

    225 56.82%
  • You can carry, and a drink or two is ok.

    94 23.74%
  • You can carry and drink up to the legal limit of .08 BAC

    48 12.12%
  • Drink as much as you want, it's your choice.

    20 5.05%
  • Don't care / No opinion

    3 0.76%
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Thread: Where do you stand on restaurant/bar carry?

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    I'm certainly not judging anyone, but looks like a lot of people can not control themselves around alcohol.

    I go out and drop $60 -$75 on a nice Italian dinner for the wife and me, I may very well have a glass of wine with my meal. You know sometimes an ice cold beer goes great with good BBQ or a gourmet burger.

    I do not give up my right to defend myself and use a gun if necessary because I had a glass of wine or a beer or two.

    In my State if I have my gun and blow over a 0.08, all the crimes get enhanced penalties because of the gun. But it's not illegal to have a gun and blow below 0.08. Well, having a single beer with my burger, I'm no where near 0.08.

    Granted, the wife and I most of the time go to dinner, drop a lot of money and I never even touch alcohol. As a matter of fact, it's kind of rare where I do have a drink at dinner. But, in my State it's not illegal and I have no problem with it.

    Personally, if I had a problem with alcohol, I wouldn't even have a ccw permit, but I can trust myself to stop at ONE.
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    I have to say no to the drink, it does alter conciousness, and even a tiny little bit in a shoot/no shoot situation is too much. Just like the night sights, flashlights, etc., Stack the deck in your favor, always
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    In FL, I can sit in a restaurant and have a beer with dinner while armed...I have no problem with that....ONE!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bark'n View Post

    In my State if I have my gun and blow over a 0.08, all the crimes get enhanced penalties because of the gun. But it's not illegal to have a gun and blow below 0.08.
    I like that even better than "treat the same as DUI."

    It also get around the mythical question of "be allowed to" by whom?

    If you can't do the time, don't do the crime -- and btw drinking and carrying is no crime. I like it!

    BTW -- One of the thinks I love about this site is that I'm always learning something. Please post or PM me a citation for the law.
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    I am neither an attorney-at-law nor I do play one on television or on the internet. No one should assumes my opinion is legal advice.

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    Here in MI driving your allowed a .08
    Carrying is a .02

    What I can't understand is how my gun loaded with 147gr bullets is 4x as dangerous as my 3,000lb one.
    Better to die on your feet, than to live on your knees.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jackle1886 View Post
    Here in MI driving your allowed a .08
    Carrying is a .02

    What I can't understand is how my gun loaded with 147gr bullets is 4x as dangerous as my 3,000lb one.
    There is no common sense in government

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    I voted a drink or two is OK. I know this is easy to say but at 220, a beer or two does not impact my judgement. I will both drive or carry with a couple beers spread out over dinner. I like to eat out and I like beer with my dinner.

    Regarding the carry/drive comparison, I agree that it is apples and oranges. In fact, in one respect, carrying a gun is more equivalent to carrying car keys - both provide the potential that you could use a deadly weapon and you are much more likely to use your car keys than your gun. However, I am aware that having a beer or two could put you in a position that is not as good as it could have been should the worst happen.

    Here in Idaho, the requirement is the same for driving and carrying. I believe that someone involved in a bad shooting under the influence should be severely punished and the rest of us should not be restricted for something that "might" happen. That is the same logic the anti-gun people use to restrict our rights.
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    In NC it is illegal to carry in a place wher alcohol is sold and consumed. AND it is a pain to have to disarm just to go into a resturant that serves alcohol even if I do not plan to drink. I would like to see this law changed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by razor02097 View Post
    Restaurants.... Yes
    Bars... Yes
    Drink while carry... No

    +1...I'm with Razor...I believe you might just be leading the opinion poll!!
    Sometimes in life you have to stand your ground. It's a hard lesson to learn and even most adults don't get it, but in the end only I can be responsible for my life. If faced with any type of adversity, only I can overcome it. Waiting for someone else to take responsibility is a long fruitless wait.

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    I am glad I live in the free state of NV, and none of you make the laws here. You can go to a bar, drink legally til a .10 BAC if you want to, and nobody gets hurt. Honestly, saying no drinking while carrying is an unfounded as any other anti-gun rhetoric. It's even worse when people say you shouldn't even walk into a bar while carrying...please.

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    I voted with what I've done, and what MN law allows--a drink or two (for most people)--BAC .04.

    I don't see any problem with someone having a drink or two with their dinner, whatever, and carrying.

    Like I said..in MN, it's legal, and I doubt I'd have a DA problem as long as a SD situation met al lof the criteria for lawful use of force.

    But, as always, there's plenty of folks who think that if they can't handle something (in this case, carrying a weapon and drinking responsibly), nobody should be allowed to.

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    ...man fights with his mind; the weapons are incidental.--Jeff Cooper

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    You can carry, just no drinking.
    This only makes sense for a lot of reasons, some of which you may not realize at first. Remember, most of us are paying for and going through the hoops in order to assert our rights as a privilege as ascertained by our owners (or government). Just like your driver's license is a privilege and not a right. Until we're living under the rights given us, and until the time we can actually hold these threats to our right accountable, we best keep a low profile, use common sense, and not rock the boat. There will come a day when our inherent rights will be ours again. I look forward to those days.

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    I'm probably a bit biased on this one, but I was raised to believe guns and alcohol don't mix. If someone starts drinking in a hunting camp, I want their gun put away before it gets going much.

    But I don't drink, so I'm probably biased by that.

    Carry where you want, including a bar if it's legal, but I'd prefer not to be around someone who's armed and drinking.


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    I have nothing against having a glass of wine with dinner or a pint of beer with lunch.

    Yes, even while armed.

    I guess for my weight class, I just don't feel it that much. Personal responsibility is important to me, and alcohol just isn't that big in my life.
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    I feel gun and drinking do not mix. Having said that; I know some who could nusre a drink all night and be none the worse (read not impaired). I have a BIL who after +/-half a beer is drunk. Therefore carry and do not drink for me; I also drink so little that I know I am impaired after the first couple of sips therefore I do not drink and carry.

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