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Unarmed Security and CCW

This is a discussion on Unarmed Security and CCW within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; It sounds like you're the only one at that company with this concern. (read - minority) I have been a Security Guard, both armed and ...

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Thread: Unarmed Security and CCW

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    It sounds like you're the only one at that company with this concern. (read - minority)

    I have been a Security Guard, both armed and unarmed. If the contract says unarmed, it means unarmed. You could be fired and or arrested for criminal trespass or illegal carry. Your company would surely lose the contract. Many places hire unarmed Security Guards to circumvent the possible legalities and liabilities that come with armed guards. May use the guards as a "filler" for insurance policies that state someone must be on premises all the time. One place I worked for hired their unarmed guards out as drivers for the local auto auction. One reason - we were bonded.

    Carrying into a store or business that doesn't allow firearms is one thing. Carrying on your job that doesn't allow firearms is something entirely different.

    Don't push your luck. You have a duty and right to fully understand the employee manual, and many companies have you sign a statement that you have read and understand it. Get a clarification from someone in "corporate". Get it in writing, if possible. Beware, if you push it too hard, you may be labeled as a troublemaker and your boss may start looking for reasons to fire you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by INccwchris View Post
    If it says no weapons, it means no weapons, not only could you be fired from work, if a company hires an unarmed security guard specifically and you are armed, you could cause your company to lose the contract as well. not to mention that if you get into an altercation and get shot with your own gun, they will not cover you for liability
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grant48 View Post
    Another thing to consider... In most states there are different licenses (aka "guard card") for unarmed and armed security officers.

    If you're licensed as an unarmed guard, but are found to be armed while on-the-job (regardless of your CCW), you could have your license revoked and/or banned from security work.

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    Code of Alabama 13A-11-52 Nobody is allowed to carry concealed on any property not his own.

    So I guess I will just rely on my expandable baton, knife, and disarming skills. I better start practicing again. Fortunately I am allowed to have it in the car and spend a good bit of time out in the parking lot near it. Sometimes the law is in your favor and sometimes its not. Oh well, I am looking for other work anyway. They don't pay crap...lol.

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    If your job is unarmed guard, you will remain unarmed. You can have a pistol permit and own a pistol, but you can't carry the pistol on the job (since the job requires you be unarmed). If you want a pistol around, stick it in your car for when you're off-duty.
    This probably sounds dumb. That's because it is. This is government. Government is often stupid. In order to avoid violating the law and company rules, do not carry on duty. You cannot be trusted to carry a gun during your working hours. When not working, you are trusted to carry a gun. On the other hand, an armed security guard(without CC license) is trusted to carry a gun (usually/always openly) while working, but can't carry the gun any other time, because he becomes untrustworthy when he clocks out.
    It's stupid... and it's the law.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sfl1972 View Post
    Ask your boss....
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    As unfortunate as this may turn out...

    Quote Originally Posted by boricua View Post
    The answer should be in your Employee Handbook...
    ...this is the correct answer.

    That said, I am also in a similar role/situation.

    I still carry.
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