There are many reasons why a person should actually obtain a permit even in light of the new law about to take effect. First, the new laws in Arizona do not invalidate the CCW course or the permit itself. Arizona will still issue permits, and there are several very good reasons to go through the class:

1.Having an Arizona CCW permit allows you to carry a concealed weapon in over 30 states.

2.Having an Arizona CCW permit allows you to carry a concealed weapon in restaurants that serve alcohol (as long as you don't drink and the restaurant doesn't post a sign saying you can't).

3.Having a Concealed Weapon Permit streamlines the purchase of a firearm in that no background check is required.

4.If you ever had to use a firearm in self-defense, the fact that you have gone through firearms training may help your case if you go to trial.

5.Last, but certainly not least, the training you receive helps you become a more responsible gun owner by making you aware of the legal ramifications of carrying a firearm, training you on safety issues, and giving you an awareness of the proper mindset you should have if you choose to carry a firearm.

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