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Wife's college prepared what to do in case of shooting video.

This is a discussion on Wife's college prepared what to do in case of shooting video. within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by twocan Hawk: That was really good for an 8 year old. You must be somethin' special now. It is really too bad ...

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Thread: Wife's college prepared what to do in case of shooting video.

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    Quote Originally Posted by twocan View Post

    That was really good for an 8 year old. You must be somethin' special now.

    It is really too bad that we don't have more people like you, because when the shot hits the fan, we need leaders not followers.

    Capt. Art
    I didn't do anything special. My brain decided to tell me to grab my brother and my mom and run while the majority of people froze in place. Nothing more, nothing less.

    What I learned from that (many years later after reading, "On Killing" for the first time) was that it only takes one person to lead many. After a traumatic event, most people (sheep) can't process what has happened because they believe that whatever happened, could not have happened to them. I think it was just childhood innocence that caused me to run. I heard a loud noise, silence, then people screaming, at which point my instincts told me to protect my family...

    Anyways, I wrote that just to get that point across: It only takes one to step up and lead the many. I probably could have wrote just that, but why believe something without evidence? I sure don't!

    If this helps only one person, I'll be happy since it's only the second time I've ever brought it up.

    Stay safe.
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    Well said, AZhawk

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    1. I wonder if I could make a preloaded and charged potato pistol.

    2. Sometimes I wonder why school doors don't come with a more rigorous locking system. Then again any door that locks can be used by the shooter to seal himself in. Locks only benefit who ever is behind them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gogriz91 View Post
    You could ask if the graduating class of Physics majors has figured out how thick the book you need to carry needs to be to stop a .45?
    Well we know that a Pastor's Bible in IL did not stop a round; it throgh the Bible and through the Pastor. Not sure it was a .45 though.

    Personally; I would throw the book and/or books and/or desks and chairs at the shooter in hopes of the surprize attack taking him/her off guard, allowing excape or disarming. The last thing to be thrown as I am running at the shooter is my book bag with the last book. The last school I attended I carried a rather large brief case so heaving it would hurt if I hit you with it. Still today, I would rather have a 9 mm lead and brass rock; thrown from a 9mm rock launcher (if you get my drift).

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    Sounds like a crappy video. Sorry to hear your wife's employer is such a bunch of tools.

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    This is where you and/or your wife need to get creative if you're going to continue to attend AND follow the stated rules. Things like the hottest pepper spray + this come in handy:

    When you're corned with nowhere to hide/run you can pepperspray them to hopefully blind them long enough to wack them upside the head a few times...

    Not exactly pretty, but it'll do the job...lots of sharp metal things flying at a high rate of speed tend to inflict damage... That's approx 12' of paracord btw...so it has other uses.

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