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How to deal with your own children?

This is a discussion on How to deal with your own children? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I can remember my parents talking to me how not to tell anyone that they were LEOs but never remember them telling me not to ...

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Thread: How to deal with your own children?

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    I can remember my parents talking to me how not to tell anyone that they were LEOs but never remember them telling me not to tell people that they have guns. I never made it slip anyway.
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    Thanks for all of the responses. I did pick up some ideas I hadn't thought of before. Most were what I expected.

    I was raised the same way in the 1970s (yes, I'll be 40 tomorrow) but we lived on acreage with a 300 acre farm behind us that we could hunt and shoot on. Concealed carry was never discussed back then and I shot from an early age. CC is new to me since about 2004. The kids came along in 2003 and 2006. In the 80's 90's and 00's I used to shoot boatloads of clay targets well over the 100k mark but handguns are similar but different.

    I am wanting to get my 6 1/2 year old to the range but he can't even deal with a video game on the Wii without throwing a tantrum and I would not tolerate that behavior at a gun range. I live near NRA headquarters in Fairfax so I'll give them a call. I asked around and 8 seemed to be a good starting age. Some kids earlier some later for the actual shooting. I am trying to figure it out. My 3 1/2 almost 4 year old is like a parrot, repeating everything. Safety and what to do if they find a gun or knife is always discussed. Perhaps an actual range trip with a .22 may work wonders in the behavior area...if he actually likes it.

    Thanks again for all of the responses. I am trying to do what is right but at this point I don't talk about certain things (carry) since they don't quite understand it yet. And even if the older one does, the younger one definately doesn't.

    Added in edit: I was 5 or 6 when my dad regularly started shooting with the .22 under strict supervision. We also had our own archery range on the property so I shot that a lot as well. I don't have that same availibility where I live now. It'll work out. I miss living on acreage.
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    +1 one what most ppl have said here. Like many topics, children need to be taught what they may talk about outside the home and what they may not.
    Don't make it a huge scary issue, just tell them that its important for nobody else to know about it. Tell them the truth; tell them that you dont want any bad guys to overhear them, b/c then the bad guys will know and have an advantage.
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    My kids are a little younger than the OP's but they have now problem with firearms.
    Mine are just about to turn 1yr and 3yrs, and I OC and CC around them all the time. At first it was a new thing and they were trying to grab it to look at it( it was unloaded when I was brakemen them in). They would constantly grab at it and want to know what it was.
    When they would ask to see it I would tell them to sit down and wait while I went into the next room and upholstered and verified that it was clear. Then I would let them hole it and we would go over the 4 laws and the names of the parts. My 3yr old son could say "pistol" before he could say "mommy"... He really likes firearms.

    Anyway, now I can get down on the floor and wrestle with both of them and even the 1yr old doesn't grab at my handgun or any spare mags/speed-strips. It just isn't new and they know that if they ask I will let them look a firearm over.

    On a side note
    Yesterday I was CC in a pocket holster and had on just a t-shirt and jeans. I went to go for a walk with my 3yr old and before we could get out the door he stopped me and looked all around my belt and got a confused look on his face. He then took my hand and dragged me over to the Firearm safe and said, "No mommy, pistol now." Then he went to my desk, I have a holster drawer in my desk, and started pulling out holsters till he found the one he wanted. So I sent him out to sit down in the living room while I switched holsters to OWB, and came out to ask him if this was okay. That little guy smiled and said okay and then dragged me out the door for a walk.

    Teach them early and often that firearms are tools and nothing to be scared of and you wont have a problem. OP, your kids are old enough to go to the might want to consider a trip after a safety lessons to reinforce what a firearm is, why you carry, and that it is not something to be gossiping about.
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    My kids grew up with firearms as due to military service, and LEO service I always had a gun on. They all learned to shoot and about gun safety at very early ages. I still shoot with my two boys about twice a month, and they both own their own guns. If you start them out early, only when they are interested, you will not have any problem. They also learn to leave a weapon alone when you are not around. Whenever they wanted to shoot, we went shooting, they loved it and so did I.
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    Mamakennedy, you're the greatest :)

    My son heard me at the safe this morning and asked why I was getting a gun (we were about to leave to take him to kindergarten.) I told him I always carry one to keep us safe, but we don't talk about it with people outside the family.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnK87 View Post
    My son is 6. He knows I carry but I don't make a big deal out of it. I tell him that there are bad guys out there and we carry guns so the bad guys don't hurt us. I also tell him that we don't talk about guns with people outside of our house.

    I followed the advice on about familiarizing the boy with guns. We taught him the basic rules. He's fired Nerf, plastic pellet, BB, .22, 9mm, .40; he likes them all. If he wants to see a gun, we unload it and supervise him with it until he gets bored and gives it back (this takes longer with laser sights). He knows that he has to listen and follow the rules or we stop.
    ditto daughter might even hang on my gun by accident when we are out...she doesnt even flinch...just changes her position and pretneds it wasnt even there....explaining it to them in real terms does work...that there are people who dont like guns and bad paople who might want to hurt us and we dont mention the guns to anybody....they get it...

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    "No mommy, pistol now." Then he went to my desk, I have a holster drawer in my desk, and started pulling out holsters till he found the one he wanted. So I sent him out to sit down in the living room while I switched holsters to OWB, and came out to ask him if this was okay. That little guy smiled and said okay and then dragged me out the door for a walk

    As others have stated, just treat it like it's normal. My 5 and 7 year olds really have little interest in my daily carry. The 7 year old (girl) really couldn't be less interested, and the 5 year old (boy) actually isn't so interested in real guns, as they're far less interesting than his imaginary "star wars" blasters (his finger and a lot of high pitched noises).

    As for "giving it away" frankly, it never occured to me to tell them not to tell people, and on the two LEO encounters I have had, the children have been present, and they never said anything, nor do I think it would occur for them to. After all, since it's normal for them, it would be like them telling the officer I was wearing shoes. (And for those wondering, I do not live in "must inform" state, and I did not, and there were no issues.)
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