Second family gun--Same or different?

Second family gun--Same or different?

This is a discussion on Second family gun--Same or different? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Wife just got her CHL, so now we need another gun. I've been carrying my wife's gun, and if she decides she wants something different, ...

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Thread: Second family gun--Same or different?

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    Second family gun--Same or different?

    Wife just got her CHL, so now we need another gun. I've been carrying my wife's gun, and if she decides she wants something different, I'm quite happy keeping it as mine. If she doesn't, and I get my own is there a good reason to get something different? The current gun is a small double-stack .40, but is available in a 9, and I like it well enough that I'm not inclined to get a similar gun by a different brand.

    The reasonable choices appear to be:

    Identical gun, so we can share accessories, magazines and ammo

    Same model, but 9mm for cheaper practice ammo

    Single-stack, similar safeties and operation, same caliber, swap between us as convienient

    Single-stack similar gun, 9mm swap as convienient

    Different gun, completely different safeties, don't swap.

    Any thoughts?

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    Depends what she likes if she wants a xd in -40-45 great but if she wants a 1911 or a glock then let her get that i know some people prefer to have matching stuff for just the reasons ya listed ..

    Only guns i have that are close to being the same are 1911 pattern pistols which makes it nice since i got a lot of mag's for those guns.

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    I would get the same one.

    I usually carry my own guns, but on occasion it gets in the 95-100 degree range here in Tallahasse, so I will carry my wifes little Bersa. She is also getting her permit soon, so I will be forced to make the same descision. I plan on getting another Bersa. (just in black instead of 2-tone)

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    GEt her what she wants. If it matchs , so much the better. Bottom line, get her what she will shoot, carry.
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    rocky nailed it
    Make sure you get full value out of today , Do something worthwhile, because what you do today will cost you one day off the rest of your life .
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    Guess I need to clarify--If SHE gets a different gun, I'll happily keep the XD, and she can pick what she wants. She can have my advice if she wants it, but it's her choice. What I'm really asking about is if she KEEPS the XD, and I'm the one getting a new gun.

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    We've tried the following, in this order --
    Each carried what we liked best, didn't match at all.
    Then, my wife thought that it might be best if we did carry the same. Looked around and ended up with two Glock 26. Cool with me. She has wrist problems and can't hold a semi tight enough for it to cycle, even a Glock.
    Sold those, got two S&W 642. Cool with me. Good little guns. So...she decided she wanted to carry BOTH of them since she shoots them so well.
    End of experiment. I went back to a 1911 which is what I shoot best.
    If you personally shoot and like the same gun as your wife does, great. I'm at the spot where I'm carrying what I shoot best - "it's all about me" in this respect. Hope this made sense...

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    Yes, I am a TEOTWAWKI nut. With that up front, I am a big believer in the "two is one; one is none" way of thinking. If, in the near future, you can afford 500-1000 rounds of mixed practice/defensive ammo, 8 mags/gun, two packs of most-likely to need spare parts, and a decent holster, for the "off" caliber- get whatever tickles your fancy. If not, commonality may keep one of you from having a largely polymer club, when the money spent could have gone toward one set of spares, ammo, etc..

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    My wife carries a S&W 60LS and I carry a Ruger SP101. We wanted a common "platform" and an interchangeable caliber. She shoots .38 +P while I shoot .357 Magnum.

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    What does your wife like and dislike about your XD40? Start there....that should answer the basic questions. Also, what does she feel well armed with. If a 9 will do it then by all means, make it a 9. Ammo is cheap and practice makes perfect. If she likes the XD....well then let her have it and then it can be all about YOU and what you want. Two of the same guns is cool.....but variety, my friend, is the spice of life.

    "Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it."

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    My wief and I went through something similar. We had both gottne our CCW and then we purchased an XD9 Service. I was going to be the one mainly carrying and then we both decided it would be best if she carried also. She enjoyed shooting the XD and had no problems with it likewise for myself. I started carrying it IWB but she tried it and said it was much too heavy and bulky for her to carry. So, I had her look at the XDSC9. Still to bulky. I came up with a list of handguns that were smaller and lighter than the XD and she checked them all out and decided on a Kahr MK9. My thought process was to get here something she felt comfortable carrying and would fit her well. The Kahr MK fit the bill quite nicely. They are both 9mm so ammo and such is not a problem. We both hit the range every other week together and fire each others handgun to keep current on them.

    That was my situation and it worked out quite well. My wife carries all the time even when we're together and I am carrying. Each of us is proficient in the other's handgun so if we needed or wanted to switch for any reason, it wouldn't be a problem. I think it comes down to choosing what each of you feel is the most comfortable handgun for your needs and budget. If you can train on both systems, if you decided to get soemthing completely different, than it wouldn't be an issue if you had to swap off or pick up under adverse conditions.
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    if she likes the gun that you have now. i would I get the identical gun, so you can share accessories, magazines and ammo.

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    Problem here is that I am right handed and the Mrs. is left handed. Thus even though we can share ammo; we can not share mags. Mine is a Colt Gov., hers is a Randall Combat Masterpiece. Both .45ACP but, nothing else is interchangable.
    William Wallace
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    My 2 pennies!

    For many of the .40 cal autoloader out there by the bigger names, there is a 9mm conversio kit which usually consists of nothing more than a new barrel and magazine.

    So, if this is the case for your model, get another 40 cal. Tha means you all can share accessories as the dimensions will be the same. You can also swap to 9mm in under a minute for cheap practice.

    If you opt for a 9mm instead of getting a 40, I believe that many of the 40 cal models are slightly bigger than their 9mm brothers. So, it would not necessarily follow that what fits the 9mm will fit the 40 cal. This isnt an issue if you get a 40 cal and put a 9mm barrel in it.

    So, IMHO, get a 40, then get a 9mm kit. Best of both worlds.

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