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Stopped by a Maine State Trooper today

This is a discussion on Stopped by a Maine State Trooper today within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by WhoWeBePart1 But when he went to run me he would have found out. I have made sure that it shows up that ...

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Thread: Stopped by a Maine State Trooper today

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    Quote Originally Posted by WhoWeBePart1 View Post
    But when he went to run me he would have found out. I have made sure that it shows up that I do have a valid CFP when my DL is run. By law I was not required to inform him but I'm going to inform every single time. I proved my respect for him by informing and from his verbal response he truly did appreciate that I did inform. Did it help? I have no clue.
    I agree 100 %; it also shows maturity (for lack of a better word).

    It has always served me well.

    I am a great believer that you have to give respect to get respect.
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    showing respect through the course of your car stop of course is important - but, showing or informing an LEO (unless theres good cause) that your armed has nothing to do with respect.

    It should be (on a need to know basis) and only when and if it needs to be known otherwise what difference does it make.

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    I must differ with the thought that ones behavior is what causes one to be stopped. Profiling is another tool.

    I do not yet have my CCW. I do travel, by road, a great deal on business. I do posses, legally, weapons in my vehicle when traveling.

    Recently I was driving from the Florida panhandle to Charlotte, NC. Middle aged white guy with short neat hair, decently dressed. Driving an F250 towing a trailer at 68 mph in a 70 mph zone on I-85 in South Carolina. I see a city patrol car parked in the grass of the gore point on an on-ramp. Car is marked "Interdiction Unit" on the front fender.

    5-6 miles up the road I do one of my periodic mirror check and there is the city cop lighting me up.

    I signal and stop on the right shoulder. As he walks up to the passenger window I note that he sticks his head between the truck and trailer to look at the back of the truck. I have my hands on the wheel, keys on the dash the entire time. He arrives at the window and asks for the my license, which I produce. He then states that he pulled me for my damaged tag-the one on the truck, slightly dented from back up to the trailer solo. He asks me to remove my sunglasses, looks me in the eye and tells me to get the tag fixed/replaced and sends me on the way. We were both respectful/polite and it was painless.

    No way he saw that tag from his position. I was profiled as a drug runner is what I figure. Lone male towing a trailer from the south? Anyway, firearms never came up, total time lost was under 5 minutes.

    If things went just slightly different and his suspisions were aroused I am certain I would have spent quite a bit of time on the shoulder of I-85. How would, if I was CCW and permitted, the stop have gone with and without informing. No way of doing a control group.

    My point is that there are all kinds of reasons one gets stopped and all kinds of potential reactions. I believe in all cases respect gets the nod.


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