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Geez, have you ever made someone

This is a discussion on Geez, have you ever made someone within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I've not necessarily been made, that I know of....,but....,I'm a Realtor, and there's been many times I'll be showing a house to buyers and either ...

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Thread: Geez, have you ever made someone

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    I've not necessarily been made, that I know of....,but....,I'm a Realtor, and there's been many times I'll be showing a house to buyers and either walk by a counter top sticking out, or stair railing too closely and ...., clunk!!! I've hit my firearm on it. I just go about my business and pray they didn't notice that distinct clunk and ask what the heck was that!
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    I have 'clunked' once or twice unexpectedly around people getting absolutely no reaction. I think most people don't have a clue as to what the just might have heard and therefore tune it out.

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    Dang para you don't have good luck do ya ..

    Note to self don't Hang out with para

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    my church gun at the time was my HK USP.45 in a smartcarry....
    kid comes running into me to latch ahold and his forehead smacks the side of my pistol, he almost cried, then I get looks like I did something lol
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    My comments embedded.....

    Quote Originally Posted by Rob72
    para, that's too many close-calls, bro!

    Couple of thoughts, from someone who's carried in frequently less-than-permissive environments:

    Fanny pak. The best I've found was actually a "cheapie" from Bagmaster, that uses a Velcro and snap closure, and has closed cell foam padding on both sides of the weapon pouch. No bump-n-grope would disclose you. I used mine a a duty-pouch, with my ears, pocket mask, gloves, multi-tool and so forth in the body, and a shears/mini-mag/hemostat holster on the belt. The only caveat is that it has to become your routine mode of "tool" carry, so as not to be conspicuous.

    ***** Good idea. I might try this, although I usually leave my EMS geek gear in the truck instead of toting it around the station all day.

    "Pocket guns need holsters (and love) too....."
    A Keltec, Seecamp, or mini-Beretta, are all much easier to carry and stash, than a service caliber. More acceptable in court, too, I would posit: "I had to fight Mo'Spanky off with my little 6 shot .32....", vs. Ms. Spanky, "He shot my lovely baby boy with a 16 shot .40 caliber Po-lice gun! This man s'posed to be a "Lifesaver"?!?!?"

    The airport deal. Stash under the dash. Most vehicles still have accessible dead-space there. Which is more likely: being "made", or having the vehicle stolen? Though you did not break any laws, a smart TSA rep will know that basically all EMS agencies/services prohibit carry. A couple of calls, and a strongly worded letter to the State BEMS can get your license pulled. My personal take on the scenario of a running gunbattle, as an EMT, was that A) if I'm in arms reach, I'm going to stab/beat someone to death, and take their gun, or B) I'm using someone-not my partner - as a human shield. Both of those assuming that option 1A (Bug the Hell Out) was not possible.

    ***** TSA people know things?

    Honestly, some good bare hand grappling, edged weapons/improvised weapons exposure would be more legally defensible in all respects. YMMV, and obviously, you do what you feel you need to do to go home, but in general, especially in EMS, this situation has great potential for crumpling your life up, and flushing it down the pooper.

    ***** Nothing like beaning a BG with the portable oxygen tank.

    Not flaming, just my $.02

    ***** appreciated

    TN now allows EMS to carry.......
    ***** A few years ago, Virginia OEMS tried to put a regulation into play that banned any firearms from any EMS licensed vehicle except for on-duty LEOs; even provided an exemption for engines carrying "rope guns". Talk about ANAL! Virginia Citizen's Defense League (Second Amendment activist organization) sent a strongly worded letter which supposedly fixed the problem. Subsequently, the published regs still included the prohibition. Another inquiry to the state produced a letter stating that the regulation was dead and had been published accidentally. Right..........

    Anyway, my employer has a policy that I cannot carry a firearm on company property. I am currently assigned under contract to a volunteer EMS agency, so I am not on company property. If I was to carry at work, and somehow the boss found out (state correctional facility in my first due area), would I be terminated? Probably. (The old adage about asking forgiveness instead of permission comes to mind) So yeah, I have to ask myself, do I like my job and family benefits? Yes I do. In most situations, can I visit death and/or serious injury to my opponent without using a firearm? Yes to that too. I've had a fair amount of hand to hand training and experience in my prior experience in law enforcement, security and corrections, plus I have the most important thing: a willingness to get down and dirty to rescue my own can.

    Another option: Join a police or sheriff's auxiliary.

    I have heard that EMS in the UK gets assaulted a lot. Damn glad that hasn't become the norn here. Yet.
    "Each worker carried his sword strapped to his side." Nehemiah 4:18

    Guns Save Lives. Paramedics Save Lives. But...
    Paramedics With Guns Scare People!

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    I've made a few folks. Mostly printing that only one who carries can see, but some serious printing and a few exposed grips as well. Most of the time making eye contact with the fellow CCer, and then a glance towards their beltline results in an "OH ***!" expression on their face since they know exactly whats going on. I'm normally thanked with a nod.

    I know of once I was made, at wal-mart of all places. And of all people, it was a cop. I cant exactly remember what he said to me (something about my shirt), but it was pretty discrete, despite being the only two people in that isle around 03:00 that morning. I looked around, adjusted, said thanks and he was on his way. He never asked for my permit, didn't make a fuss about the gun, didnt even ask for ID. He did look familiar, so I may have met him before, either in a traffic stop or at the range. When I was leaving the store, he told me to have a nice night.

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