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Carry to the Range?

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Thread: Carry to the Range?

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    Yes, always!
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    I always carry.

    I understand the concern people practicing and drawing their carry guns, so I'd not do it. The public ranges are hazardous enough without the extra effort.

    I don't frequent indoor ranges anymore, nor do I enter a gun dealer that bans citizens from carrying their CC/OC self-defense weapons.

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    They have to cater to the lowest common denominator. I just shoot outside on private land so I can practice any distance, drawing etc. I have to call the police before I shoot or else they have to come and check when the neighbors call.

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    my range it outdoors and certainly allows it, so yes.
    Some indoor ranges have rules on it. If they allow me to, yes I carry. If not obviously I dont and unload in the car.
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    Quote Originally Posted by southchatham View Post
    They have to cater to the lowest common denominator.
    Not always!

    The lowest common denominator rules are a good way to lose business.

    The indoor range I use has "rules" and makes exceptions.

    For example:

    They have a rule of something like "x" seconds between shots. They watch shooters through closed circuit TV. Those that keep the muzzle under control are never called. (I don't remember what "x" is as I have been exempted.) Just ask, they watch, it's a go or no go for you.

    Ask and they will fold the loading table/barrier so you can draw and shoot, if they have watch you shot for a while/before and you are under control.

    They have a rule no loaded guns except on the line. All CHP & LEO exempt.

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    my range doesnt let you carry in hot, or let you pull from IWB holsters...which I actually like because i don't need some idiot struggling to reach his gun and get his gun caught up in his undies and then shoot the person next to him. I've seen guys pulling from behind their back with lasers and i've been in the lane next to's scary when you see the laser skimming across the front of your lane and hitting the edge of your lane wall.
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    Of course, my range has the policy of no loaded firearms but I spoke with the owner and he cleared me to be armed and loaded at all times. I guess I am in the Good Guys list...

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